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"Qingfeng Li. 200 ancient tokens!" The man responsible for counting the ancient tokens couldn't believe what he saw.

No one had gotten this many tokens, even when taking into account all the competitiors in the past ten years. It would still be the most tokens if they considered the competitions from twenty, thirty years ago.

The record was previously held by Huaxia's Conqueror Third Master Li and he had gathered 150 tokens in the first round, but now it was broken by Qingfeng Li's 200 tokens.

Everyone was in shock and the whole place was quiet.

At this moment, everyone looked at Qingfeng Li. There were gazes filled with complicated emotions, including envy, gratitude, hatred, and murderous intent.

Envy and gratitude were seen on the faces of members of the Huaxia ancient martial teams, while hatred and murderous intent came from Qingfeng Li's enemies.

Qingfeng Li only smiled and didn't care what the others thought of him. He didn't like the Pacific Island so he had to humiliate them. In addition, he had to win the competition, so he drew all the attention onto himself.

Behind Qingfeng Li was Flower Fairy. She had 100 tokens and was the second place; 100 tokens less than Qingfeng Li.

Of course, this was all because she didn't use her full strength. If she did, she would have gotten more tokens.

The third place was Xianzhi Qin and she got 90 tokens; ten less than Flower Fairy. She didn't reveal her full strength either.

"Congratulation on getting first." Flower Fairy smiled and said to Qingfeng Li.

Her tone was extremely soft and delicate, it was extremely seductive and made others want to listen to her talk more.

But she was wearing a mask so Qingfeng Li couldn't see her face. He could only see her delicate facial lines and her lit up eyes.

"These ancient martial artists were too weak. It was very easy to take their tokens." Qingfeng Li smiled and said.

The other martial artists were out of words, "It's not because we are too weak, it's because you are too freakishly strong."

All the ancient martial artists were supreme masters from where they originated and were respected by others. But in front of Qingfeng Li, they were all weaklings.

Qingfeng Li ignored the sorrowful looks. He said they were weak because he didn't want to damage their reputation too much. In his eyes, they were useless and with his spirit weapon, he could kill half of them with just one attack.

The people from the Pacific Island were extremely pissed because the top three were all from Huaxia. They were the ones hosting this competition, but the top three were stolen by other nations, causing their representatives from to be extremely pissed.

In addition, the people from other ancient forces were pissed off as well because the most important spots were all taken by Huaxia.

"Second Elder, no need to worry. There are still two rounds left, it's not certain who will win." the Third Elder smiled and said.

The Second Elder nodded his head, but the heartlessness in his eyes didn't go away.

"Congratulation to the 200 participants that passed the first round. Next, we will be hosting the draw for the next round, whoever draws the matching lots will be fighting each other." the Second Elder said loudly.

As the winner of the first round, Qingfeng Li was the first to draw. He was matched with Duboss, leader of the Bear Nation's ancient martial team.

Duboss was Duluth's older brother. In order to avenge his younger brother, he had been wanting to kill Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li walked to the middle of the stadium and Duboss followed him. The crowd was watching them, eager to know how it will turn out.

Even though a lot of teams claimed that Qingfeng Li was extremely powerful and killed both Saburo Izu and Shaman Sect, a lot of people didn't see it with their own eyes and didn't believe the rumors.

The crowd was hoping to see Qingfeng Li's true strength in this fight.

But the next moment everyone was shocked because Duboss suddenly said, "Judge, I give up."

What, give up?

The judge was shocked, as well as the crowd. They didn't go into the mountains and didn't know how strong Qingfeng Li was, so they didn't know why Duboss would give up the fight.

Duboss was Qingfeng Li's enemy and was extremely powerful. Why would someone powerful like him admit defeat?

Duboss wanted to kill Qingfeng Li, but he didn't want to die. In the mountains, he saw with his own eyes how powerful Qingfeng Li was; he wasn't something that he could fight against.

Duboss didn't care about what others thought of him. After he gave up, he exited the stadium.

The judge was a man from Pacific Island. Even though he wasn't happy that Duboss admitted defeat, he could only organize the next fight.

The next person to go up was one of Thailand's Ancient Martial Artists. When he got up to the stadium, he immediately said, "I give up as well."

What the fuck, what was happening? The crowd was shocked again. It was reasonable for Duboss to give up, but why did you give up as well?

You are an ancient Martial Artist so at the very least, at least fight him once. It would be fine even if he were to launch two attacks, but no, he admitted defeat immediately.

The ancient Martial Artist ignored everyone's puzzled looks and walked down from the stadium.

The third was an ancient Martial Artist from the Philippines, who was also a grandmaster. He was quite famous within the Dragon Continent's ancient martial world.

His name was Tianming Li, with the same last name as Qingfeng Li. The ancient martial representatives all knew him.

"Tianming Li, you are a grandmaster from Singapore, defeat Qingfeng Li."

"Yea, don't be like Duboss that gave up instantly. Hit Qingfeng Li."

"Tianming Li, we believe you will beat him."

The crowds were scared that Tianming Li would be like the other two competitors that gave up immediately, so they started chanting the moment Tianming Li walked up.

The representatives were clueless about how strong Qingfeng Li was, so they wanted someone to fight him and see Qingfeng Li's true strength. They wanted to know how did Qingfeng Li get 200 tokens.

Tianming Li wasn't looking so well and was unhappy with the crowd. They were forcing him to fight Qingfeng Li, which was like asking him to die. He wasn't that dumb.

Tianming Li knew exactly how powerful Qingfeng Li was and knew that he wasn't fit to be his competitor.

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