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Chapter 71: The Magic On The Scroll

“Run, run quickly.”

“It’s a monster! It’s not something we can fight!”

The allied troops were utterly defeated in front of the Golden Flash, and they scattered to escape.

The Golden Flash flew into the sky. The three heads were in the shape of a lion, a tiger, and a goat, and they symbolized fire, earth, and darkness. The lion’s head spewed a gold-tier spell called sunlight. A light pillar that was several meters thick fell from the sky and swept across the field; it left a deep, charred ravine on the ground. Anyone sucked into it would not be left behind—they would turn into steam and die.

The high temperature also burned those who were slightly further away. They screamed and rolled on the ground as they slapped their bodies continuously.

The goat’s head spat out black fog.

The fog had a strong corrosive property. The skin of those touched by the fog began to wrinkle speedily. Then, it gradually peeled off to reveal the flesh beneath it. Eventually, their skin would turn green, and their internal organs would fall onto the ground.

The organs that fell would seem as if they had come back to life. The pulsing membrane on the surface would crack after a short delay. The liquid would be sprayed onto other people, and it would corrode their bodies, cause them to fall to the ground and explode.

It was like an exploding plague, and it would spread endlessly.

The tiger’s head did not shoot anything; it only roared. Its roar would turn into a sound wave and seep into the ground. It would make the ground uneven with sharp spikes, and their enemies’ heads would hang on top of those spikes. The land nearby would also crack open—the crack was thick and long, and it would devour all life.

That was the first time since Golden Flash had transformed into a six-winged golden chimera that it had used its full strength. Its reputation was clearly much stronger than Watson’s.

Scarlet sat on the back of the Golden Flash’s head. She raised her longbow and nocked an arrow. Occasionally, she would shoot the soldiers to drive them back.

Scarlet’s face was pale when she did that. Her eyes were filled with pity as she resisted the urge to vomit.

She was only an 11-year-old girl. That was the first time she had seen the devastation of a battlefield. She had planned to flaunt the silver-tier longbow in her hand to chase the bad guys away. After that, she only wanted to reduce the number of people who died there.

“Everyone, put down your weapons now! I can spare your lives.”

The situation had tilted when the Golden Flash joined the battle. Watson wiped the bloodstains on his black shirt as he said that.

Blood streamed down the black shirt and fused into the cloth to turn the shirt into a thick set of armor. There were ferocious barbs on it; no one had dared to touch it.

The armor was a gold-tier armor that Watson had previously fused—it was the armor of an ancient knight. It had an independent skill, which was to summon an ancient knight’s heroic spirit. It could also absorb power to summon a gold-tier soul. It had managed to absorb the enemy’s flesh, and blood from the attacks, and the armor was so eager to give it a try that one could feel its faint desire.

Watson did not control it; he released the ancient knights’ heroic spirit.

Behind him, the air cracked a hole that was several meters wide to connect to another world. The aura of death blew like the wind. The ghost, which was several meters tall and covered in illusory armor, swung the heavy sword in its hand that was several meters long and smashed it down.

A gully that stretched dozens of meters appeared, and the men in its path were split into two.

“Ancient knight’s heroic spirit, obey the call and sacrifice yourself! My honorable master, you are blessed in the name of the God of War, and you will be invincible.”

He was still muttering after the ghost appeared.

Watson judged that the ghosts could only last for ten minutes.

That meant Blackmoon Castle would have three gold-tier warriors for ten minutes, and that included him. It was a luxury to have such strength for a battle. More than 3,000 soldiers had rushed into the castle, but there were only 1,000 men left.

Watson teleported and used a long sword formed from the light to pierce through a soldier’s chest. He wiped the blood on his face and shouted, “I repeat, everyone, put down your weapons!”

If he could, he would not want to kill anyone. He had lived in a fair society in his previous life. At that moment, when he looked at the dead bodies on the ground, the smell of blood in the air made his stomach churn. However, he had to protect his family, so he had no choice but to bear it.

“I surrender. Let me go.”

“The attack was organized by Master Wilber and the other manor owners. I was forced to join.”

When they heard Watson’s voice, some of the men felt their legs go weak. They knelt on the ground and cast the weapons in their hands away.

Someone had taken the lead, and the rest looked at each other. Their faces were pale as they knelt on the ground, one after another.

More than a thousand people had knelt on the ground. A golden light circled the sky; it cast a huge mottled shadow on the ground. The ancient knights held heavy swords in their hands; they guarded Watson’s back like a statue, and it made him look like the emperor of an ancient kingdom.

The people who had rushed into Blackmoon Castle had surrendered, and the sounds of fighting outside had gradually weakened.

Thirty Blackmoon Knights came back under Vincent’s lead. Each of them was stained with blood that could not be dissolved, but there was pride in their eyes. Except for Vincent, the others knelt in front of Watson.

“Young Master, please give us further orders.”

The 30 men were in a neat formation. Even though there were sword wounds on their faces and they were panting heavily, not a single one of them had died.

Once upon a time, they were only ordinary cultivators. However, under Watson’s guidance, they had managed to improve their strength many times fold than before. They could fight against 100 people by themselves. It was a battle of blood and fire, and everyone had improved.

They were the strength that protected Blackmoon Castle; they were the Blackmoon Iron Cavalry that symbolized glory. They had wiped out all of their enemies in front of them.

The allied troops had more casualties than they could ever imagine—they had only 500 men left. However, most of them were iron-tier warriors, and they were well-equipped. Many of them were elite teams organized by the manor owners; that was why they were able to fight the Blackmoon Iron Cavalry for so long.

The battle had ended. The allied troops had suffered a great defeat, and they had sacrificed more than 3,000 lives. As for the Blackmoon Castle—they had suffered no casualties!

Everyone was eager for the battle to end, but some people did not want it to end so soon.

A mysterious chant came from outside the manors.

“Great Sea God, you are the incarnation of the water element that flows endlessly! I am Fulson, your humble servant, and I am here to offer my faith to you. Please lower your divine power and turn into a silver snake that can destroy the world!”

“Gold-tier spell—Silver Serpent on the Raging Sea!”

The person who chanted was Folson. He hovered in the air with a blue magic staff in his hand as a golden scroll hung in front of him. The twisted triangular characters on it floated outward and twisted together before it turned into a silver snake.

The air became sticky. Dark clouds covered the sky, and thunder rolled. Illusory waves appeared on the ground within a few kilometers; it was as if the ocean had descended. A huge python filled with an ancient aura swam in the sea. It brought white waves with it, and the huge waves were more than ten meters high as they rushed toward the Blackmoon Castle.

The 500 allied troops stood outside Blackmoon Castle. They were at a loss when they saw the snake before the sea swallowed them.

Their flesh and blood had fed the waves, and the illusory sea became more real. The huge python’s eyes flashed blood-red; it was filled with indifference that seemed to look down on everything.

When he saw the waves churned beneath his feet, Folson held his magic staff and grabbed the scroll. Then, he descended from the sky and stood in front of the dumbfounded Wilber.

“Master Wilber, this ancient magic is recorded on a golden scroll that I accidentally obtained! It’s also top-tier among other gold-tier magic. Unfortunately, it’s only half of it. It requires a large amount of flesh and blood to use the combined attack magic, but only barely. I’m good at making decisions, and I’ve decided to use those 500 men who had lost their ability to fight as sacrifices for the sea. You won’t mind, right?”

It did not matter what other people thought; he would still push for the war to move forward because he wanted his bounty.

Folson’s voice was cold. It was as if the people he used as sacrifices were not living people at all but a bunch of lowly ants.

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