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Chapter 1212: I Have Five Million

However, she could not shell out all of it just for a single prolongation pill.

She had to cover her normal life expenses too.

“It is fine, Miss.” The purple-clothed lady told her with a smile, “I have 30 thousand mystic currency here with me, so if you are still short, you can take it to make up the difference for now.”

Commandery Princess Yi’an nodded at the purple-clothed lady and gratefully gave her thanks. Afterwards, she returned to the room and did not hike up the price anymore, raising the bid by one thousand instead.

Certainly, the person from Room Eight was purposely opposing her.

Just as she raised the price by a smaller bid increment, the other party started to bid in larger increments!

By the time the bid soared to 160 thousand, the auctioneer was grinning from ear to ear.

Yet Commandery Princess Yi’an was so furious that her fingers trembled.

She swore that if she found out who this other young lady was, she was going to kill her!

“Qiaoqiao, what will you do if the person in Room Nine won’t bid anymore?” When Duan Yue saw her raising the bid so merrily, he couldn’t help but ask in amusement.

Qiao Mu was stunned, and then she remarked insouciantly, “I have five million mystic currency.”

It was just at most using the House of Treasures’ money to buy that prolongation pill she didn’t really need.

Duan Yue immediately sent Mo Lian a look that said “you gave her it?”

Mo Lian shook his head and lightly replied, “While you were rummaging here and there for good stuff, Qiaoqiao collected five million mystic currency.”

Duan Yue: …

“170 thousand!!” When Commandery Princess Yi’an called out this price, her heart was trembling.

She had decided, if the other party were to raise the price again, she wasn’t going to buy it anymore. Moreover, with the price jacked up so high, even if the other party won this prolongation pill, it wasn’t worth it.

Raise it, go on and raise it! Commandery Princess Yi’an thought evilly, Go raise it to 180 thousand, I’ll be watching you make a fool of yourself!

“Is that person crying,” Qiao Mu suddenly asked.

She could hear that young lady’s voice trembling when she raised the bid, as if she was speaking with sobs.

“She for sure is crying!” Liang Qingqing burst out laughing, “No one would believe it if they were told a tiny prolongation pill soared all the way to 170 thousand mystic currency.”

Qiao Mu concurred with a nod, “Then forget it, I’ll let her buy it.”

Everyone twitched their mouths.

The auctioneer announced while beaming with joy, “170 thousand going once, 170 thousand going twice! 170 thousand going three times! Sold! Congratulations to this young lady from Room Nine for obtaining this incomparably precious prolongation pill!”

The peanut gallery below erupted into thunderous cheers. Some people even stood up while clapping their hands frenziedly.

It was so hilarious; they acted just as if they were the ones who had bought that prolongation pill.

Qiao Mu glanced down outside the window before retracting her gaze with a shake of her head. “The people downstairs are like a bunch of lunatics.”

“Pfft…” Situ Yi and the others almost choked on their tea.

On the other hand, inside Room Nine, Commandery Princess Yi’an sat there stiffly. She was in a blank daze, as if she did not hear the auctioneer’s words.

170 thousand mystic currency!

170 thousand mystic currency was equivalent to 157 pieces of high-grade magnetite.

She took out 170 pieces of high-grade magnetite to buy a single prolongation pill! Just a single one!

Why did she feel like crying?

She did not feel joyous in the slightest!

Because of the queen dowager’s birthday this time, she had simply drained all her savings!

Commandery Princess Yi’an sat there dumbly for a while, her heart aching so much that her breathing became strained.

Seeing that her miss was so enraged that she couldn’t speak, Xu’er quickly stroked her back to help her calm down.

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