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Chapter 466: Two Bastards

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“What happened?” asked Shao Xinxiu.

Wang Lun was taken aback as his hand trembled, flicking the joss stick forward. As it flew out and landed on the ground, there was a whooshing sound the next instant. The oil-dipped wood lit up, and fire quickly spread, forming the shape of a gigantic heart! There was the word ‘LOVE’ too!

Shao Xinxiu was momentarily stunned, and so was Wang Lun. He originally believed that he would be extremely happy once this scene unfolded in front of his eyes. Then all he would feel would be bliss. But at that moment, he felt a coldness in his heart, as though something had been lost. He felt empty.

Far away, Ding Yu excitedly danced while pumping her fists into the air. However her tears kept dripping down without end as she lowered her head and said, “Venerable Fangzheng, let’s go. Let’s go have dinner. After we finish our meal, I have to catch a plane.”

Fangzheng looked at the two people a distance away and sighed. He believed that Wang Lun would abandon all his later actions after seeing all that he had presented him, but from the looks of it, Fangzheng had been overthinking things. He nodded and together with Red Boy, they left with Ding Yu.

“Is this the pleasant surprise you wanted to give me?” Shao Xinxiu covered her mouth as she said in astonishment.

Wang Lun lowered his head and answered tersely. But following that, he raised his pitch into an excited one and said, “Yes. Do you like it?”

“I like it. It’s very pretty. But, Wang Lun, do you really like me?” Shao Xinxiu suddenly stared into Wang Lun’s eyes and asked.

Wang Lun wished to immediately answer yes!

But he could not bring himself to say yes despite it being at the tip of his tongue. Shao Xinxiu said, “In college, I know of a girl. She has always been with you. The both of you ate together, played together, fought… What’s her name?”

“Ding Yu.”

“She’s very pretty.”

Wang Lun was stunned. Was Ding Yu pretty? He subconsciously said, “She’s just a tomboy…”

“A tomboy? How can you say that? She’s the most gentle and considerate girl I’ve ever seen. Besides, her long hair is so graceful. How can she be called a tomboy?” Shao Xinxiu was stunned.

Wang Lun was taken aback as well. Gentle, considerate? Long hair?

Scenes flashed across his brain like a movie. The short-haired tomboy who secretly fished, scaled walls, kicked dogs, the one who helped him wash his clothes, fought for him, brought food for him, ate with him, and gave him all the most delicious bits, had unknowingly grown graceful! He had no idea when her head of short hair had grown long. It was so long that it reached her waist! Her eyes were bright, and her smile was mesmerizing…

Wang Lun clearly remembered that they had once watched a movie together. There was a line in the movie: “When my hair reaches my waist, will you marry me?”

Ding Yu had asked him the same question teasingly, but he had foolishly answered, “Impossible. You are a tomboy.”

Yet… He never realized that her hair had already reached her waist. He had not paid attention!

“We all know that she likes you. You like her too, right?” asked Shao Xinxiu suddenly.

Wang Lun did not say a word. At that moment two figures appeared in his mind. They slowly interlaced over each other as Shao Xinxiu’s figure turned dim.

“You have someone in your heart, so how is it possible for me to enter your life? Wang Lun, there are two types of people in the world that can be easily neglected. One of them are family members, and the other type is someone who loves you the deepest. They are people you are accustomed to. You are so used to them as though they are your hands and feet. You might usually neglect their existence or changes, but when they are injured, you will feel pain. When they are gone, your days will seem impossible to continue. If you want to be with me, ask yourself. Can you really abandon Ding Yu?”

Wang Lun was at a loss for words. He wished to persist a little bit more.

A distance away, Fangzheng refused to give up. He clenched his teeth and conjured the last piece of paper which landed in Wang Lun’s hands.

“Is having long hair that important? Have you ever seen me? I, too, have long hair!”

“I have no more regrets after sending him to the other end of the aisle. I should leave too. I’m very happy today, but also very sad. I will bid this city farewell at midnight, vanishing from his memories…”

Wang Lun felt like he was struck by lightning as the figure in his mind turned completely clear. There was only Ding Yu! She was the only person!

Wang Lun bowed at Shao Xinxiu and said, “Sorry. I can’t forget her. It’s only now that I’ve discovered that I’ve been chasing in the wrong direction. That silly girl is not someone I can abandon for the rest of my life. I have to leave. Sorry.”

With that said, Wang Lun shouted in every direction, “Ding Yu! Come out!”

“Ding Yu!”

“Ding Yu, you idiot! Come out!”

However there was silence all around. No one replied to him.

Fangzheng and Red Boy had a much better sense of hearing than the average person, so they naturally heard him. However they exchanged looks and did not say a word. An evil smirk flashed in their eyes. “Let that bastard stay anxious for a while… Let’s have dinner first!”

Ding Yu suddenly turned her head and asked, “Is someone shouting for me?”

“Really? Absolutely not!” Red Boy shouted immediately.

Ding Yu looked towards Fangzheng who looked into the sky, pretending like he had not seen a thing.

Ding Yu knitted her brows in suspicion as she mumbled to herself, “I’m probably hearing things. Let’s go for dinner!”

Although Ding Yu was supposed to lead the way, Red Boy and Fangzheng began walking faster than her. Ding Yu had no choice but to accelerate. Therefore the clueless girl was led away by the two bastards. Worst of all…

Red Boy waved Ding Yu’s cell phone at Fangzheng secretly before smiling smugly. Silent mode!

“Sorry the number you have dialed is not available. Please try again.” Wang Lun circled around anxiously when he heard the recording over the phone.

He did not know if what was written on the paper was true, but he knew one thing. The papers were too magical! He could see everything from a mere touch. For him to be able to see all the text clearly in pitch-black darkness, it was not something that could be explained through reasoning. He believed that the heavens were aiming to tie them together after not being able to stand watching the couple continue their ordeals. But…

“God, are you kidding me? If you are really showing yourself, let my call through, please?” Wang Lun lamented. Unfortunately, God couldn’t be bothered with him.

The culprit of this all was sitting in a restaurant and enjoying rice and stir-fried vegetables.

Ding Yu looked at the young-and-old monks. Their appetites were surprisingly good. With a choking sob, she said, “Venerable Fangzheng, must you do this? I’m already out of love, but both of you are ravaging down the food with such great appetites.”

“Oh? You are out of love? Patron, why so?” Fangzheng acted dumb.

“That’s right. Sister Ding Yu, he’s your bro. What has it got to do with you?” Red Boy nodded as he echoed Fangzheng.

Ding Yu looked at the two a**holes, especially the older baldy and huffed. “Both of you are more idiotic than real fools! I like that bastard! If he’s together with someone else, wouldn’t I be out of love? Boohoo! You are bullying me!”

Ding Yu ignored her image and wailed.

Fangzheng and Red Boy laughed…

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