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Chapter 58 Comprehending Boxing

It were basically the juniors who were willing to pay the money. As for seniors even if their parents were willing, the children themselves were unwilling. Who would want to have a few second graders teach them like grandchildren?

Therefore, during the interval time, the performances of the juniors were even better than those seniors. That was not because the juniors were eating anything special in any  mess hall after school.  In the elementary school stage, a difference of one grade meant a large gap whether it be in terms of maturity or physique. After all, the children were in their growth stage.

As the School PE Teacher, I had to act the part. I directly stood atop the sole concrete ping-pong table in the school so as to enable everyone to see me. My assistant Li Lijuan would stand by my side. Following my explanation and demonstration by Li Lijuan, the people standing below would act accordingly.

Huang Shulang and Ma Jindong would 'personally guide' those who were not doing their part.

"Legs taut straight, abdomen sucked in, chest out. Alright!" Huang Shulang would often act arrogant, and would directly kick those disobedient or those slow in the head. However, there were some times where he would show them the door.

The sixth-grader Ma Yushun was a punk. Ma Yushun was a repeater, and although his brain was not good but he was built quite tall and strong. His classmates were all in Junior High School Third Years. In terms of seniority, he had spent more time in school than some of the teachers in Ba Jiao Elementary School.

Huang Shulang looking at Ma Yushun's lazy appearance couldn't leave it without a fight. Initially, he was somewhat afraid of Ma Yushun's retaliation, and hadn't dared to move against Ma Yushun these past few days. These few days, no matter whether it was the junior or senior students, no one had dared to retaliate. Huang Shulang's confidence was full to the point of bursting.

"What are you doing?" Huang Shulang walked to the lazy Ma Yushun. He was short by almost half a head compared to him. Huang Shulang after walking to Ma Yushun's front began looking upwards at him.

Ma Yushun jokingly looked at Huang Shulang: "Not doing anything? Do you have any objection?"

Ma Yushun tried his hardest to imitate the mannerism of a gangster, with the only difference being a cigarette missing from his mouth.

"You be a bit more sincere for me! Otherwise, I'll do you good and proper!" Huang Shulang seeing his authority getting challenged turned his head to look at me and then staring at Ma Yushun.

Even though Ma Yushun didn't dare act, but he was still as before ignoring Huang Shulang.

Huang Shulang was trembling in anger and he turned his head to glance at me, afraid that I might be dissatisfied with his performance. He turned towards Ma Yushun to see that the smile on his face was getting even stronger.

Huang Shulang jumped into the air and kicked at Ma Yushun. Who would have expected that Ma Yushun was already prepared and would lean to the side directly causing Huang Shulang’s kick to miss. With a bang, he fell onto the floor causing dust to rise.

"What do you want to do?" Huang Shulang shouted loudly.

"What do I want to do? You guess what I want to do? You are still too naive if you are thinking of hitting!" Ma Yushun looked at me as if showing me a demonstration and after that picked up Huang Shulang by the collar, "You dare to act against me. Tell you what, I have endured you all for a long time. Don't think that Headmaster Han has your back. You all dare to stand in front of me. Tell you what, once you leave the school gates, I will play you to death!"

Ma Yushun slapped Huang Shulang's face several times. Even though Huang Shulang was struggling continuously, but he was comparatively six-seven years younger. How could he be Ma Yushun's opponent?

"What are you doing?" I was furious and jumping down from the ping-pong table, I rushed over. Seeing the fight break out in the field, the students all parted to give me a corridor to pass through.

"Not doing anything. This fatty carelessly fell down. I was just helping him up and seeing so much dust on him, out of kindness I was patting him clean." Ma Yushun tilted his head looking disdainfully at me with an expression of provocation in his eyes.

I walked two-three steps to reach Ma Yushun. As far as height was concerned, I was also shot by quite a bit compared to Ma Yushun. However, as I walked over, I grabbed the wrist of the hand by which Ma Yushun was holding Huang Shulang. Ma Yushun wanted to block with his other hand, but his resistance was in vain. I very casually grasped his wrist.

Even though Ma Yushun didn't expect this but he also didn't care. He didn't believe that I would be capable of restraining him.

I suddenly exerted a lot of force through my hand.

"Ah!" Ma Yushun suddenly let out a miserable shout, naturally loosening his grip. Huang Shulang finally escaped from his hands.

"Let go, Let go! My hand is going to break. I am telling you, I know Elder Brother Wu. You dare to act against me, Elder Brother Wu will not let you go." Ma Yushun was trying to show strength while being weak inside.

I put force into my hands once again. A faint cracking noise could be heard coming from the bones. Ma Yushun directly knelt down on the ground: "Mercy, ah!"

Huang Shulang after falling onto the ground directly went into a roll before crawling up. He patted the dust from his body and walked towards the kneeling Ma Yushun whilst grinningly saying: "Weren't you being very smart just now? How come you are not being like that in front of my Master?"

My eyes were staring fixedly at Ma Yushun: "I don't care who you know, during the interval time you will follow me sincerely and we will all be together peacefully. If you dare to make trouble again, then you just be careful of me."

Ma Yushun didn't dare to meet my eyes because he felt that the expression in my eyes was too terrifying as if it was capable of seeing through him entirely making him feel very uncomfortable. As far as my legend was concerned, it was impossible for Ma Yushun to not know about it. Maybe he might have forgotten about Liu Tailong, but after experiencing this lesson, he would surely recall it.

I let go of Ma Yushun's hand who in turn promptly began massaging his wrist. His eyes looking at me still contained some poison, but it was very quickly retracted. Naturally, I was capable of feeling it. However, I wasn't afraid of Ma Yushun's retaliation. However, I couldn't help but think of how Huang Shulang and Ma Jindong are going to cope with it in the future.

After I dealt with Ma Yushun, the students once again stood as a group, arranging themselves neatly into rows and columns. After the thorn Ma Yushun was dealt with, the entire field had become quite peaceful.

I jumped back onto the ping-pong table and had Li Lijuan lead the all the students to practice Longfist. As I looked over at the field, unexpectedly there were some who were absent-minded. In front of my eyes, Oracle Bone Script characters appeared. They were jumping and frolicking in joy, constantly changing their positions. I could that a different combination of these Oracle Bone Script characters would have different results.

As the bell rang, all the students in the field stopped practising and one by one walked into the classroom.

Li Lijuan shouted at me a few times, and seeing me not respond, she stamped her feet, curled her mouth, flung her two braids and marched towards the classroom.

Classteacher Ma Baoyi had barely arrived when he was informed that I was somewhat special. As long as I don't make any trouble, he would leave me be. Anyways, he wouldn't go out to make things difficult for me.Therefore, seeing me standing alone in the field in a daze, he was disinclined to come over and call me.

I don't know how long I stood there before moving. My movements were similar to Xing Yi Quan Five Fists and Great Ancestor Longfist, the essence being deduced out, but the flavour was totally different. Xing Yi Quan Five Fists and Great Ancestor Longfist had unexpectedly been blended together by me, but there wasn't the least bit of stiffness, rather it was more natural.

I was completely immersed in the Chinese boxing and completely forgot the time, forgot where I as. Between the Heaven and Earth, only Primordial Qi flowed. The Primordial Qi in my surroundings was flowing weirdly, giving rise to cyclones on the field from time to time, causing the dust on the field to be rolled up into a long ashen yellow line. All of a sudden it swept across the field before disappearing into the distance.

Don't know how long before I stopped abruptly. Everything was quiet, yet I had a feeling of contentment.

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