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"Yoshiko Sato, what happened?" Qingfeng Li asked, his expression channed as he noticed Yoshiko Sato's anxious appearance.

Yoshiko Sato's charming face turned pale as she hurriedly said, "Master, I just got the news. Kendo clan hired Array Master - they want to kill you."

 Array Master?

Hearing these words, Qingfeng Li's pupils suddenly shrank, as he was clear of Array Master's capability - the ability to set up a formation spell and trap people inside.

 In the Inferno-Thunder Mountain, Qingfeng Li had witnessed the power of Sky Thunder Array. At the time, he had the help from the Dark Night Emperor, and only with his help was he able to find the centre of the Array and gain control of the thunder and lightning.

Of course, Qingfeng Li didn't really have the ability to control the thunder and lightning. He was only able to use the Sky Thunder Jewel's ability to attract lightning down from the sky, or to ignite the lightning power stored within Sky Thunder Jewel.

Sky Thunder Jewel was a Dharma artifact, which could summon and store lightning. Qingfeng Li acquired it with the help of the Dark Night Emperor.

 Ah, yes, Dark Night Emperor should be proficient in array spells.

"Senior, if the Array Master comes to attack me, can you help?" Qingfeng Li asked the Dark Night Emperor through his spiritual energy voice transmission.

"Little guy, do not worry, I have lived for over a hundred years and was known as the first person of the Huaxia ancient martial arts world. I am familiar with the Array method. As long as it is not Heavenly tier array spells or above, I can crack it," the Dark Night Emperor replied with pride. 

Back in the day, the Dark Night Emperor was able to unify the Huaxia martial arts world, not only by a powerful force, but also using Array and alchemy attainments. He was involved in both these aspects and was quite accomplished.

Qingfeng Li was happy to hear this from the Dark Night Emperor and immediately calmed down. With the Dark Night Emperor on his side, what was there to be afraid of? Come one, kill one. Come a pair, kill a pair.

 "Yoshiko, do not worry, the Array Master is nothing to fear," Qingfeng Li reassured Yoshiko with a smile as he patted her cheek.

 At this time, the Lion Demon King and Wolf Fang Squad, who were there to protect them from the attackers, quickly ran over.

The Daoist was the first to run up to Qingfeng Li. "Boss, you've come," he grinned.

"No injuries, right?" Qingfeng Li asked.

Daoist shook his head, "Nothing. We encountered the Vampire Sect who were extremely difficult to deal with. They actually had the Pacific Island People help them, but we fought them off successfully."

Qingfeng Li nodded and knew that the Pacific Island People were a Karate Clan that were very close to the Vampire Sect.

 "Little Purple Bat, are you okay?" Lion Demon King walked over to Purple Bat Demon King and asked in a concerned tone.

Within the Ten Demon Kings, Purple Bat Demon King was the youngest, so the other devils called him Little Purple Bat.

Purple Bat Demon King rolled his eyes and said, "Lion, I am grown up. I'm over 20 years old now and you still call me that name - do not call me 'Little'!"

Lion Demon King laughed as he lifted Purple Bat Demon King's arm, examining it on the left, checking it on the right. "Little Purple Bat, you are actually quite handsome, only a little below me!"

Purple Bat Demon King was very happy to hear the first sentence as he was being complimented on his good looks. But when he heard the second sentence, he immediately became upset. What do you mean 'a little worse than you'? How is your ugly as* face more handsome than mine?

At this time, Green Dragon Demon King approached Purple Bat Demon King to express his concerns. They were all the ten Demon Kings, and even though they were separated for many years, they still had a very deep relationship.

Qingfeng Li glanced at the talking demons and did not interrupt. He knew the relationship between these brothers was strong. Although he was the master of these demons, he didn't have a strong connection with them since they had not spent a lot of time together.

Suddenly, the Lion Demon King thought of something and said, "Young Master, Little Purple Bat also has bloodline power, you can help him open the bloodline."

"Lion, you're saying our young master can help me open the bloodline?" Purple Bat Demon King's eyes lit up with surprise.

 Purple Bat Demon King was an Ancient Martial Artist who naturally understood the power of the blood. He was now at the first order pinnacle tier - if he could open the bloodline, he could break into the grandmaster realm.

"Purple Bat Demon King, come, I will help you activate your bloodline." Qingfeng Li smiled.

Purple Bat Demon King rushed over to Qingfeng Li with excitement.

As Qingfeng Li infused the Vital essence into the Conqueror's Badge, a huge bat shadow suddenly appeared. This bat was purple, the king of bats. It could order all bats in the world and was also known as Purple Bat.

Qingfeng Li taught Purple Bat Demon King how to open the bloodline with the Conqueror's Badge, which allowed him to feel the blood power of his ancestors.

Purple Bat Demon King was very clever. Not only was he handsome, he was also very talented. In just a moment, he had already learned the bloodline opening method.


A powerful energy burst from the Purple Bat Demon King. His eyes turned purple, his whole body also turned purple, full of a powerful energy.

Purple Bat Demon King could feel his very strong body. He formed a fist and punched the air, creating ten vortex black holes.

Ten vortex black holes was ten thousand kilograms of force. It was the sign of breakthrough to the grandmaster realm.


Purple Bat Demon King moved his body and flew directly to a dozen meters of altitude. After breaking into the grandmaster realm, he could do somersaults in the air and was also extremely fast, arriving to a dozen meters distance in the blink of an eye.

The people around watched in awe of such fast speed, especially the Lion Demon King, who shouted loudly, "Little Purple Bat, you are too fast, faster than me!"

Hearing the Lion Demon King still calling him Little Purple Bat, Purple Bat Demon King became angry. His body flashed, emitting a stream of purple lightning which arrived in the Lion's face within a second.

Purple Bat Demon King's power was like electricity, directly pulling off Lion Demon King's hair. Grinning, he said, "If you dare call me 'Little Purple Bat' again, I will continue to pull your hair and turn you into a bald man!"

 Hearing Purple Bat Demon King's threat, Lion Demon King screamed, but he was no longer as fast. He simply couldn't catch up to Purple Bat Demon King; he could only stay there and sulk.

 After what had just happened, Lion Demon King was afraid to call him 'Little Purple Bat' again. He was truly afraid of him pulling off all his hair. Without hair, how could he still be called Lion Demon King - he would just be Bald Demon King. That would be very unpleasant, just the thought of it frightened him.

Ding, ding, ding….

As people were talking, a burst of rapid ringtone broke the silence.

Qingfeng Li took a look at his phone and realized it was Xianzhi Qin calling.

Qingfeng Li pressed the answer key and asked, "Miss Qin, you called?"

 "Qingfeng Li, I have bad news. We were attacked by a group of people in black clothing at our hotel. The Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal was stolen." Xianzhi Qin's tender face was full of anxiety, her tone was very urgent.

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