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Chapter 361: Torrential Flood

"Oh-My-God! What is that thing?" The young deputy, looking at the minibus which was rushing toward them like a fierce beast, shivered in fear. His armored vehicle was equipped with a QJC88-type 12.7 mm machine gun, which was enough to penetrate a steel plate more than 15mm. As a result, he had thought that it could ruin that minibus. However, the truth was totally different from his imagination. Not even the windshield had been shattered! It had just left a lot of spider-like cracks.

The shabby-looking minibus was actually bulletproof? It was impossible! Moreover, this was no longer the strength of ordinary bulletproof glass! In spite of the stormy weather, the young deputy could clearly see a dark pipe extending out of that minibus. He was frightened from the tips of his hair to the marrow of his very bones.

"That thing is a gun barrel!? Get out of the way!" When he was vaguely aware of what it was, he shouted. However, before his voice faded, an airwave rushed toward them at once.

The grand airwave caused ruin in its path and set off stormy winds. It deafening sound was enough to wake the dead!

The young deputy took the burn of the attack head-on and then his chest and cheeks caved in, while his blood flew in every direction.

Compressed air cannons with 810m/s airflow far exceeded the speed of sound. The tremendous energy directly toppled the armored vehicles and heavy trucks. And then a path was cleared for the minibus to continue.

"Shoot them! Don't let them go!" Zhou Xiaochuan shouted.

Suddenly, he felt that the earth under his feet was trembling.


Was it an earthquake? Zhou Xiaochuan looked back, and he turned ghastly pale!

Oh! That was...detritus stream!

In the military buildings on the hillside, large groups of mud were flowing. Mixed with large rocks, stout trees, and even abandoned mining machinery, the stream of mud rushed to Yang Feng's military building. The two-story military building was instantly deformed, forming a higher and more violent flood, which swept through Zhou Xiaochuan and the others.

Zhou Xiaochuan was totally scared, how could he have the energy to fight against that minibus? He tried to run fast, but he was too late… The raging stream swallowed him at one.

 Ying was driving fast, and it seemed that she was driving a racing car.

The other members could feel the shaking from the bottom of the minibus, and they could also hear people's screams from outside as well as the sound of torrents. All of them were scared to death, and they observed the situation behind them.

The flow of mudslides caused by the flash flood was getting faster and faster, and on both sides, rock boulders were rolled off from time to time.

"Hold on!" Jiang Liushi shouted from the cab suddenly. Shi Ying Squad's members were quite familiar with this order, so they grabbed everything that could help them. However, Sun Changxin felt puzzled and then he was tied up with a seatbelt by Zhang Hai.

'Boom!' The minibus rushed toward the direction of Wan Shou Village.

About a few minutes later, Jiang Liushi saw Ling, standing under a big tree in front of Wan Shou Village. Ran Xiyu was trembling in the wind. Jiang Liushi felt relieved at once.

"You worked hard!" Jiang Liushi said to Ling, who was playing with that knife in her hands.

Ling nodded and answered, "Unfortunately, Ran Xiyu's mental state is weakened…"

Jiang Liushi stared at Ran Xiyu and said, "We got the news about your sister. She is not in this area but in Panzhu City. We will go there at once after we finish all the tasks here."

Hearing Jiang Liushi's words, Ran Xiyu looked up with a happy smile. But then she felt hesitant.

'We should also go to Panzhu City...'

"Won't it be too troublesome for you? For my sake, you and the other members have already suffered a lot." Ran Xiyu bit her lower lip and felt embarrassed. Jiang Liushi had rescued her, but she also needed his help to find her sister.

"You are one of Shi Ying Squad's members, so we should help you. Don't be nervous. You have helped us a lot, so we must help you to find your sister. Take it easy," Jiang Liushi said.

Jiang Liushi's words touched Ran Xiyu. There was a warm current flowing in her heart.

"Yeah. Thank you." Eventually, Ran Xiyu felt better. "Thank you, thank you all."

"That... your task now is to take a rest. Our team needs you," Jiang Liushi touched his nose and said.

"You can rest assured, I will take good care of Ran Xiyu, "Li Yuxin said.

"Oh, my dear God! Thankfully Ying is good at driving. Otherwise, all of us would have died!" Zhang Hai and Sun Kun talked with each other. They looked at Wan Shou Mountain's direction and were stunned by the scene.

That military building on the hillside where they were fighting not long ago had completely disappeared, and most of the hills had collapsed. More than half of the military barracks on Wan Shou Mountain had been destroyed. At the foot of the mountain, piles of huge rocks carried down by the mudslides had accumulated.

Jiang Liushi felt sad after seeing that scene. If the kind Old Sun hadn't warned them, the outcome would be terrible.

"Young man, I urge you to leave this area soon. This area suffers from floods every year, but this one was the largest one between hundreds of years. Currently, the Fuyang River has probably overflowed..." Jiang Liushi turned back

turned back and saw Sun Changxin walking to his side with a sorrowful look.

"It is a pity, the people in this area have suffered many disasters. Zombies and flood…terrible." Sun Changxin shook his head and sighed.

Hearing his words, all the members of Shi Ying Squad were shocked. Jiang Liushi suddenly remembered that monster at the port…

"Brother Jiang brother, come here," Li Yuxin in the carriage suddenly turned her head and called out Jiang Liushi.

Zhang Hai was about to get on the minibus, but he was stopped by Sun Kun. "Why did want to follow?"

Jiang Liushi went on, but he saw his sister was tied like a mummy.

"Zhuying, are you okay?" Jiang Liushi asked at once.

"Brother, I'm actually okay. Sister Yuxin can affirm that. She has helped me recover, and she bandaged me. Brother, help me with the iPad. I want to lie down and watch anime." Jiang Zhuying looked happy as if she was not hurt at all.

Jiang Liushi, "..."

Jiang Liushi didn't know what to say anymore.

"Brother Jiang, I asked you to come because of Boss Xiang." Jiang Liushi frowned slightly. He was confident in Li Yuxin's ability, but now he wanted to know what was wrong.

He looked to Xiang Xuehai on the bed. She was still in a coma and looked pale. On her side, there was a tray with a number of surgical equipment such as sterile gauzes and medical clamps.

"What's the matter?" Jiang Liushi asked Li Yuxin.

Li Yuxin looked dignified and opened the white cloth covering Xiang Xuenhai's legs. Seeing the situation under the white cloth, Jiang Liushi's face suddenly became erratic. He saw Xiang Xuehai's bare lower body, with only a pair of white underwear on her. It was quite attractive…

Xiang Xuehai's chest was constantly rising and falling, and her breathing was a bit too quick. Obviously, her condition was not very good.

"What's wrong with her?" asked Jiang Liushi.

"Look here." Li Yuxin pointed her fingers to the inner side of Xiang Xuehai's thighs.

 Jiang Liushi only glanced at the beginning and did not look closely, but this time he looked carefully. There was a deep wound in her thighs. Although it had been sterilized and it was no longer bleeding, there was a large area of pink and white. How could Xiang Xuehai's wounds be infected?

Li Yuxin sighed. "The situation is a bit tricky. Yang Feng's roots stabbed and caused her wounds. The roots had a lot of rhizomes on them, which mixed with her muscles and blood vessels inside. After Yang Feng's death, those rhizomes quickly withered. If we don't deal with it immediately and remove the withered rhizomes, the toxins may erode her body…" Li Yuxin did not continue, but Jiang Liushi had already understood that Xiang Xuehai would die if they didn't treat her.

 "...but I think you should be able to do," Li Yuxin said with some embarrassment.

"Me?" Jiang Liushi was slightly surprised.

"You just need to pick out the withered parts. I will take care of disaffecting her wounds. You are the only one who can do it!" Li Yuxin affirmed. In fact, if Jiang Zhuying was not injured, she could help, but only Jiang Liushi was suitable now

"Bring her to the sofa first, we can't delay," Li Yuxin said without any explanation.

Jiang Liushi took a look at Xiang Xuehai and then he picked her up and put her on the sofa.

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