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Chapter 126: If you want to bite her, you don't need to be a dog!

That man was a dog? It could bite.

Bite everywhere. With this thought, Xueluo felt that the cute pair of clothes in his clothes also started to hurt.

It was the mark left on it by that fierce man last night.

Actually, if Feng Xinglang wanted to bite her, he didn't need to be a dog at all!

"Xueluo, you … Did you get kissed? Fang Yi Yan or Feng Xinglang? " Yuan Duoduo suddenly asked.

Fang Yi said, "It's very possible." He was in Shendari, and he was the first to arrive. He could make his move anytime and anywhere he wanted.

As for Feng Xinglang … Didn't Xueluo always say that she wanted to draw a clear line between them? Furthermore, he had left the academy's dining hall at that time, could it be that Xueluo had chased after him again?

"..." Xueluo choked. Isn't this Yuan Duoduo too sharp? It was a pity not to be a spy.

"You are wrong, there is still a third person, and that is me, Lin Xueluo!" He was probably too nervous inside the cafeteria, so he accidentally bit his lips. He really didn't know what kind of medicine Feng Xinglang ate wrong. He's not afraid of being wronged himself! "

Xueluo dispelled the awkwardness in front of him without batting an eyelid. Not only that, she had even cleverly changed the topic.

"Yeah, I was so nervous just now!" You don't know how many girls are paying attention to our table! I was so nervous that I felt all kinds of envy, jealousy and hate in their eyes! "So cool!" Yuan Duoduo laughed as he covered his face in intoxication.

Although Yuan Duoduo looked like a happy guy on the surface, she was actually pretending like a hedgehog. In fact, her heart was feeling inferior.

She liked the feeling of being watched! It was an extremely strong feeling of existence!

Xueluo seemed to be unable to understand the meaning of Yuan Duoduo's words' so cool '. This was because she didn't feel happy at all. Instead, she felt extremely embarrassed and wished she could find a hole to escape to!

"Oh right, Xueluo, do you have to go back to the Feng Family to eat lunch in the future? I see that Feng Xinglang is really worried about you, and has been feeding you Red Braised Meat non-stop. " Yuan Duoduo said with a slight tinge of envy.

"I'm not going back to Feng Family for lunch! It would take an hour or two to travel this far. The reason why Feng Xinglang cares about me, is probably because he's afraid that I'll run away, and leave his big brother Feng Lixin alone. "

Xueluo started to ponder: To be honest, although Feng Xinglang is tyrannical and strong, every time he tried to force someone, an illusion of being cared for began to sprout in the bottom of Xueluo's heart!

Xueluo subconsciously slapped his own forehead. Lin Xueluo, Lin Xueluo, ah Lin Xueluo, since when did you become so masochistic?

Where's your backbone? What about your ideals? What about your yearning?

Yuan Duoduo was secretly happy: Does this mean that Feng Xinglang will frequently come to school to eat with her and Xueluo?

Maybe Feng Xinglang did have a good impression of Lin Xueluo, but the fact that Lin Xueluo was his big brother Feng Xinglang's wife couldn't be shaken.

Regardless of whether Feng Xinglang was truly worried about Xueluo, or whether he was worried that Xueluo would abandon his big brother and run away, this did not affect him being a bachelor.

The faith to pursue the ideal always had to be, what if it was realized?

"Oh right, Xueluo's big brother Feng Lixin … Was the fever really severe? Local? Or is it all over? " Yuan Duoduo asked curiously as he thought about it.

Xueluo sighed, "It's pretty serious! It could be said that his appearance was completely different from before! Sometimes it's serious enough to use a ventilator. "

"Sigh!" What a pity! Rumor has it that Feng Lixin was once a noble and elegant young master of the Shen City, but who would have thought that he would be burned to death now! "The heavens are truly jealous of such a talent!"

Yuan Duoduo stared at his slightly lame leg. Actually, if one didn't pay close attention, one wouldn't be able to tell at all.

"Oh right, Feng Family is so rich, why isn't Feng Lixin doing skin grafting?" Yuan Duoduo suddenly asked.

Xueluo sighed again, "I'm also not too sure either. From what Doctor Jin said, it seems that it's because Feng Lixin's condition is very serious, but I heard that Feng Lixin gave up his own life because of a woman, and was not willing to actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment. "

Xueluo suddenly remembered: Feng Xinglang seemed to have found the living Lan Youyou. What made Xueluo even more confused was that since he had found Lan Youyou, why didn't he bring her to Feng Lixin so that he could regain the courage and hope to live on?

However, from Feng Xinglang's tone, it was not possible to tell that the calamity that had befallen the two brothers seemed to have something to do with Lan Youyou.

Could it be that Lan Youyou was one of the killers? Xueluo was also shocked by his own deductions and guesses.

"Because of a woman? What woman? Is the woman dead? That's why Feng Lixin wanted to give up on treatment. He wanted to die together with that woman? " Yuan Duoduo instinctively thought.

"Probably. But things seemed to have changed again. Feng Lixin promised his brother that after his 30th birthday, he would go to America to receive further treatment. I really hope that Lixin can get better soon. " Xueluo asked worriedly.

One had to know that a normal person would feel depressed and depressed every day even if they were stuck in a confined space, let alone a disabled patient.

Xueluo sincerely hoped that Feng Lixin could walk out of the treatment room and take a breath of fresh air.

"Xueluo, you are really kind. It is really his fortune that Feng Lixin was able to marry you. "

Yuan Duoduo sincerely admired Xueluo for making up his mind to marry to a handicapped person who had been burned beyond recognition. Although she knew that the majority of this was forced and compassionate.

Being praised like this by Yuan Duoduo, Xueluo felt extremely guilty. One had to know that her wife was not loyal to her 'husband' Feng Lixin.

His body and heart had been betrayed!

Xueluo had to stifle this state in the bud! He could not allow this betrayal to continue to spread to an unstoppable extent.

Before school was dismissed, Feng Family's driver Xiao Qian called Xueluo and said that he would wait at the school gate.

But Xueluo never thought that Feng Lixin would be the one to come with Xiao Qian and bring her back to the Feng Family!

Feng Lixin in her wheelchair!

On the way out of the school gate, Xueluo saw Fang Yi Yan, who was blocking her way.

No matter how many times he escaped, it would not solve the real problem.

There was no way out, Xueluo could only face it.

"Xueluo, tell me, are you happy? Give me reason to help you! His name is Zhang Xuan! " Fang Yi Yan took a step forward and tried to grab Xueluo's hand, but she dodged his hand.

"Fang Yi said that there were some facts, but they were not as Duoduo had said. It's true that I was forced by the Xia Family, but there was a part of me that was willing. " Xueluo said calmly.

"You said that you are willing to marry a disabled person who can't even take care of himself because of the great fire? Xueluo, although you are very kind, but you are not that noble! " Fang Yi Yan understood Lin Xueluo.

At this moment, the sound of pointing discussion came from the school gate.

"Look at this person! He's been burned to this state, yet he's still trying to scare us!"

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