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Chapter 77: Ambush In The Forest (1)

The small forest sat in the most remote corner in the wide expanse of land that X City University encompassed.

With trees all around them, the forest afforded the group a limited line of sight. As they traced back Lin Luanqiu's escape route, one would be hard-pressed not to have their heartbeat quicken and feel a sense of nervousness when they saw motes of blood dotting trail.

Shi Bin and Lin Luanqiu's expressions turned somewhat unsightly upon seeing the bloodstains. Likely due to the fact that escaping had already exhausted whatever courage they had. They'd probably never think of going back to X City University again unless it was absolutely necessary.

Although this place looked safer than the outside, from the moment they jumped over the wall, Ling Mo could clearly tell that they'd entered an enormous zombie nest.

Over 30,000 zombies were clustered in an enclosed environment. This was a truly terrifying figure.

Compared to that, the 3,000 over survivors within the campus were absolutely at a disadvantage as part of the minority.

Resist? What kind of effective resistance could a group of students and campus staff, each with their own respective thoughts, possibly put up?

An individual’s fighting strength was laughable once a sufficient number of zombies gathered together. Previously, when Ling Mo used handphones to attract the zombies with the help of his zombie puppets, the result left him feeling as if he was being torn apart by over a hundred zombies while he was still alive. Even now, the experience remained firmly engraved in his mind.

Therefore in reality, amongst this group of people, the one who was most prudent wasn't Lin Luanqiu or Shi Bin, but Ling Mo.

However, compared to everyone else who looked like they were treading on eggshells, Ye Lian and Shana's expressions remained the same as ever. They walked at the front of the group without the slightest care in the world.

As mutated zombies, the two of them weren't susceptible to the attacks of regular zombies. On top of that, they were also able to detect the presence of other mutated zombies in the area. Ling Mo allowed the two of them to take the lead so that the group would be on guard against the sudden appearances of any zombie. However, the calm and tranquil expressions of the two zombie girls had left Lin Luanqiu and Shi Bin, who weren't in the know, wide-eyed in astonishment.

Lin Luanqiu couldn't help but ask with some concern, "There were zombies chasing us when we escaped. Some of them might have scattered into the forest. It'd be better for them to be a little more cautious."

But before Ling Mo even had the chance to speak, Shana turned her head and glanced at Lin Luanqiu before she coldly said, "No need."

Even after being harshly rebutted by Shana, Lin Luanqiu replied with a smile on her face, "I'm only giving you a word of advice. After all, it's my responsibility to lead you guys to the school."

Upon hearing what Lin Luanqiu said, Ling Mo wordlessly pulled Ye Lian and Shana further apart. With this, they'd be able to detect their enemies in a more timely manner.

As for Shana taking the initiative to speak to others, Ling Mo wasn't all that surprised. He'd already realized that after regaining her memories as a human, although she still treated humans as prey, she also had a sliver of interest in them.

Ling Mo wouldn't object since she was willing to do so. Instead, he felt rather encouraged by it. After all, the closer her thoughts were to that of a human's, the more profound her interactions would be with Ling Mo. Most importantly, she'd have a positive impact on Ye Lian.

Ling Mo didn't mind them being zombies, but he didn't wish to see them filled with hostility when they encountered other people. Doing so wouldn't be beneficial for them.

Being able to interact with others would, at the very least, add another layer of complexity to their facade, which kept the suspicions of others at bay.

"How much longer do we have to walk through this forest for?"

The route they traveled along within the forest wasn't a well-trodden lane. Instead, it wound through dense weeds and trees. Their vision being obstructed, and their inability to clearly discern how much further their destination was had lead to Ling Mo asking this question.

Lin Luanqiu lowered her head and thought for a moment before she said, "It'll probably take another seven to eight minutes. This forest's land area is comparatively larger, but it won't take all that long since we're cutting a straight line across."

Just after she spoke, a black shadow abruptly shot out from a brush. A thick stench of blood tunneled into everyone's noses before the shadow even appeared in front of them.

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