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Chapter 78: A Naturally Sneering Face (2)

But Ling Mo was different. On one hand, he could send Ye Lian and Shana charging into the midst of a group of zombies to wreck havoc, while on the other he could use his puppeteer ability to influence those zombies that were closer to him, striking them while he was safe.

To conserve her strength, Lin Luanqiu didn't take any action. Shi Bin, on the other hand, was overcome with exhaustion as he squatted to the side like a dead dog. However, Ling Mo had no intention of giving him a free show. Going out of his way to control a zombie, he sent it two steps forward in the direction of Shi Bin before Ling Mo relinquished his control. Shi Bin, who was practically about to keel over from exhaustion, thought he was out of the woods after his previous bout. He didn't expect to see a zombie charging straight towards him, giving him a huge fright. Seeing this, he hurriedly prepared to face his opponent.

While dealing with the zombie, he depressingly thought to himself, this zombie was right beside Ling Mo who was jumping all over the place, but it chose to come after me instead of attacking him. Do I really have such a mocking face?

Relying on this method of fighting that was relatively more conservative but much safer, Ling Mo covered the entire distance to the forest. The zombies that were lingering off in the distance had already caught a whiff of the scent of blood and had taken initiative to come running without Ling Mo taking any action.

However, what awaited them would, naturally, only be death.

While these regular zombies may be a little more in numbers, and present a threat to most people, they were only courting death when they went up against Ye Lian and Shana.

In the midst of battle, Ling Mo noticed that although these zombies didn't take the initiative to attack mutated zombies, which were of a higher rank than them, that didn't mean they wouldn't defend themselves. The reason why he hadn't found this out earlier was that Ye Lian and Shana disposed of all their targets in a single strike, robbing them of the chance to put up a fight. However, due to the forest acting as an obstacle, Ye Lian and Shana run into a situation where they weren't able to finish off their opponents immediately.  

After one of the zombies had its arm chopped off, it immediately let out a low growl and pounced at Ye Lian, only to be affected by Ling Mo's spiritual tentacles in the midst of its attack before being cut down.

Another zombie had its body injured by Shana, but it didn't drop to the ground. Instead, after swaying about for a bit and steadying itself, it turned around and jumped at Ye Lian who was nearby, resulting in Ye Lian bisecting it at its waist.

The first time could be written off as chance, but it was definitely an issue if it happened twice in succession. Only, he didn't know whether regular zombies had this trait in the past or whether it was something gained after making some headway in their evolution.

After all, even regular zombies would be able to make some progress in their evolution when they consumed the corpses of their kind. Although it wasn't wasn't obvious, but slowly accumulating their evolutionary progress over a long period of time was surely a terrifying prospect. And, such a conjecture was one that Ling Mo had made before in the past.

At the end of the world, regular people managed to grasp some survival techniques while they faced the challenging prospect of eking out a living in this new environment. At the same time, their mental state saw a gradual improvement as well. And, amongst the population of ordinary people, there was another portion of ability users who were in the midst of increasing their own strength. At the same time, the huge population of zombies were also slowly evolving as a whole, with mutated and even the formidable advanced zombies emerging from within.

After taking care of this batch of zombies, Ling Mo's group hurriedly dashed across the meadow and made their way towards the heart of X City University.

As a university that was able to house between 50,000 to 60,000 students, the land area that X City University took up was extremely expanse.

According to Lin Luanqiu's explanation, there were numerous zombies around the teaching block and the dormitory. On top of that, there were so many zombies near the main entrance that it could make a person's hair stand on end.

The survivors, on the other hand, had dispersed to every corner of the school and were relying on what little food they had to live in this zombie infested school. One would require an ample amount of preparation if they planned on escaping from the school. Therefore, no one would willingly put themselves at risk by trying to escape unless it was absolutely necessary. This was even more so because people, in general, had a tendency to be driven by a herd mentality. Even if some people clearly knew that remaining trapped here was no different from waiting for their deaths, they chose to remain there with the rest of the, lacking the courage escape on their own.

But even when they did decide to escape on their own, the number of people who were able to make it out were very little. Take Lin Luanqiu for example, in her group only she and Shi Bin had made it out…

After listening to her explanation, Ling Mo spoke his mind and asked, "Your volunteer rescue squad from before should have been closer to the back gate, right?"

Lin Luanqiu gave Ling Mo an astonished look before she nodded her head and said, "That's right. If that wasn't the case, we wouldn't have chosen to escape by this path. Do you see that theater over there?" As she said that, she pointed towards a red brick building off in the distance and continued, " That's where the volunteer rescue squad I was previously in is situated. As of now, there are less than twenty people within it."

A strange light flashed in Ling Mo's eyes as he asked, "Do you really have no intention of going back to them?"

Lin Luanqiu was stunned for a moment before she gave a wry smile and said, "I'd already severed my ties with them when I decided to leave this place. We walk different paths now, so I won't go back. Moreover, I have no intention of going there to humiliate myself.

Ling Mo mind was set at ease after once again confirming that Lin Luanqiu did indeed have no intention of going back. His purpose in coming here was to hunt zombies, not to interact with other survivors.

Taking care of a problem wouldn't be easy once it arose.

"What's the approximate location of the school infirmary?" Ling Mo asked once again.

Lin Luanqiu raised her arm and pointed to a place far off in the distance and said, "It's located behind the C3 teaching block. You could consider that place to be the heart of the school. That's also the place that has the densest amount of zombies."   

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