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 The Singaporean ancient martial team representative saw Tianming Li's hesitation and said, "Tianming Li, you are a strong ancient Martial Artist of our region. You must fight a round with Qingfeng Li."

Tianming Li's expression changed. He had just decided to admit defeat when his superior started demanding that he fight Qingfeng.

But Tianming Li was obviously unwilling to fight. Like every witness at the Inferno-Thunder Mountains, he had seen the devil-like power of Qingfeng.

 "I admit defeat." Tianming Li refused to obey his superior.

 The whole square went silent at his words. Everyone was stunned.

 "What's the matter? There are already three competitors who admitting defeat."

 "Yeah, is Qingfeng Li that terrifying?"

 "He's just a young man in his twenties. How strong could he be?"

 The people around were all talking among themselves in bafflement.

 It's understandable for one or two competitors to admit defeat, but three was a bit extraordinary.

Some of them even mocked Tianming Li as a coward but he didn't care since he treasured his life more than his honor.

 When Tianming Li walked down the battle arena, his superior demanded, "Didn't I tell you to fight with Qingfeng Li? Why did you admit defeat?"

 "Because I am no match for him."

 "You didn't even begin and how can you be so certain you're not his match?"

"Boss, if I had begun, I would have been dead. If you wanted you could fight him because I will not." Tianming Li said in determination.

 He thought his boss a fool. His boss should have understood the situation when the ancient Martial Artists before him admitted defeat.

 His boss was furious but could do nothing about it.

 The fourth competitor admitted defeat.

 The fifth competitor admitted defeat.

 The sixth competitor admitted defeat.

When the thirtieth competitor admitted defeat, the referee from the Pacific Island became frustrated. These participants were all proud ancient martial artists in their own countries but it looked like they had all become cowards and admitted defeat to Qingfeng Li.

 The referee and the representatives were all baffled while it was clear to the participants who had been in the Inferno-Thunder Mountains that the only result of fighting Qingfeng Li was death.

 In the end, all the challengers admitted defeat.

 The referee was exasperated but he had to follow the rules. Reluctantly he declared, "Qingfeng Li has won the second round, remaining undefeated."

 After Qingfeng Li walked down from the arena, the other ancient martial artists walked over to draw their opponents. They fought fiercely for the second and third places.

The eventual winners were Flower Fairy and Xianzhi Qin. The two women were both very powerful. Flower Fairy had even beaten her opponent unconscious with only one palm.

As for Xianzhi Qin, she had grown more powerful since she cultivated the Dragon Finger, which unleashes a huge wave of energy that few people could withstand.

The second round ended with Qingfeng Li ranking the first place and Flower Fairy and Xianzhi Qin at the second and third place respectively.

 According to the rules, Qingfeng Li, Flower Fairy and Xianzhi Qin were supposed to fight each other, but they all came from Huaxia and thus the fights were not deemed necessary.

 There were three rounds in the Dragon Continent Ancient Martial Arts Competition. The first was the elimination matches, the second round was the ladder competition and the third and most important round was the matches between the remaining national ancient martial arts teams.

 Since the Huaxia ancient martial team ranked first place in the first two rounds, and the Pacific Island was the hosting country of this competition, these two teams were qualified for the third round.

 There were ten team members on each team.

 On the other side, the Third Elder Ono Izu was talking to the team leaders of Bushido Ancient Martial Team and Karate Ancient Martial Team.

 "Bo Sakura, you are the leader of the Bushido Family Team so you will represent the Pacific Island in the match against Qingfeng." Ono Izu smiled.

 Bo Sakura's expression changed, "Sir Izu, I am no match for Qingfeng Li."

"Bo Sakura, you are an absolute genius in the Bushido arts. How could you belittle yourself like that?" Ono Izu was angry.

 At this moment, Omatsu Meiji, the leader of Karate Team, said from the side, "Sir Izu, Bo Sakura is right. None of us can match Qingfeng. He exploded Saburo Izu's body with one strike. That should tell you how powerful he is."

 Only at this moment was Ono Izu informed of how Saburo Izu died. No wonder all of the participants admitted defeat at the arena. They were afraid to be killed by Qingfeng Li.

Ono Izu knew the two men standing before him would die if they tried to fight Qingfeng Li since both of them had almost the same strength as Saburo Izu.

 If they died, Ono Izu was afraid that the Bushido Family and Karate Family would place the blame on him, a mere third elder of the Kendo Clan.

 But at the same time Ono Izu could not let Qingfeng Li get away with it.

 "No matter what, we must kill Qingfeng Li, not only to avenge Saburo Izu, but to get the first place and thus prevent the Nine Dragon Imperial Jade Seal from going back to Huaxia.

 Bo Sakura said, "Sir Izu, Qingfeng Li is now unrivaled in the grandmaster realm. To defeat him, we must use a spiritual device."

 Spiritual Device?

 As an elder in the Kendo Clan of Pacific Island, Ono Izu definitely knew the existence of spiritual devices. But even in the Kendo Clan, spiritual devices were a rarity.

 Was it really necessary to take out the spiritual device to kill Qingfeng Li? After a moment's consideration, Ono Izu decided to take out a precious spiritual device because he decided to do anything to kill Qingfeng.

"This is the Cyclone Sword. The family chief gave it to me as a reward for a great merit I did in the past. Now I'll loan it to you and you must kill Qingfeng Li for me." Ono Izu handed a blue long sword to Bo Sakura, his face grim.

Bo Sakura took the spiritual device and walked to the middle of the arena. He pointed the sword at Qingfeng Li and said arrogantly, "Qingfeng Li, I challenge you on behalf of the Bushido Family of Pacific Island. Now come and accept your death."

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