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Chapter 1352: Mommy, Why Don’t You Marry Uncle

“Didn’t you want to see Yingying?” Gong Yi asked.

Yingying was at his house now. Was he going to bring her in?

Bai Beibei pulled her little hand back forcefully.

Gong Yi stopped in his tracks. “What’s wrong?”

Bai Beibei shook her head. “No… It’s not convenient for me to go in. Can you carry Yingying out?”

“No,” he rejected her outright.

Bai Beibei looked up at Gong Yi, her watery eyes filled with panic and hurt.

Gong Yi reached out and touched her face. He could not help but say softly, “Are you afraid of my dad?”

Bai Beibei quickly shook her head. “No…”

“Three years ago, you saw my dad at the hospital. Did my dad talk to you?”


She denied everything.

Gong Yi sighed. She had always been like this. She would not tell him anything that happened or if she was hurt or upset.

She was used to enduring it alone.

“Although my dad has a bad temper sometimes, he is still okay. In the past, he misunderstood you and probably did something that gave you a bad impression. Now that the misunderstanding is gone, he will change himself in the future. Besides, when we get married, we won’t live with him. We will live together as a family of three.”

A family of three…

Bai Beibei looked at Gong Yi in a daze. She did not understand what he was saying. Why did he still think that Yingying was his daughter even after she had explained it so many times?

Did he think that she was not embarrassed enough?

“Gong Yi, can you not do this…”

“Alright, stop talking. Let’s go in together.”


“Yingying is crying inside. Her throat is hoarse from crying. She wants her Mommy.”

Bai Beibei quickly became speechless. Her Xiao Yingying was inside, and she couldn’t bear to part with her.

Gong Yi’s heart softened, and he forcefully held her little hand.

Walking into the villa, Bai Beibei suddenly thought of Zuo Ying’s words. She said that this was a place where rich people lived. Her evaluation was very accurate.

Gong Yi lived alone in a high-end apartment. Compared to this, his life was more modern and independent. He had never been a young master who would flaunt his wealth.

Bai Beibei felt all sorts of uneasiness when she entered the villa. Fortunately, a soft voice quickly sounded, “Mommy!”

Bai Beibei immediately squatted down and caught Xiao Yingying, who was flying towards her. “Yingying, Mommy’s precious baby. Quick, let Mommy hug you. Mommy misses you so much.”

Xiao Yingying hugged Bai Beibei’s neck with both hands and gave her mommy’s face a couple of kisses. “Mommy, Yingying misses you so much too.”

“Yingying, are you crying? Your eyes and nose are all red.”

“That’s because I thought Mommy wouldn’t come. I’m so scared to be here alone.”

Bai Beibei felt warm in her heart. This daughter of hers was really the little angel in her life. As long as she was here, she could heal any pain.

“Yingying, Mommy will bring you home.” Bai Beibei carried Xiao Yingying and looked at Old Man Gong and Madam Gong. “Uncle and Auntie, thank you for taking care of Yingying. We’ll be leaving first.”

“Miss Bai, wait!” Madam Gong called out to Bai Beibei. She could not bear to part with her granddaughter. “Why are you taking Yingying Away? Yingying is our granddaughter.”

“That’s right!” Old Man Gong snorted in dissatisfaction, “Since Yingying is our Gong family’s granddaughter, then she should stay and enjoy the life of a princess. Miss Bai, I really don’t understand what you’re thinking. Three years ago, I asked you who the child was. Why did you say that? Could it be that you’re lying to us because you’re dissatisfied with me?”

Bai Beibei was shocked. Why were they so sure that Xiao Yingying was part of their family?

“Uncle, Auntie, I didn’t mean that. Actually, Xiao Yingying isn’t…” she wanted to confess.

At this moment, a muscular arm grabbed her soft waist. Gong Yi said, “Let’s not talk about this. Yingying is hungry too. Let’s eat first.”

Bai Beibei looked at Gong Yi. She frowned and didn’t want to eat here.

Gong Yi obviously understood what she meant. He looked directly at Xiao Yingying. “Yingying, do you want to have dinner with Grandpa, Grandma, and Uncle?”

“Yes. Mommy, let me tell you. Grandpa, Grandma, and Uncle treated me very well. Let’s eat here.” Xiao Yingying acted coquettishly.

Bai Beibei “…”

There was no other way. Bai Beibei stayed here to have dinner. The atmosphere wasn’t as awkward as she had imagined because Old Man Gong and Madam Gong’s gazes were all focused on Xiao Yingying.

Bai Beibei was very touched. Old Man Gong and Madam Gong really liked Xiao Yingying, but she felt guilty and uneasy. Xiao Yingying really was not of the Gong family’s bloodline.

“Young Madam, this is the medicinal black chicken soup. It tastes delicious. Drink two more bowls. Look at how skinny you are. You have to fatten up a little. In a year or two, give the old master and Madam a grandson and make it a good name,” the servant said with a smile.

Young Madam?

This title made Bai Beibei’s little face flush red. She was so embarrassed.

“Haha, yes.” At this moment, Madam Gong looked at Bai Beibei kindly, “Beibei, you were only 19 when you gave birth to Xiao Yingying. You must have suffered a lot. In two days, I’ll get a famous doctor to help you recuperate. We’ll talk about the second child a few years later. You’re still young. Take your time.”

Gong Yi picked up a prawn and placed it in Xiao Yingying’s bowl. “Yingying, do you want a younger sister or younger brother?”

Xiao Yingying thought for a moment. “I want a younger brother.”

“Okay!” Gong Yi slammed the table in a good mood.

If there were a crack in the ground, Bai Beibei would definitely crawl into it. Old Man Gong and Madam Gong had clearly acknowledged the title of “Young Madam” and even told her to have another child so naturally. What were they thinking?

At this moment, Gong Yi held her little hand. “Dad, Mom, let’s talk about the second child later. We want to get married first and spend a few years alone together after that before having a child.”

“Alright, alright. Let us take care of Yingying. You guys can go live your little lives.” Madam Gong agreed enthusiastically.

Bai Beibei “…”

After dinner, Bai Beibei pulled Xiao Yingying to the side and discussed in a low voice, “Yingying, we’ve already stayed for dinner. Let us go home now? You can go say goodbye to Grandpa and Grandma.”

“But Mommy, I’ve already made a promise with uncle not to leave tonight.”

Made a promise?

When did they make the promise?

Bai Beibei had a headache. She felt that her precious daughter had been bribed.

“Mommy, Uncle likes you very much and likes me very much. I support mommy in dating. Mommy, you can marry Uncle. This way, you won’t have to work so hard to take care of me alone. Other than me, there will be more people who will love Mommy,” Xiao Yingying said in a childish voice.

Bai Beibei’s heart ached. Was this the reason why Yingying supported her in dating?

Yingying didn’t want her to work so hard. Yingying wanted more people to love her.

“Yingying.” Bai Beibei rubbed her daughter’s soft hair.

“Stay tonight. We’ll leave together tomorrow morning.” Gong Yi walked over at this time.

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