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Tianyang Park was overwhelmed with fear when he saw the thunder above him.

 "There really are..... thunder?" Tianyang Park mumbled with fear and regret. How could thunderstorm occur on a sunny day?

He wouldn't believe it until he saw it with his eyes. Now he believes it, Qingfeng Li unexpectedly summoned a thunderstorm, just like a demon.

Tianyang Park's face turned pale as he turned around and ready escape. But the speed of the thunder was too fast, instantly hit Tianyang Park's Soft Water Realm.

Water was electrically conductive; spread the electricity with a flashing speed, which made the attack even more powerful.


Tianyang Park's body was hit by the thunder and released a crackling sound. The Soft Water Realm magnified the power of the thunder and Tianyang Parkwas suffering from constant convulsions. His entire body was burnt from head to toe covered in black. He looked at Qingfeng Li like he just saw a demon.

 "I told you, but you insisted on being cocky and not believing me. Now, look at you." Qingfeng Li said, pretended to be pitiful.

 "You…You…." Tianyang Park tried to speak, but all he could was looking at Qingfeng Li with fear.

Park's body was twitching like he was having a seizure, full of miseries. He suddenly came up with a horrifying thought that Qingfeng Li might be able to control thunder.

 "Oh, are you saying it's too painful to live? All right, I love helping people. Let me end this for you." Qingfeng replied with a gentle smile on his murderous face.

Tianyang Park was terrified with what Qingfeng Li said, twitching his body even harder. He looked at Qingfeng Li wanted to beg for mercy, but he couldn't say a word.


Qingfeng Li snapped Park's neck with a single blow, ended his life and turned him into a dead body.

Qingfeng Li never showed mercy to his enemies.

 "Not bad, nine dead and now I have nine Ancient Martial Artists Tokens." Qingfeng Li smiled, found nine Ancient Martial Artist Tokens from Tianyang Parkand his men, and gently walked away.

Qingfeng Li just obtained nine tokens, plus the one he got from killing the Black Hood spy and his own. He now had eleven Ancient Martial Artist Tokens in total.

Wars and conflicts often occurred in the Inferno-Thunder Mountain because of the Ancient Martial Artist Tokens. People die all the time because of that.

Other than the ancient Martial Artists, there are also some evolved creatures that would involve in conflicts and attack humans.

As a matter of fact, Qingfeng Li just bumped into a evolved wild boar meters away from where he left.

This evolved boar was ginormous, stood about five meters tall with eight white stinging fangs, glossing fearfully.

The boar noticed Qingfeng Li and rushed towards him with all of its power.

 "Kid, try out the power of the 'Mortal Purgatory Body' instead of attacking." The voice of Emperor of the night appeared in Li's mind.

Qingfeng Li nodded. He just learned the first stage of Mortal Purgatory Body technique, and he wanted to see how powerful this technique could be as it could help him achieving the Immortal's body.

The evolved boar was very powerful. Four huge pits are almost 30 centimeters deep appeared as it powerfully stumbled on the ground.

The powerful evolved boar weighted almost ten thousand pounds. That was as strong as a grandmaster comparing to ancient Martial Artists.

Qingfeng Li calmly stayed still, activating the Mortal Purgatory Body in his mind while staring down at the evolved boar.


The boar's fang heavily impacted on Qingfeng's body with a loud banging noise. Those fangs fractured directly yet Qingfeng Li remained unharmed.

Qingfeng Li felt his body was twice as powerful and hard as he was thrilled and excited.

The Mortal Purgatory Body was extremely powerful. There were rumors that if you reached the last stage, it would be powerful enough to retain hell.

It was sure that Qingfeng Li couldn't retain hell yet, but retaining a evolved boar would be a piece of cake.


The evolved boar screamed in pain as its fangs were fractured. Those fangs were precious weapons for the boar, yet it was broken by this teenage human right in front of its eyes, raging with anger.

The evolved boar screamed with a raging fire inside it, dashing towards Qingfeng Li.

The boar's head rammed into Li's body, cracking its skull and died instantly on Qingfeng's body.

Qingfeng Li stood still, speechlessly looking at the evolved boar that died dashing onto his body.

 "Holy shit, my skin is really thick now, maybe thicker than a city wall. Even a evolved boar died hitting me!" Qingfeng Li thought.

In fact, instead of describing Qingfeng's skin as thick, it would be more accurate to describe it as tough, harder than a meteorite.

Qingfeng Li knew that he had reached the first stage of Mortal Purgatory Body – Mortal's body. What comes after is Spirit's body, then the Emperor's body. The later the stages are, the stronger the body.

Qingfeng Looked forward to achieve those stages, as he knew he would become undefeatable.

Qingfeng Li looked up and saw fireworks suddenly bloomed in the sky around 200 miles north of his location. He knew that was a signal from Flower Fairy as he had one himself, gifted by Flower Fairy.

 "Could it be that Flower Fairy in trouble?" Qingfeng Li frowned his eyebrows, seemingly worried.

Qingfeng Li knew that Flower Fairy normally wouldn't release the signal unless he is in trouble.

 "Now I can control thunder with the Thunder Pearl I got, and I also reached the first stage of Mortal Purgatory Body, I think I can go help Flower Fairy," Qingfeng Li mumbled, headed towards 200 miles north.

Meanwhile, around 200 miles north of Qingfeng...

The Huaxia Martial Artists Squad, or I should say the Flower Fairy, was facing some problems. Thunder and lightning flashed continuously in the great gorge in front of them.

A red sacred plant known as the Thunder Spirit Flower stood at the end of the valley. It was a rare plant as it could only be found in the Thunder Valley. This plant could effectively cleanse the body and purify the soul.

A normal human could directly become an Ancient Martial Artists after consuming the plant. If an Ancient Martial Artists consumed the plant, it could lay a solid foundation for the body to the next stage.

Because of its effects, everyone desired to have it.

As a matter of fact, apart from the Huaxia Ancient Martial Artists Squad, others squads from forces such as Shaman Clan, Kendo Family from the Pacific Island, and Assassin School from Bear Nation etc., all gathered here.

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