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608 The Reason Behind The Scenes 2

Lu Yuan: “??? ”

Wasn’t this a mutated beast?

Lu Yuan’s expression suddenly became strange.

He originally thought that this would be a mutated beast, but he did not expect it to be a human!

And judging from his attire, he was a member of the Order of Natural Disaster?

Lu Yuan was originally guessing that someone might be behind this mutated beast. He did not expect that he would directly transfer the person who was causing trouble here.

His heart suddenly became a little complicated.

A saint-level mutated beast and a member of the Disaster Council appeared and approached Lu Yuan at the same time.

Lu Yuan narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at Du Bei. He smiled and said,

“Apostles of the Order of Natural Disaster? Why did he come to Planet Daqi? You’re the one who created these Saint Rank mutated beasts, right?”

Lu Yuan saw that this guy’s clothes and the patterns on his cuffs were similar to the apostles he met in the upper level of the Land of Origin and had a certain guess about his identity.

When Du Bei saw Lu Yuan take the initiative to speak, his heart skipped a beat. This guy had a space-type transcendent gene, so he might not be able to keep him. It would be good to collect some information about him.

At the thought of this, Du Bei controlled the restless Saint Rank Mutated Blood Beast and did not attack. At the same time, he revealed a smile and said indifferently,

“I didn’t expect you to know about the Order of Natural Disaster. No wonder you were able to find me. You were the one who killed the Gaston Demon Hound last time. Who are you?”

Lu Yuan was stunned and had some doubts in his heart.

Gaston Demon Hound? What was that?

Soon, Lu Yuan thought of something and his pupils constricted slightly. Was it the ugly dog from before?

When he thought of this, he could not help but frown.

How was he discovered to have killed that Gaston Demon Hound?

Logically speaking, the Order of Natural Disaster’s hideout couldn’t be in the White Cloud Space Zone, right?

After all, there were only a few Saints in the White Cloud Space Zone. With the strength of the Calamity Assembly, the White Cloud Space Zone would probably be in chaos if they were there.

In that case, where did this guy get the news from?

At that time, other than those Battle Monarchs and Battle Emperors, no one else was present.

Moreover, even Old Master Li Xinghai did not see his appearance, let alone others. How could they know?

Lu Yuan suddenly thought of the Gaston Demon Hound itself. Was that thing strange?

However, he had clearly burned it to ashes with the Fire of Light at that time. How could it be discovered?

Lu Yuan thought about it in his heart, but his face remained unmoved. He chuckled and said,

“I’ve come into contact with the Order of Natural Disaster. However, how did you know that I killed that demon dog?”

Hearing this, Du Bei raised his eyebrows and smiled arrogantly.

“The means of the Order of Natural Disaster are not something you mortals can understand.”

Lu Yuan’s expression was slightly strange.

Was this guy that narcissistic?

“So you’re here to look for me?” He asked with a smile. “Because I killed that Gaston Demon Hound?”

When Lu Yuan heard this guy’s words, he finally understood why this guy was here.

So she came to find him because she knew the news?

Mutated so many saint-level mutated ferocious beasts. This method was indeed quite powerful.

As expected of the Order of Natural Disaster.

Lu Yuan could not help but sigh in his heart. After all, those lunatics could even open an entrance to the upper level of the Land of Origin. This was indeed extraordinary.

Du Bei narrowed his eyes and looked at Lu Yuan.

“Then, who are you? Planet Daqi is just an ordinary human planet. What are you doing here?”

Lu Yuan smiled when he heard that. “I’m just an ordinary human.”

“An ordinary human…”

Du Bei wanted to say something more, but streaks of darkness appeared in the void. The Dark Shadow Sacred Domain opened up and enveloped him and the Mutated Blood Beast.

Soon after, shadow clones appeared in the Shadow Sacred Zone.

Seeing this scene, Du Bei’s expression changed slightly. “Damn it!”

Green streams of light flashed around his body, instantly condensing into green fireballs that shot towards Lu Yuan.

At the same time, Du Bei also released the restrictions on the Mutated Blood Beast. The Mutated Blood Beast charged at Lu Yuan angrily.

At this moment, all the shadow avatars split into two. One of them used Death’s Hand and grabbed at Du Bei and the Mutated Blood Beast.

Another portion of the shadow clones had starlight flowing around their bodies, condensing powerful swords of stars as they rushed towards Du Bei.

Death’s Hand grabbed at Du Bei and the Mutated Blood Beast.

Instantly, Du Bei’s body stiffened. The green flames on his body dimmed significantly, and his aura became slightly weaker.

The blood fiends on the other side were even more miserable. Their auras were greatly weakened, and their bodies were frozen in place. They could not even continue charging at Lu Yuan.

Du Bei’s pupils constricted slightly as he looked at Lu Yuan in shock. He did not expect Lu Yuan to have such a strange combat skill.

However, before he could think about it, the starlight sword lights were already approaching. The powerful power made his scalp go numb.

His pupils constricted, and he quickly turned into green flames and disappeared from where he was.

In the next moment, he appeared in the distance and dodged the starlight sword light.

Du Bei’s eyes were filled with shock as he looked at the dissipating sword light.

What kind of monster was this? It actually had so many different powers? And each of them was so powerful?

Du Bei realized that he seemed to have miscalculated. He was not this guy’s match at all!

He had to leave!

Du Bei immediately made up his mind to leave.

Just as Du Bei was about to escape, he realized that the space around him had suddenly frozen, and his entire person was frozen on the spot.


Du Bei’s entire body surged with power. Just as he was about to break free from the spatial imprisonment, a grayish-white hand suddenly grabbed at him.

In the next moment, Du Bei’s body stiffened, and a hint of gloominess appeared on his face. At the same time, streams of starlight sword light flashed, slashing towards Du Bei.

Du Bei roared and forcefully broke free from the spatial shackles. His body turned into green flames.

Sword lights swept past the green fire and instantly cut it into pieces.

In another region, Du Bei’s body reformed once more. At this moment, there were many sword scars on his body, and blood spewed out. His aura was weak.

Before he could do anything, his body was suddenly restrained again.

Not good!

A hint of despair appeared in Du Bei’s eyes. Before he could do anything, Death’s Hand and Stellar Sword Light appeared again.

This time, the injured Du Bei didn’t even have time to dodge before he was drowned by the starlight sword light.

Lu Yuan had the shadow clone use the starlight sword light for a long time until the aura dissipated. Only then did Lu Yuan let the shadow clone stop.

In the area covered by the sword light, there was only blood foam left.

In another area, the Saint Rank Blood Beast had already been killed by more than 100 shadow avatars using Death Hands, leaving only a corpse.

Lu Yuan let out a breath of turbid air and then dispersed the Dark Shadow Holy Region.

Then, Lu Yuan felt two unknown auras merge into his body.

One of the unknown auras was slightly stronger, while the other was slightly weaker.

The stronger one should belong to that apostle.

Lu Yuan’s gaze swept across the corpses. The fire of light surged and enveloped them.

Then, Lu Yuan thought of what the apostle had said and frowned slightly.

Lu Yuan didn’t find anything unusual last time. He even deliberately waited until the corpse was completely burned to ashes.

This time…Lu Yuan thought for a moment. Then, the space around the apostle was cut off, forming an independent small space.

In the space, the flames of light continued to burn, and soon, the apostle’s flesh was burned to ashes.

After that, the flames of light dissipated, and the vacuum was empty.

Lu Yuan looked at the small space that was separated and waited silently.

A few hours later, a green dot of light suddenly appeared in the space. The moment the green dot of light appeared, it wanted to fly into the distance, but it was stopped by the spatial barrier.

The green speck of light that was blocked floated in place, extremely quiet.

Lu Yuan raised his eyebrows. He didn’t expect there to be something else.

He controlled the small space to shrink slightly, forming a spatial ball that was wrapped in green light spots in his hand.

Lu Yuan dispelled the spatial barrier and held the green light spot. Then, he saw the screen of Lu Yuan and the apostle’s battle appear in the air.

Lu Yuan’s expression became slightly strange. So that was the case?

He crushed the green light and disappeared.

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