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Chapter 150

The current situation was more eloquent than words. The captain was sincerely convinced by the attack launched by those young people. They all had exquisite craftsmanship. They didn’t give the mutant boa any time to strike back. All their actions were mazing…

The bullet’s timing and precision was extremely crazy, although the electrical attack had slowed down the mutant boa it was still fast. The captain was clear that if he shot the mutant boa, he wouldn’t be able to shoot its eyes so precisely at such a short time. Actually, it was beyond belief!

The captain looked at that minibus, and saw that the sharpshooter was a young man less than twenty, who looked like a graduating college student. But how could he do that?

At that moment, the young man shot again. ‘Bang!’ The mutant boa’s perfect eye impressively burst into a mass of blood! The captain was utterly convinced. The previous shot may be a lucky one, but how about that shot!?

That young grandchild even suspected that what she witnessed was not real.

The huge and horrible mutant boa almost forced them to death step by step, but it was damaged by that group of people easily!

It... Was it the same mutant boa? That group of young people beat the mutant boa effortlessly, especially with the two shots. The captain was filled with a feeling of deep veneration. As an old saying goes, "Hit where it hurts!"

The mutant boa’s eyes were its weaknesses. If two 7.62mm caliber bullets were to hit a human’s eyes, the guy would die at once! The mutant boa was the same. Jiang Liushi had planned all that in a few seconds.

Otherwise, it would be like a diamond cutting another diamond it Jiang Liushi attacked the mutant boa’s body. If Jiang Liushi confronted the tough with toughness, it would be a lose-lose situation. However, just then, the captain's heart sank. The horrible mutant boa didn’t die!

"Hiss!" Its twisting body was wandering. Many zombies had been killed by its body pumping, which was like sacks being thrown out, and then heavily hit the ground. Seeing that scene, all the soldiers involuntarily wanted to move back. In front of the ten

ten meters long horrible monster, they seemed too small.

Before doomsday, the largest snake in the world was the Amazonian snake, which could reach 8 meters to 10 meters in size and 225 kg in weight. It was an extremely horrible hunting creature that could even swallow a two meters caiman. And after doomsday, that mutant boa had reached more than ten meters long with toxic poison.

"Go back!" Jiang Liushi ordered. Ying without any expression in her beautiful face, immediately drove the minibus in reverse. After driving dozens of meters, Jiang Liushi added, "Rush out and kill it!"

In fact, the mutant boa had already become an arrow at the end of its flight. Although it looked scary, it's the weakest time for it. At that time, Starseed also transmitted that the mutant boa had completed its evolution, becoming a level 2 mutant

2 mutant beast! The collision ram with its sharp edges stretched out in front of the minibus.

‘Om!’ The minibus’ speed had reached more than 100 kilometers per hour at such a short distance, mercilessly rushing toward the crazy mutant boa!

Seeing the collision ram suddenly appearing on the minibus, the captain and so on were all shocked. It was a combination of science and technology! The captain immediately thought of the M1ABV weapon. However, even so, the minibus’ action was just like throwing an egg against a rock. It was as swift as a sudden clap of thunder which left no time for covering one’s ears.


The minibus had collided with that mutant boa. After the collision’s explosive sound, the minibus was affected and almost overturned.

"Ah!" The young grandchild in the military truck could not help but scream.

‘Bang-’ It was the sound of zombies being hit and sent flying fly by minibus. After the violent vibration, Ran Xiyu quickly looked out the window. Although the collision damaged the minibus, that terrible mutant boa was even worse.

It struggled with ‘hissing’ sounds but its speed and strength had considerably strength had considerably weakened. Jiang Liushi did not hesitate to raise the gun, aiming at it, and pull the trigger.

‘Bang!’ Its head was crashing down suddenly.

This mutant boa struggled for a while, and then finally stopped moving. Those soldiers watched nervously, until they were sure that the monster was really dead. They all had a kind of incredible feeling. One soldier was almost jumped in the air from his joy.

"There are still zombies!" The captain shouted loudly, which let those people wake up immediately. The process of killing the monster was really shocking. The sudden turn of events had stunned them. At first, they all thought they were going to die, but now there was hope!

"Grandpa, we will not die!" The girl excitedly said with her red eyes. After all, she was still young. She cried with joy.

"Yes, my dear." The old man nodded, and looked at the minibus, which compared with the huge mutant boa was extremely small. But it was those young people in that minibus who killed that horrible monster and saved all of them.

The flashing metal collision ram sparkled.

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