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The time for lunch quickly arrived, so just as Yan Tian and Liu Ruoxin prepared go eat, a man suddenly came into the sickroom.

The man had fair complexion and a rather straight nose. He had thin lips, and his facial features brought a sense of charm. His handsomeness was soft and gentle, and he emitted a sophisticated temperament, as it seemed that all sorts of manners were blended together. However, among his gentleness and handsomeness, there was his own unique air of sharpness and elegance.

"Ruoxin, I heard there was an incident at your company. It's not serious, right?" Just as the man entered the sickroom he looked at Liu Ruoxin in much concern.

"Yeah, it's nothing."

Liu Ruoxin evidently didn’t want to answer the man, picking up her bag and heading out to the corridor. The man immediately went to Liu Ruoxin's side as he saw that she wanted to leave to outside.

"Ruoxin, where do you want to go? It's time to eat, so how about I treat you out?" The man looked at Liu Ruoxin and smiled.

"Gao Chengwen. My name is Liu Ruoxin. Please call me by my name." Liu Ruoxin raised her brows at the man at her side once she heard him call her Ruoxin.

It was obvious that Gao Chengwen hadn't expected Liu Ruoxin would say such a thing. He was forced to shake his head awkwardly: "Alright, Liu Ruoxin. We'll go out together eat, okay?"

"Thank you for your kind intentions, but I don't have time today. Perhaps another day." Liu Ruoxin faintly smiled at Gao Chengwen and strode out of the sickroom.

But how could the rejected Gao Chengwen easily miss a good opportunity to eat? He eagerly chased after Liu Ruoxin after she left the room. It had to be known he had admired Liu Ruoxin for a long time.

"Ruo…… Liu Ruoxin. In regards to the events that have happened at your company, I know a little bit about it. Our Changle Group is your company's important business partner, so my father let me represent our Changle Group to come assist Chairman Liu to handle this matter together. I hope Chairman Liu can do me the honor of discussing it together."

Gao Chengwen knew his brazen request to eat with Liu Ruoxin would definitely not succeed, so he immediately moved onto his family's company. Currently, he was the representative his father had sent from Changle Group. This time, Liu Ruoxin wouldn’t be able to reject him at all.

Of course, once Liu Ruoxin heard Gao Cheng Wen's words, her attitude immediately changed. "Oh, so it was Young Master Gao. I'll have to give my thank first for your Changle group for extending a helping hand to us."

If Gao Cheng wen and Liu Ruoxin talked, she naturally wouldn’t say much to him. However, if Gao Cheng wen was the representative of the entirety of Changle Group, then the significance wasn’t the same. Thus, Liu Ruoxin's attitude in speaking with Gao Chengwen and the one from before were two different kinds of attitudes.

"Haha, you're most welcome. As for the specific situation, we should find a place to speak more of it. This area is unsuitable, no?" Gao Chengwen saw that Liu Ruoxin's attitude towards him had improved, so he was immediately happy.

At the side, Yan Tian finally understood. Gao Chengwen's family company and Liu Ruoxin's company were business partners, but he wanted to get Liu Ruoxin alone to eat with her, so he shifted over to his own family's company.

"Alright, lead the way, Young Master Gao." Presently, Gao Chengwen was the representative sent by the whole of Changle Group, so Liu Ruoxin it would be a minor faux pas for her to reject him. Contemplating it, she agreed. Didn't she have a readily available bodyguard at her side? What was there to be scared of?

Once Gao Chengwen heard Liu Ruoxin agree to go eat, he was instantly excited. However, looking at Yan Tian at Liu Ruoxin's side, he furrowed his brows and asked: "Ruoxin, you want to bring this man?"

"Yeah, is there a problem?"

"Chairman Liu, this time, we'll be discussing of the affairs between our two companies. Bringing an outsider won't be good." Gao Chengwen naturally wouldn’t let Yan Tian accompany them. It had to be known he had persuaded Liu Ruoxin in great difficulty. He was preparing to take advantage of the situation to carefully break in their relationship.

Liu Ruoxin had earlier foreseen that Gao Chengwen was unlikely to give up, so she immediately took Yan Tian's arm: "Young Master Gao, this is my husband. My husband can't be considered an outsider, right?"

Having abruptly been taken by Liu Ruoxin, Yan Tian suddenly looked at Liu Ruoxin incredulously. Thinking to himself, what the heck was Liu Ruoxin doing, pull on his arm? Don't tell me she wanted him to play the delinquent? Recalling this, Yan Tian prepared to pull his arm out in fright, but once he thought it over, the feeling of Liu Ruoxin holding him was pretty nice. Mulling it over, Yan Tian decided he would take a loss today and let Liu Ruoxin pull as so. However, it would be just this once.
"Eh? Ruoxin, he is your husband? You're kidding me." Gao Chengwen was startled once heard Liu Ruoxin's words. Liu Ruoxin's husband? How could this be possible?

Having been mentioned by Gao Chengwen, Yan Tian's heart pounded. When had he become Liu Ruoxin's husband? Looking at Liu Ruoxin's serious face though, Yan Tian thought to himself could it be that last night while he was sleeping, he had sleep walked to Liu Ruoxin's house and pushed her down?

"Yeah, it’s just that we don't have a certificate, that's all." Liu Ruoxin smiled and pinched Yan Tian's waist at the same time, hinting to him to act with her.

Being pinched like so by Liu Ruoxin immediately brought Yan Tian back to reality. So it turned out that Liu Ruoxin wanted him to be a shield. No way, he absolutely wouldn't do so. However, recalling that Liu Ruoxin was his boss, he immediately lost his temper. If he didn’t obey Liu Ruoxin, what would he do if she didn’t give him his wages when the time came? Without a choice, it looked like he was forced to act in accordance with Liu Ruoxin in the play's beauty. The more it was real, the better it was. Perhaps if Liu Ruoxin was happy, she would give him a raise.

Contemplating it, Yan Tian looked at Gao Chengwen and smiled: "Yeah, what my darling Ruoxin said isn't wrong. In the past several days, we've been getting ready to get the certificate and hold the wedding. When the moment comes, you gotta come, huehue. After he finished speaking, Yan Tian thought to himself that this was a pretty good development. It should be good enough.

Liu Ruoxin used all of her strength to pinch Yan Tian once she heard how he had addressed her. However, recalling that Yan Tian had played the role rather well, she decided to let him off.

"Oh, so it's like that. Since you've still not married, what are you doing call him husband, haha. Let's go eat." Gao Chengwen's mind was set at ease after he heard that Liu Ruoxin was still unmarried. At the same time, he thought to himself whether or not look for people to teach Yan Tian a lesson. Surprisingly, he had dared to besmirch his personal goddess.

Yan Tian saw that Gao Chengwen hadn't given up, so after thinking about it, he prepared to step-up the plot: "Young Master Gao, what are you saying? Although me and darling aren't husband and wife, we've already sown the seeds of husband and wife, huehue."

Liu Ruoxin suddenly staggered as she was walking down the path after she heard Yan Tian. However, due to the high-heeled shoes she was wearing, she was momentarily unable to stand firm and fell towards the ground. Yan Tian spotted that Liu Ruoxin was falling, so his hands quickly caught her, embracing her lower back. This caused Liu Ruoxin not to tumble over.

"Oh my, my darling wife. What are you doing here? There are outsiders here." Yan Tian looked at Liu Ruoxin in his embrace and said quite embarrassingly.

After reacting, Liu Ruoxin immediately stood up from Yan Tian's embrace and fiercely pinched him several times. At the same time, she secretly regretted having Yan Tian help her put on a show. The fruit of husband and wife? The thought was actually quite beautiful.

"Ah, eh, so it turns out Chairman Liu already has a man. Congratulations and felicitations. Let's not talk of this first. Today the primary matter is discussing company affairs." Gao Chengwen's face stiffened after he heard what Yan Tian said. To his surprise, this man and his personal goddess had sown the seeds of a husband and wife. At the same moment, Gao Chengwen became secretly determined to teach Yan Tian a ruthless lesson.

Liu Ruoxin firmly pinched Yan Tian several times after she heard she had a man. However, saying anything would be tantamount to spilling the beans. Liu Ruoxin was forced to smile: "Yeah, thanks."

Yan Tian was left dumbfounded after being pinched so mercilessly by Liu Ruoxin. What had he done? Why was Liu Ruoxin pinching him for? Could it be his performance was no good? Do you want to cook up that we made love?

Arriving at the hospital entrance, Yan Tian was shocked to discover that Gao Chengwen surprisingly drove a red Ferrari LaFerrari. In China, the car was worth about twenty to thirty million. In comparison to Liu Ruoxin's past Porsche, he didn’t know how many times it was of a higher grade, but it looked like Gao Chengwen came from a family with quite a lot of money.

"Ruoxin, this is the new car I bought not too long ago. Do you want to try it out for yourself?" Although he knew Liu Ruoxin was already another person's woman, Gao Chengwen still planned not to abandon his pursuit, so what she lost her virginity?

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