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"I'd like to see how you can kill Purple Bat Demon King?" Qingfeng Li smiled coldly and walked out from behind.

After seeing Qingfeng Li arrival, Left-Wing Protector's reaction changed. There was shock in his eyes, because he knew who Qingfeng Li is.

Qingfeng Li was trying to kill them on Dark Island, but Vampire Sect ultimately escaped. After that, the Left-Wing Protector from Vampire Sect got an order from the leader of Vampire Sect to kill Purple Bat Demon King on Pacific Island. Therefore, they headed over directly by ship.

"Qingfeng Li, It's our Vampire Sect business, none of your business." Left-Wing Protector said coldly. His face was gloomy.

"Purple Bat Demon King is a man under my father, so it is my business." Qingfeng Li smiled and walked toward the front.

A disciple of Vampire Sect saw Qingfeng Li move forward, so he stretched out his hand to stop Qingfeng Li from moving forward.


Qingfeng Li raised his palm and slapped the Vampire Sect disciple to death with just one palm strike. He hated these evils forces because he knew many ancient martial artists that were killed by the Vampire Sect.

"How dare you kill a Vampire Sect disciple! We are gonna to kill you!" The remaining few Vampire Sect disciple shouted as they saw their comrades get killed. They started to wave their weapons against Qingfeng Li.

Bam bam bam bam.....

Qingfeng Li reached out his hand casually and killed all these Vampire Sect disciple. Their bodies exploded and was crushed into bloody debris.

Qingfeng Li's current strength was already invincible in the ancient martial world. Both orthodox forces and unorthodox forces were nothing in comparison to him.

Seeing Qingfeng Li randomly killed Vampire Sect disciple without using any force, the Left-Wing Protector and Pacific Island's Karate Clan Sect disciple changed their faces. They totally did not expect Qingfeng Li to be this strong.

The Left-Wing Protector's face turned ill. Only in one day, he couldn't believe that Qingfeng Li's strength became even stronger than before compared to the time they were in the Dark Island. It made him so scared.

As for the Purple Bat Demon King who was trapped in the Demonic Blood Realm, his face was also change. But he was not afraid, he was shocked and at the same time surprised.

Purple Bat Demon King saw the image of Conqueror Third Master Li's appearance by looking at Qingfeng Li's face. He knew that this young guy must be the Conqueror's son - Qingfeng Li who was also Purple Bat Demon King's young master.

Purple Bat Demon King was a very talented man who had not only cultivated "Bat Movement Technique" but also advanced to become an Ancient Martial Artist but only Lower Heaven realm. Naturally he could see that Qingfeng Li was in grandmaster realm which was indeed powerful.

Qingfeng Li smiled at Purple Bat Demon King, indicating him not to worry. It was just a Left-Wing Protector from Vampire Sect which Qingfeng Li didn't give a shit about.

"Qingfeng Li, are you sure you want to go against Vampire Sect just for Purple Bat Demon King?" The Left-Wing Protector's face became gloomy, threatening and said.

"Vampire Sect, what is that?" Qingfeng Li smiled and carelessly said.

"You dare to humiliate Vampire Sect?"

"So what? A group of blood-sucking rubbish. They should all disappear"

"Qingfeng Li, you are courting death!" The Left-Wing Protector was angry. He was the Left-Wing Protector of Vampire Sect. Therefore, when he heard denominational abuse by the other side, he became very enraged.

Qingfeng Li's eyes shown a flinty look, his eyes filled with intention to kill.

"Inferno Realm." Qingfeng Li said in a deep voice. He released the flame which directly burned down the whole Demonic Blood Realm which owned by the other side.

Was that Left-Wing Protector insane? How dare he use that Demonic Blood Realm on Qingfeng Li? Didn't he not know the weakness of Demonic Blood Spirit is flame?


After losing the Demonic Blood Realm, the Left-Wing Protector vomited mouthful of blood. His face looked pale with a bit of dull and lusterless.

Seeing Qingfeng Li walked toward himself, the Left-Wing Protector's face turned ashen. That young guy in front of him was too strong. The Left-Wing Protector simply was not an opponent as Qingfeng Li. It gave the Left-Wing Protector a feeling of Qingfeng Li's invincibility.

"Don't kill me." The blood was dripping from Left-Wing Protector's mouth as he said. He was begging Qingfeng Li to let him go.

No matter who you are. Whether you are orthodox or unorthodox, even that strong people will beg for mercy in front of death.

See! That Left-Wing Protector just now was aggressive and threatened Qingfeng Li. But, now he was just begging for his life.


In front of a begging Left-Wing Protector, Qingfeng Li did not say much. He flattened him to death with just one slap.

That Left-Wing Protector was a master at Vampire Sect. It was impossible to let him go! For these unorthodox demon, one must exterminate, death should be their only destination.

The alley filled with a pungent smell of blood. Vampire Sect disciple all killed by Qingfeng Li. No one survived.

Seeing this scene, Pacific Island's Karate Clan Sect's member's face changed. They were ready to leave. They were too afraid to stay with the evil fiend Qingfeng Li.

"Did I say I will let you go?" Qingfeng Li said with a cold smile.

"Qingfeng Li, this is Pacific Island, we are one of the five big family, the Karate Clan. You better let us go."

"What if I don't?"

"Qingfeng Li, you are powerful but you are just one person. Can you be more powerful than the entire Pacific Island? I warn you now, if you dare touch us, you will not leave Pacific Island alive." Karate Clan leaders said and threatened Qingfeng Li.

On Pacific Island, the five big families dominate all aspects of the Pacific Island. They are able to control everything, while the Karate Clan is one of five big family.

They believed that this is Pacific Island, even if Qingfeng Li dared to kill Vampire Sect disciples, he wouldn't dare to kill the Karate Clan.


Qingfeng Li right palm shot again, in front of the shocked gaze of the Karate Clan. His strike blew him up and caused him to disappear.

Seeing how cruel Qingfeng Li was, the rest of the Karate Clan were scared silly. This was Pacific Island, how dare Qingfeng Li did something so unscrupulous.

Qingfeng Li did not give these people an opportunity to speak. His right palm again waved, after a few hands, all these Karate Clan were struck to death.

There were only two people left in the alley. One was Qingfeng Li and the other was Purple Bat Demon King. All the others were dead.

"Purple Bat Demon King of the top ten fiend king, meet his lord." Purple Bat Demon King kneeled down with respect.

Qingfeng Li smiled and held Purple Bat Demon King up and said, "You are one of us, no need to be so polite. I'll heal you."

Qingfeng Li could see that Purple Bat Demon King was injured by the Demonic Blood Realm. His face a bit pale.

Qingfeng Li used his vital essence and transfer it into Purple Bat Demon King's body. After a while, his face became healthy, and turned into a big handsome guy.

Bang bang bang…..

A burst of rapid footsteps came running to the side, a moment later, a beauty was in front of Qingfeng Li.

This beauty's skin was white as jade, a pair of charming eyes like stars, with a strange lure.

This beauty was none other than the servant of Qingfeng Li, Yoshiko Sato, the sister of the ninja family.

"Master, you should run! There's danger!" Yoshiko Sato anxiously said as she ran to Qingfeng Li.

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