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With his current level of vital essence, he can only summon the thunder once. Unless there were thunderbolts in the sky, he would be done after summoning it once.

When team Huaxia and Qingfeng walked out, everyone was looking over with shock. Qingfeng had too many ancient tokens on him, at least a couple hundred.

Huaxia's ancient martial team was the last team to exit, with no other teams following behind them.

When they saw the abundance of ancient tokens on Qingfeng Li, they could infer that all the ancient Martial Artists who didn't make it out were killed by Qingfeng Li.

The ancient martial art representatives from Pacific Island and Korea looked at Qingfeng Li coldly, murderous intents filling their eyes.

"Bo Sakura, where is Saburo Izu?" Ono Izu stood up and asked the leader of the Bushido team.

The leader of the samurai team was around 40 years-old. There was a black mustache under his nose and he was emitting powerful presence.

"Sir Izu, Saburo Izu and members of the Kendo Clan were all killed by Qingfeng Li." Bo Sakura said painfully with hatred.

Bo Sakura and Saburo Izu were friends from Pacific Island. He was pissed that Qingfeng Li killed Saburo Izu, but he wasn't powerful enough to avenge his dead friend. Thus he told Ono Izu what happened, wanting him to get revenge.

Bo Sakura was extremely pissed. Not only did he blab out that it was Qingfeng Li who killed Saburo Izu, he also added that Qingfeng Li killed the head of Shaman Sect and Taekwondo family as well.


Immediately, everyone looked at Qingfeng Li with murderous intent in their eyes. These looks were from the Pacific Island, the Philippines, and Korea's ancient martial forces.

"How dare you kill the members from the Kendo Clan, do you want to die?" Ono Izu suddenly stood up and said coldly.

"Qingfeng Li, I am going to kill you to get revenge for the Taekwondo family." A man stood up and screamed. His name was Aolong Park, the representative of Korea.

"How dare you kill the members from my Shaman Sect." a middle-aged man with a black cape stood up. The man was from the Heaven Magus Sect, a branch of the Shaman Sect.

The representatives were all looking at Qingfeng. Any second now, they could launch forward and kill Qingfeng.

Qingfeng smiled and didn't care whatsoever. He wasn't scared to face these weaklings that wanted to kill him.

It would be the best that they didn't try to kill him. Once they started their attacks, Qingfeng Li wouldn't mind killing them all.

Fengwu Cao suddenly stood up and walked forward. A fearsome presence spread from her and formed a white cloud, forcing everyone to step back.

"It is the competition's rule that no one is responsible for any deaths whatsoever. It just meant that they were useless and ended up being killed by Qingfeng. What do you guys want to do?" Fengwu Cao smirked and said.

Everyone's face changed after they heard what she said. They all knew about the rules, but when they saw that their teams didn't come out and found out they were killed by Qingfeng, they became pissed.

If Fengwu Cao's power was any weaker, the representatives would have launched their attacks. The key was that Fengwu Cao was too powerful and everyone was scared of her.

She was Huaxia's Goddess of War. Even in the whole Dragon Continent, Fengwu Cao had a high reputation and a lot of ancient martial families wouldn't dare to offend her.

"Ono Izu, our Pacific Island is where the Dragon Continent competition is held. How dare you move to break the rule?" suddenly an elderly voice sounded.

An old man with a cane came over; he was around 100 years old. Even though he was old, his steps were light and delicate; emitting powerful strengths.

The elder's name was Nakano Izu, and he was the second elder of the Kendo Clan. He had more influence and was more powerful than Ono Izu.

The three elders from the Kendo Clan were all extremely powerful.

Did Nakano Izu hate Qingfeng Li? Of course he did; he wanted to kill him immediately. But he also knew that currently it was the Dragon Continent Ancient Martial Art Competition and they were under the eyes of all the ancient families of the Dragon Continent. If they were to break the rules because of Ono Izu, then the reputation of the Kendo Clan would be tarnished.

The reputation of the family was a small matter, the key was that it would lose the Pacific Island's reputation as well. The higher-ups of the Pacific Island would not forgive the Kendo Clan.

The competition had its rules and it stated that it was allowed to kill each other. The competition hadn't ended and thus they could not touch Qingfeng Li.

"Second Elder, Saburo Izu is dead. You have to avenge him." Ono Izu looked at Second Elder and said.

Saburo Izu was the Third Sword King of the Kendo Clan. He was extremely talented and was a crucial existence in the elders' eyes. He had a bright future.

Saburo Izu was meant to represent Pacific Island's Kendo Clan and win the competition. No one anticipated that he would die in the first round.

Fortunately, the Second Elder knew it wasn't the right time to touch Qingfeng Li. Even if they wanted to kill him, they should kill him within the competition.

"Third Elder, you messed up and are no longer fit to host the competition. Let me host the rest of the competition." Second Elder smiled plainly and walked onto the stadium.

The Third Elder knew that he showed his murderous intent in front of all the other ancient martial families. Everyone saw how much he wanted to kill Qingfeng Li and thus damaged the Pacific Island's reputation. Naturally he wasn't fit to host the competition any longer.

"Now everyone please line up and tell me the number of tokens you acquired. I will pick the first, second, and third place of this round." Second Elder smiled and said loudly.

Nakano Izu's voice was extremely loud and deep. Without a speaker, everyone within one mile could hear his voice.

The ancient Martial Artists started to walk up and take out their ancient tokens.

When Qingfeng Li took out his ancient tokens, everyone was shocked by the number of tokens that Qingfeng Li had. It was out of their imaginations!

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