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Qingfeng Li was walking by himself within the inferno thunder mountains. In front of him were humongous ridges and sharp cliffs covered with ancient trees. They contained hundreds, if not thousands of years of history.

Poisonous vines were sprawling everywhere on the ground and poisonous bugs were crawling.

Huh? Someone is following me?

Qingfeng Li felt someone was following with ill intentions. Even though the person was hiding extremely well, he was still sensed by Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li picked up a leaf and threw it behind him.


The leaf ripped through the air and collided with a man in black. The man fell to the ground and blood began pouring out of his mouth.

The man was part of the Taekwondo Family and was sent by Tianyang Park to follow Qingfeng Li. However, he was found out and wounded by Qingfeng Li instead.

The man took out a device from his shirt and clicked a button. Suddenly a huge firework flew to the sky and exploded.

At the same time at another location, Tianyang Park was leading his clan towards the mountains, but after seeing the firework in the sky, his expression suddenly changed.

"Everyone follow me. Qingfeng Li is near the firework, let us go kill him." Tianyang Park waved his hand and lead his clan towards the direction of the firework.

Qingfeng Li's expression also changed because he knew the firework was meant as a signal.

F*ck, he released the signal. Qingfeng Li's eyes were filled with killing intent.

At the Dragon Continent Ancient Martial Competition, everyone had the right to kill each other.

Qingfeng Li flew towards the man like a leopard and crushed his heart with one step. He ended the man's life before that man even knew what was happening.

Qingfeng Li searched through the man's clothes, took out his ancient martial token, and left.

Before he left, Qingfeng Li left some misleading marks on the ground. He purposely left footmarks going to the south, whereas he was heading north.

Tianyang Park was extremely fast and made it to the location quickly. However, his face changed after he saw the dead body on the ground.

"Oh no, our spy was killed. Chase him! We have to get Qingfeng Li and kill him." Tianyang Park lead his clan towards the south after he saw the footmarks that were left on the ground.

One had to say, Qingfeng Li's trick was effective in misleading Tianyang Park, making him choose to go in the wrong direction.

"There's a thunder swamp within the inferno thunder mountains. Thunder strikes there very frequently so its the perfect place for you to practice your ." Dark Night Emperor quickly commented in Qingfeng Li's mind.

Qingfeng Li was extremely happy after hearing what Dark Night Emperor said.

The Mortal Purgatory Body is a form of existence capable of evolving into an immortal body and Qingfeng Li always wanted to practice it, but there wasn't any reliable way of getting thunder to strike and temper his body. Thank god there was a thunder swamp here.

"I came here before and know where the Inferno-thunder swamp is. It is 100 km north from here between the two mountains." Dark Night Emperor gave Qingfeng the directions.

A hundred years ago, Dark Night Emperor also came here to train , but he failed.

With Dark Night Emperor's lead, Qingfeng Li rushed towards the north.

Because he was late-stage grandmaster tier, he could almost fly and was extremely quick. He only used half an hour to travel the 100km distance.

The swamp wasn't big, but there were lightning bolts striking down constantly. Mysteriously, the swamp didn't appear to be damaged at all.

The mud in the swamp was special. It seemed to contain a powerful energy and the lightning that struck here didn't seem to have any effects.

"There's a thunder array inside the swamp that is attracting the lightning strikes here." Dark Night Emperor was extremely familiar with this place.

Qingfeng Li nodded at his explanation. Dark Night Emperor knew where the center of the array was because he came here before.

With his lead, Qingfeng Li successfully arrived at the middle of the array and the center of the thunder swamp.


A red thunderbolt struck down just as Qingfeng Li arrived.

Lightning was one of the most powerful forces of nature, it was extremely scary and was about to snap Qingfeng Li in half.

"Brat, quickly activate your ! Do you want to die?" Dark Night Emperor said anxiously.

Qingfeng Li stumbled and activated his . Fortunately, he already knew all the steps to it and was able to activate it extremely quick.

"The man is separated into two parts. One is the actual body, the other is the mind. The body is like a bowl, it needs to be firm in order to contain more vital essence..." Right after Qingfeng Li activated the method, the thunder bolt struck his body.


Qingfeng Li's body was making snapping sounds as it was tempered by the lightning. His hair and clothes were all burned and his body was tremoring.

"Senior, the thunder is too powerful. It is going to kill me." Qingfeng Li's body was out of energy and he groaned quietly.

His body was being struck directly by the thunderbolt because he didn't activate the method in time. His body was shivering in pain.

"Quickly, activate it again, the thunder is coming." Dark Night Emperor notified Qingfeng Li anxiously.

What, it is here again already?

Qingfeng Li looked up and saw another thunderbolt striking towards him. He was in the center of the swamp and the array, so all the thunderbolts were striking towards him.

Qingfeng Li was smart this time and activated his immediately. It formed a mysterious energy and flowed through his body.


The thunderbolt landed onto his body and burned it again. His skin, muscles, and bones were all in devastating pain.

"Holy f*ck, this f*cking hurts." Qingfeng Li was hounding in pain.

If it was possible, he wouldn't have wanted to train this method because it was too painful. But he remembered that with this method, his body could evolve into the body of an immortal so he didn't give up.

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