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475 Sword In The Black Mist 2

After killing many ferocious beasts, Lu Yuan was a little tired. After resting for a few hours, he returned to the martial artscCenter to cultivate.

After Lu Yuan finished cultivating in the martial arts Hall, he used the star Wanderer to go to the Demon Dragon Mountain Range to hunt fierce beasts for resources. When he was a little tired, Lu Yuan returned to his room to rest. After resting, he went back to cultivate.

The cycle continued every day.

Twenty days later, in the Demon Dragon Mountain Range.

Lu Yuan had killed a peak king class demonic dragon and obtained a king class transcendent gene, named the demonic dragon’s scale.

‘Hmmm …’ It was a powerful defense-type transcendent gene. Other than greatly increasing one’s defense, it could also increase one’s strength and constitution to a certain extent.

If he were to sell it, he could probably sell it for millions to tens of millions of Level 5 spirit crystals, which would be a small profit.

It was enough for Lu Yuan to cultivate for a few more days.

Unfortunately, the probability of obtaining transcendent genes above the king class was even lower. Lu Yuan had probably killed hundreds of demonic dragons before this, but this was only the first transcendent gene he had obtained.

He had killed quite a few other beasts, and he had obtained two overlord-grade transcendent genes.

Lu Yuan planned to evolve the two overlord genes to monarch-grade and sell them at the auction house to sell for money.

With a small harvest, Lu Yuan was naturally pleased. He left the demonic dragon’s nest and flew deeper.

After Lu Yuan left, a few dog-headed people suddenly appeared. Their eyes flickered as they looked at the demonic dragon’s corpse.

The leader of the group was a Kobold with blood-red fur and an extremely powerful aura.

A grave expression appeared on his face as he slowly opened his mouth and said, ”

“I didn’t expect to meet Lu Yuan, this bastard human in the Demon Dragon Mountain Range! However, this human’s strength is much stronger than we thought. The demon dragon is at the peak of king level, and its combat strength is comparable to many weaker battle monarchs. I didn’t expect it to be killed by this human just like that …”

When they heard the sound of battle, they came over immediately. They wanted to see if they could take advantage of the situation, but they did not expect to meet one of the humans that the blood bone dog-head man hated the most, Lu Yuan.

The other dog-headed man with black fur slowly said,

“Hmph! No matter what, this human caused us to lose Ice Vein planet and killed a few of our prodigies. He still dares to come out. We have to take revenge on him! Did you forget what Duan Shan and Sir Nidam said? As long as he found traces of this human, he would never let him go! This time, I’ll make sure he dies in the Land of Origin!”

The blood-furred dog-headed man nodded and slowly said, “Of course I know that. However, I don’t think it’s safe with just the two of us. It’s better to get a few more battle monarchs.”

As for the few battle kings Warriors on the side, they were completely ignored by the blood-furred dog-headed man.

Based on the strength that Lu Yuan had displayed earlier, these few combat King kobolds could only be of a little help.

The black-furred dog-headed man thought for a moment, then nodded. “It’s indeed possible. Hehe … As long as we kill this human, I believe that Lord broken mountain and the others will definitely reward us handsomely.”

The other dog-headed people also smiled.

“Let’s follow him first, don’t let him run away!”

The blood-furred dog-headed man looked in the direction where Lu Yuan left and said.

The black furred dog-headed person grinned. “Don’t worry, he won’t be able to escape. We have to be careful. This human is too strange. If we get too close, we might be discovered by him. He seems to have a spatial combat skill. If we are discovered by him, we can escape in advance. It won’t be so easy to catch him.”

As he spoke, the black-furred dog-headed man’s body flickered with black light.

The next moment, the black mist enveloped all the dog-headed people, and then their bodies slowly disappeared.

The kobolds did not notice that as they disappeared, a shadow at the side shook slightly.

In the distance, Lu Yuan’s eyes were deep and dark. He stopped the perception sharing with the shadow clone.

The corners of his mouth curled up, revealing a smile.

In order to find the king-level ferocious beasts in the demonic Dragon mountains, Lu Yuan had used many shadow avatars to increase his efficiency.

He was the only one there anyway, so he didn’t have to worry about being discovered.

Moreover, these shadow avatars could also detect danger at the first moment, so that Lu Yuan could prepare in advance.

Lu Yuan did not expect to find a Kobold expert here.

However, it made sense. The Demon Dragon Mountain Range could be said to be huge, but it wasn’t. For battle kings and battle monarchs, it wasn’t that huge.

The blood bone dog-head man had a lot of battle kings and even battle monarchs, so it wasn’t strange to encounter one.

He didn’t expect the dog-headed man to be so cowardly. Two combat emperors and four battle kings were not enough, and he even planned to call a few more battle monarchs to deal with him.

Was he that scary?

Lu Yuan was a little unhappy.

But … It wasn’t a bad thing for him to have more of them.

He squinted his eyes with a hint of coldness.

Lu Yuan remained calm and continued to hunt fierce beasts.

The demon dragon wasn’t the only King-level beast in the Demon Dragon Mountain Range. There were also many king-level beasts with dragon bloodlines. There were even many king-level beasts that didn’t have dragon bloodlines.

With the searching ability of the shadow doppelganger, Lu Yuan easily found and killed king-level fierce beasts one after another. It was quite efficient.

The invisible dog-headed people, who were more than ten kilometers behind Lu Yuan, looked envious when they saw Lu Yuan killing King-level beasts one by one and obtaining various items.

“Damn it … Another King class Geno weapon!”

“This guy’s luck is pretty good. He was also very powerful. This Black Dragon Condor’s strength is close to the monarch level, and it also has the monarch level bloodline. Even the two of us would have to spend a lot of effort to kill it. I didn’t expect this human to kill it so easily!”

Hmph, wait a minute. As long as we kill him, these things will be ours!

“Have they come over?”

The blood-furred dog-headed man said.

The other dog-headed man with black fur looked at the communication crystal, and his eyes lit up.

“They’re already close. Let’s retreat a little. Don’t meet here in case this human discovers us!”


The few kobolds retreated silently, distancing themselves from Lu Yuan. They only stopped retreating after making sure that they could sense Lu Yuan’s aura.

At this moment, a few rays of light quickly approached. It was four kobolds.

Among the four kobolds, one was wearing leather armor, one was wearing armor, and one was wearing a robe.

Their auras were extremely powerful, and they were all battle monarchs.

The leader was a white-furred Kobold expert in armor and holding a giant shield.

He slowly opened his mouth and said,

“Xue Mie, Shui Meng, you said you found that Lu Yuan? Where is he?”

“It’s right in front!”

The blood-furred dog-headed man, Xue Mie, pointed to the front and said.

The other black-furred dog-headed man, Shui Meng, had a serious expression on his face. “That guy has a spatial-type combat skill. Seal the space and don’t let him escape!”

A houndhead man in a mage’s robe sneered. “Don’t worry, I’ve brought some good stuff. He can’t run away!”

“That’s good! We’ll surround him!”

Shui Meng sneered and said slowly.

Right at this moment, wisps of pitch-black mist suddenly appeared around them.

The mist instantly thickened, surrounding the six battle-monarchs and four battle-kings.

The kobolds ‘expressions changed drastically.

“What’s going on?”

“When did this black fog appear??”

The few battle-monarchs immediately spread their perception and their expressions changed.

“Dammit! The mist would interfere with one’s perception! Be careful!”

While they were talking, the houndhead men realized that they could no longer see beyond a hundred meters.

At this moment, a pitch-black sword light flashed past, and a Kobold battle King with a vigilant expression froze on his face. The next moment, a bloody wound appeared on his body, and his body was cut in half.

Seeing this, the dog-headed people were stunned and felt their scalps go numb.

They didn’t even realize who did it!

“Stay together!”

“There’s a powerful assassin!” Xue Mie growled.

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