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As the Thunder Spirit Flower is very powerful, lots of people fought against each other for it.

These Ancient Martial Artist Squads not only would fight for each other's Ancient Martial Artists Token, but also the flower.

Because of the number of people gathered here, Flower Fairy decided to release the signal to Qingfeng Li, asking him for help. Flower Fairy knew how powerful Qingfeng Li was.

Suddenly, two squads grabbed the attention of Flower Fairy – the Bushido Family and the Karate Family from the Pacific Island.

The Martial Artist Competition of Dragon Continent took place in the Pacific Island, and most teams were from there. There were as much as four teams and they were all from the four highest ranked family, except the fifth Ninja family who did not participate.

Other than the Pacific Island, there was only one team from each area. These teams were scared, as there were four ancient Martial Artist teams from Pacific Island. 

Three Pacific Island's Ancient Martial Artist Squads gathered here. Although the Demon Blade Family did not appear, the power of Pacific Island was undoubtedly the largest.

Although Flower Fairy was powerful enough to defeat everyone here, she couldn't bear watching her team getting killed.

The lightning storm stops every three hours at the Thunder Valley, and each time it only stopped for three minutes. This would be the perfect chance for those who desire the Thunder Spirit Flower.

However, everyone would start fighting within these three minutes, and whoever couldn't get out beforehand would be attacked by the thunder.

"This Flower belongs to us Kendo Family. I hope you guys won't compete with me when the lightning stopps." Saburo Izu said to the Ancient Martial Artist Squads around with a cold smile.

Saburo was a very powerful grandmaster, and he was also known as the third King of Swordsman League. All those weak Martial Artist squads around were filled with fear after what Saburo said.

Although they wanted the flower, they decided to quit, as the Kendo Family was too strong.

Certainly, not all Martial Artist Squad chose to quit. Some powerful Squad like the Shaman Clan, Assassin School, and Huaxia Squad did not retreat.

As well as the Bushido Family and Karate Family, they did not retreat. As part of the five powerful families of the Pacific Island, they were as strong as the Kendo Sect. Thus, they did not fear each other.

Qingfeng Li arrived the Thunder Valley and saw tens of Martial Artist Squads, staring at him quietly.

"Kid, this Flower can cleanse your body and enhance the Mortal Purgatory Body, it is some good stuff." Dark Night Emperor's voice appeared in Qingfeng's mind.

Qingfeng Li was filled with happiness, as he knew the flower could enhance his power.

"The Thunder Spirit Flower will become mine!" Qingfeng Li swore in his heart.

"Qingfeng, I'm glad you are here. We have to beware of the sneak attack later when we go get the flower!" Flower fairy said to Qingfeng Li with a tender and beautiful smile.

Qingfeng Li nodded "There are so many people from the Pacific Island, and they are also the most powerful ones. I'm afraid that even if we got the flower, they will continue to hunt us down."

"Qingfeng Li, how can you be so confident that you will get the flower?" A cold voice suddenly appeared.

The voice came from the captain of the Shaman Clan Squad, a powerful grandmaster.

Qingfeng Li smiled gently and said arrogantly "This flower is mine. You will get strike by lightning if you are to compete with me."

With Qingfeng's arrogant comment, everyone started laughing.

"Do you think you are the god of thunder? Strike by lightning?"

"Haha, yeah, strike by lightning? Come on, I'm just going to stand here, strike me if you can!"

"Come on! If I get strike by lightning, I will leave the competition!"

Everyone around discussed one after another, mocking Qingfeng Li.

Among all those who mocked Li, one shaman stood out the most. He had the most discontentment against Qingfeng Li because he knew that Qingfeng Li has killed the shaman on the Dark Island. Therefore, he wanted to take revenge on Qingfeng.

Qingfeng Li looked at this shaman and mumbled the thunder spell in his mind, directly stroked a lightning from the sky.


A red lightning stroke from the sky directly hit the young shaman. The shaman's body turned black and burnt, as he fell heavily on the ground and started twitching. Immediately, he lost his breath and passed away.

"Told you not to be so cocky. Now see what you got, a lightning strike!" Qingfeng Li pretended to show pity, mocking the young shaman.

After what happened, people started fearing Qingfeng Li, filled with fright.

The Shamans looked at the dead body of the young shaman and started to rage. This is because this young shaman had huge potential to become a powerful shaman, however, he is dead.

Qingfeng Li was being blamed for the death of the young shaman, being stared by the eyes of hatred and wishing the end of his life.

Outside the Thunder Valley, a war was about to be triggered in any second.

Flower Fairy and Xianzhi Qin walked behind Qingfeng Li and stared at the Shamans. If war began, these two ladies would definitely attack.

"Death!" the middle-aged Shaman lost his patient, first to start the attack.

The shaman waved his black ink-like palm, filled with the force of horror, slashing the air and aimed towards Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li remained still. Yet, Qin made her move. She lightly touched the shaman with her finger, however, filled with a terrifying power. A blood hole appeared on the Shaman's body, and it ended his life.

"Fiery Emperor's Finger, you know how to use the Fiery Emperor's Finger?" The sect master of the Shaman Clan noticed her technique, and his face turned into horror.

The Fiery Emperor's Finger was the superior technique of the Fiery Emperor Palace. There were rumors that this technique was more powerful than all ancient martial cultivation techniques. However, some said that it shouldn't be considered as an ancient martial cultivation technique; instead, it is a self-cultivation technique.

Although the technique was controversial, it was undoubtedly an extremely difficult technique to train. So far only the lord of the Fiery Emperor Palace knew how to use it. Unexpectedly, Xianzhi Qin also knew how to use the technique.

"Kid, the lady and her Fiery Emperor's Finger technique are not that simple." The voice of the Dark Night Emperor suddenly flashed through Qingfeng Li's mind.

Qingfeng Li frowned his eyebrows, and spoke in his mind "Senior, there is a force within her body?"

"Yes, seems like a self-cultivator left some power to her body. Once she undoes the seal, she will become undefeatable." The Dark Night Emperor said seriously.

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