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The Well-informed Ghost only knew this much, it was unclear how he would obtain the Myriad Tao Divine Soil Crystal. Chen Xiang told him to return to the You Yao Mountain Villa.

"Brother Song, do we need to repair this Super Yang Divine Alter?" Chen Xiang asked: "If there's a need, we can continue to tangle with the Myriad Tao Divine Soil's Crystals."

"I feel that it's necessary. Right now, the Heaven Old Divine Race is at its peak, if we continue to wait, we will be exterminated sooner or later. At that time, they will also have a large number of Myriad Tao Divine Soil." Song Yichen said: "Among the nine Super Yang Divine Race s, I believe that we, the Turkish people, will be able to have Myriad Tao Divine Soil s in the future! "Although we, the indigenous people, have it, we have not used it to make Divine Weapons. This should have been deliberately given to us by someone when we were distributing our resources."

"I guess, back then the strongest person in Super Yang Divine Race had nine sons, and in order for these nine sons to not fight with each other, the Patriarch must have made arrangements! This way, you don't have to worry about the Myriad Tao Divine Soil being used to refine Divine Weapons, otherwise the consequences would be too scary. If you control the Myriad Tao Divine Soil, you can easily annihilate the other races. "

It was not strange that Song Yichen had such a conjecture. It was because the Tu Clan had always been instilled with the idea of not fighting.

"Our ancestors told us not to fight, but they never thought that we would be exterminated. He was too benevolent, and never thought that he would be bullied like this by his brother's descendants." Song Yichen said: "Right now, we are all about to have our clans exterminated, and we can already fully prove that our ancestors were wrong. Now, we cannot continue to be wrong.

Although there were only two of them, Song Yichen was very ambitious.

"We must break through two realms and have the other races come over to restrain the Heaven Old Divine Race. Otherwise, we will only be destroyed in the end." Song Yichen said: "The people from the other clans will definitely need Myriad Tao Divine Soil as well. At that time, we can give some to the Myriad Tao Divine Soil and the others to trade with them!"

Chen Xiang thought for a while, then said: "I feel that it's better if we don't break your seal for a short period of time, you guys are safe in here, don't go out for now, just wait here for them to kill each other."

"But... I'm worried that they will join forces and enter this place to rob the Myriad Tao Divine Soil. "

Song Yichen laughed: "Don't worry, as long as this ancient Super Yang Divine Alter can be repaired, we will not be afraid of them. If they dare to join hands, they will definitely pay a huge price."

Chen Xiang caressed this Super Yang Divine Alter, and once again released a very strong imposing manner, as if it was rejecting him!

"This guy …" It can't be spiritual, right? " Chen Xiang laughed: "Brother Song, try to try and see if you can communicate with this thing. It has existed for so many years, and it seems to be very intelligent.

Song Yichen frowned as he thought, then took out a divine weapon. He cut his palm, and dripped a drop of blood on this Super Yang Divine Alter.

After the blood had dripped onto it, it had already seeped into it, as if it had been sucked dry.

"It worked!" Chen Xiang shouted in shock, "Hurry and get one more point!"

"Alright!" Song Yichen was also very excited, "In front of us, when our clan's elders worship the divine altar, they would make us prepare a bowl of blood, and then pour it all into a pool on top of the divine altar.

Three days later, Song Yichen was no longer able to laugh, and his expression was currently extremely ugly, his blood had been sucked out greatly.

Chen Xiang had no choice but to take out some recovery pills. However, its effect was very strong, because Song Yichen's body was very powerful. It would not be easy for him to quickly recover his blood.

"I'll be able to recover after resting. I need time!" Song Yichen sat on the ground.

"How about this, I'll get a Time Domain from your body." When Chen Xiang finished, he immediately released the power of time to envelop Song Yichen.

Song Yichen had stayed in Chen Xiang's Time Domain for a month and had already recovered to its peak.

This Super Yang Divine Alter had been neglected for a long time. Originally, the entire clan had needed to undergo a blood sacrifice, but with Song Yichen alone, it would naturally take a very long time.

Chen Xiang and Song Yichen had been stuck in here for more than a month, and Chen Xiang had even used the dual Time Domain s to increase their speed. He had left Song Yichen alone inside the Time Domain for a few years and left a lot of blood inside, then poured it all over the Super Yang Divine Alter …

Song Yichen also could not remember how many years he had spent in the Time Domain before Super Yang Divine Alter released a ray of sunshine.

"Finally alive, haha …" Super Yang Divine Alter suddenly heard a wretched laughter. From the sound of it, it should be from a man.

Chen Xiang thought it was the voice of an old man.

"Spirit of Divine Alter!" Song Yichen anxiously shouted.

Hehe, fellow, I knew it when you came. I didn't expect you to be able to get so much blood in such a short time. The Spirit of Divine Alter laughed, "It's all thanks to the human ghost for using the power of time that we were able to move so quickly.

Chen Xiang curled his lips. Previously, the moment he touched the altar, it scared him, and it made him very unhappy.

"I touched you, why was your reaction so huge?" Chen Xiang was extremely curious, and couldn't help but ask.

"I'm not used to men touching me. If it's a beauty …" Feel free to touch me, hahahaha … " Spirit of Divine Alter laughed sinisterly, Chen Xiang could not help but kick him twice.

Song Yichen's face darkened. In his heart, the incredibly sacred Spirit of Divine Alter was actually such a wretched person.

"Stupid bastard, why did you kick me? I'm very weak after all, you will need to use the Myriad Tao Divine Soil Crystal to heal me if I kick you to death." The Spirit of Divine Alter scolded.

"It shouldn't be broken, you should be made from Myriad Tao Divine Soil Crystals. I really want to knock on a few of them to refine some of them." Chen Xiang snorted.

"That's right, Yours Truly was refined using Myriad Tao Divine Soil Crystals. If you have the guts, come and knock a few pieces of it." Spirit of Divine Alter sneered: "I don't think you have the ability!"

"Don't question my strength!"

Chen Xiang had already taken out the Heavenly magic sword and the Six Realms mirrors. "I'll try and see exactly how thick your skin is!"

Song Yichen anxiously stopped them. He knew how powerful Chen Xiang's Heavenly magic sword was, if he really could knock down a few pieces, this Super Yang Divine Alter would be even more heavily damaged.

"Spirit of Divine Alter, our people have already suffered from a calamity …" Song Yichen carefully told the Spirit of Divine Alter about the events that had transpired of the Turkish people.

"Serves you right!" After the Spirit of Divine Alter heard this, he scoffed, "Your ancestor was a fool. I told him to guard against those bastards long ago."

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