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"You guys are looking for me?" Qingfeng Li tensed his brows and asked.

His whole body and appearance were awful from being struck by the thunderbolts.

Fortunately, his face didn't change and others could still recognize him.

"HAHAHA, Qingfeng Li you must have done too many bad things and was struck by karmic thunder." A short-haired youth holding a sword was laughing at him.

Everyone else followed his lead and began to laugh at Qingfeng Li. Even Tianyang Park was laughing from the back.

"The thunder is going to strike you if you talk anymore." Qingfeng Li smirked.

"I am still talking, where's the thunder?" the youth was laughing with arrogance.

He didn't believe that thunder was going to strike him. It was a bright sunny day with a clear sky so there shouldn't be any thunder.

Qingfeng Li whispered the thunder spell while looking at the youth.


Suddenly, a thunderbolt struck from the sky onto the youth. It snapped the sword he was holding in half and burned him.

"Thunder, there really was thunder." The youth looked at Qingfeng Li with fear before falling to the ground unconscious.

The crowd was in shocked. The youth was extremely arrogant and said he wouldn't get struck by thunder, but the very next moment, he was struck.

Even Tianyang Park was scared. How come there was thunder on such a clear day?

"See, that was the consequence of talking too much." Qingfeng Li pretended to be sympathetic and looked at the burned body on the ground.

Tianyang Park was pissed off because Qingfeng Li wasn't taking him seriously. He came here to kill him, after all.

"All of you, go kill Qingfeng Li." Tianyang Park said to the crowd beside him.

Qingfeng Li smiled while striking a god-like pose. He said, "You guys better not try, or else thunderbolts will strike you guys too."

The crowd were scared by what Qingfeng Li said. They remembered what happened to the short-haired youth and were too scared to move.

"Bastards, it was a coincidence. All of you go kill Qingfeng Li!" Tianyang Park said to his subordinates with a gloomy face.

The crowd of Taekwondo masters eventually reasoned that it was a coincidence and since there was one strike, there shouldn't be another one.

Furthermore, they realized they had eight members and it would be easy to kill just Qingfeng Li.

They were all extremely powerful and part of the Taekwondo Clan so they weren't scared of Qingfeng Li.

They surrounded Qingfeng and attacked with their weapons. Enormous energies were wavering in the air and blew over the trees surrounding them.

"God, please send eight more thunderbolts and kill these eight bastards that are acting all cool and mighty." Qingfeng Li held his hands together and pretended to pray.

Qingfeng Li held the thunder pearl secretly in his hands when he was praying so his enemies didn't see what he was doing.

The eight were shocked, but they started laughing after they saw how peaceful the sky was.

"HAHAHA, are you joking me. Where is the thunder?" the eight members were laughing hysterically. There were no clouds, and thus no thunder.

The eight became arrogant and attacked with their weapons. Just before their weapons could land however, eight thunderbolts struck down from the sky.


It was extremely quick and could not be seen by the naked eye. The bolts struck the eight Taekwondo masters brutally.

"F*ck, I got hit!" The eight were screaming in pain. Their weapons were broken and their bodies were burned. They were tremoring on the ground and were near the end of their life.

Qingfeng Li held his hands together and said sympathetically, "See what I said. Why didn't you guys stop. Now that you were struck, do you guys like the pain?"

The eight men on the ground died from being too pissed off at what Qingfeng Li said.

Tianyang Park was shocked after he realized his eight subordinates had all died from the mysterious thunder. They were all so lively just seconds ago.

He was an atheist before, but now his belief was challenged. Why else would there be thunderbolts, on such a clear day, and how could 9 thunder bolts coincidently kill all his subordinates?

The eight members were extremely powerful as even the weakest was at the early-stage grandmaster tier. But the eight powerful masters were just killed by thunderbolts.

He couldn't believe it, but the view in front of him was telling him that it was true. The air was still crackling with static electricity from the thunderbolts.

"Qingfeng Li, I don't care if you are man or devil, but today you are going to die for sure." Tianyang Park smirked and said coldly.

Tianyang Park thought the reason that his subordinates were struck by thunders was because they all had metal weapons. Thus, he wouldn't get hit because he didn't have any metal weapon on him.

He decided to not get too close to Qingfeng Li in case of any accidents. He used his realm to attack because he thought Qingfeng Li was too mysterious.

"Soft Water Realm." Tianyang Park howled and released his realm.

The area was covered with water. Even though it was flowing and soft, it trapped everything within it.

Qingfeng Li was going to use his own realm to fight his realm, but he laughed hysterically after he saw Tianyang Park had used a water realm.

Dumbass, water is a great conductor of electricity. Let's see how dead you can be when you get struck by my thunder. Qingfeng Li smirked.

"God, please use your thunder and kill this dumbass." Qingfeng Li looked at Tianyang Park and said loudly.

Tianyang Park was extremely pissed because Qingfeng Li had called him a dumbass. He was the most powerful master of the Taekwondo family and a team leader of the Dragon Continent's ancient martial arts competition so he would definitely be pissed off from being called dumb.

"Qingfeng Li, I don't have any weapons on me. The thunder will not strike me." Tianyang Park smirked and didn't care what Qingfeng Li said.


Just when Tianyang Park's sentence finished, a thunderbolt suddenly appeared on top of him and lit up the whole sky.

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