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Note: I'll be changing "ability holder" to "psychic" from this chapter onwards. That seems to be the more accurate translation for it.

Chapter 71: The Psychic Girl

The survivor's eyes turned dull upon seeing Ling Mo resolutely walk towards the end of the corridor.

If Ling Mo's powers of observation weren't keen enough, he wouldn't have found anything odd either.

The inside of the kitchen was dim as well. Ling Mo glanced around the area before realizing someone had boarded up the window with various items, allowing only a sliver of light to come in through its gaps.

But what Ling Mo found strange was the fact that he couldn't find traces of anyone else within this room. Could Ye Lian's instinctual reaction really be wrong?

Ling Mo who was somewhat undecided immediately made his decision when he saw the survivor's reaction.

The survivor's eyes abruptly widened when he saw Ling Mo place his hand on top of it, nervously watching Ling Mo's each and every movement.

As Ling Mo pushed the refrigerator, he wondered: what exactly could the survivor have hidden to make him so nervous?

As expected, an entrance appeared once the refrigerator was pushed out of the way. There was even a metal plate on top of it that wrote: Restricted Warehouse.

Ling Mo slowly twisted the doorknob, but the moment he opened the door, a black shadow suddenly leaped at him. Startled, Ling Mo took a step back and sent his spiritual tentacles out in a flash.

Ling Mo was feeling a little depressed after narrowly avoiding being jumped on. At the moment, he still wasn't capable of freely extending and retracting his spiritual tentacles, restricting its flexibility. From the looks of it, he still needed much more training.

No wonder the survivor seemed so desperate. From his perspective, he probably thought that someone like Ling Mo, who didn't have the least bit of lenience, might even raise his hand against this girl.

"Who’re you?" The girl's gaze seemed a little disorganized, but she very quickly voiced her question.

On top of that, based on her appearance, she didn't seem to bear any traces of mutation either. Ling Mo was certain she was human.

As she said that, she unhesitatingly sprang into action.

He might have gotten injured if he hadn't used his spiritual tentacles to distort the girl's senses.

This girl was definitely a psychic!

Although he'd previously come across Wang Lin, who was also a psychic, Ye Lian hadn't developed her true consciousness yet. This reaction of hers might have only come about after she obtained her true consciousness.

For normal humans, psychics should be the equivalent of a mutated zombie within the zombie race. Both of them were somewhere along their evolutionary path. Could there be some subtle relationship between the two of them?

While Ling Mo was distracted, the girl's attacks turned extremely vicious in an instant. Her actions clearly weren't fast, but they were always somehow able to get past Ling Mo's counterattacks and find a gap in his defence.

The girl's reaction was indeed swift, or it might be due to the help of her psychic ability. After the sharpening steel was pressed against her throat, she was strangely able to free herself.

The girl's face was flushed after a round of battle, but her eyes, on the other hand, appeared even dimmer than before. Apparently, she'd used up all her stamina after forcefully moving her body around. She wouldn't even have a chance of touching Ling Mo if she didn't possess that strange psychic ability.

Resorting to provocation? Ling Mo sneered, he turned his head and said, "Wasn't she the one who took action first? The two of you must be suffering from some illness, you both insist on taking the initiative to provoke me first.

"I didn't grab him, he was the one who attacked me first." Ling Mo said as he pointed at his eyes, "See this?"

"Were you the one who thought of it?" Ling Mo asked as he stared blankly at her.

"No rush, I still have something I need to ask you." Ling Mo revealed a faint smile, causing a look of doubt to appear on the girl's face.

The gigolo named Shi Bin roared once again, "What're you thinking of doing? Don't touch her!"

"But last time…" Shi Bin's face was flush with anger as he attempted to rebut her.

From Shi Bin's tone, there was apparently a survivor who harbored ill intentions towards this girl in the past…

After all, he wasn't cruel and vicious like the baldy's lackeys…

The girl gave Ling Mo a look of amazement, but she quickly understood what was going on and said, "That's right. And, my eyesight wasn't going bad just now, you were using your psychic ability to influence me. You're a psychic too."

"I know Shi Bing's methods may be a little extreme, but he did that for my sake. Could you release him?" The girl asked once again.

"Bullet time. My psychic ability is called bullet time." The girl answered straightforwardly.

But this ability wouldn't be all that useful with the terrible state that the girl's body was in.

The girl smiled and said, "In any case, you yourself are a psychic. Telling you doesn't mean much. Besides, I'm your captive and my friend is in your hands as well. Do I have any other choice?"

Her sudden resistance from before was the result of her expending all of her strength and relying on her psychic ability in an attempt to catch her opponent off guard, which most people would fall prey to.

After losing, the girl displayed a rarely seen level of calm. Ling Mo felt that if her body was healthy, she definitely wouldn't have fallen to such a state where she had to hide in a place like this just to get by.

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