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Qingfeng did not object to Flower Fairy becoming the team leader of the Huaxia Ancient Martial Team. However, Yihe Wang had some slight objections in his heart.

Yihe Wang did not know how strong Fairy Flower was. She was a woman in her twenties, and looked like a frail beauty. How strong could she be?

Before Fairy Flower's arrival, the team leader was Yihe Wang. Naturally, he was unhappy to be stripped of his position. The team leader had the deciding vote in team decisions and priority when obtaining the rewards.

Fairy Flower sensed Yihe Wang's objections. She said lightly, "You seem to object with the decision. For our team to win the competition, we have to work together. After all, there are fifty teams who are all very strong."

"Yes, I'm not totally convinced. I am at the pinnacle tier of the grandmaster realm and the Sect Leader of the Crane Shape Sect. I think that I am more suitable to be the leader of the team."

"Really? But Director Fengwu Cao said that the strongest person should be the team leader."

"But I think that I am the stronger than you. I want to be the leader," Yihe Wang said with a confident smile.

Yihe Wang was already 72 years old. In the eyes of ordinary people, he was already elderly. However, in the eyes of Ancient Martial Artists, he was still young. Ancient Martial Artists typically lived for a 100 years. Some strong fighters could even live more than 100 years.

Flower Fairy smiled charmingly and said, "Since you are not convinced, I will fight you. I lose if you can block one of my attacks."

What? Block one of your attacks?

Yihe Wang's face reddened deeply. He was the Sect Leader of a first-class Sect, how could he be treated like this in her eyes?

"Alright, show me how powerful you are," Yihe Wang said darkly in displeasure. He felt that Flower Fairy was looking down upon him.

"Crane Shape Fist," YIhe Wang roared as he waved his fist forward. His vital essence formed a huge crane shape in the air as it pummeled towards Flower Fairy.

The crane was so powerful that it pierced the air with an explosive force.

In the Ancient Martial World, the < crane="" shape="" fist=""> was a well-known advanced level grandmaster level technique. It was a powerful attack.

Everyone in the team looked at Fairy Flower. They wanted to see what she would do.

Fairy Flower smiled charmingly as she slapped her palm forward lightly. A lotus pattern formed before her hand and in an instant, it had landed on Yihe Wang's body.


Yihe Wang felt like a meteor had landed on his body. The immense power caused him to be blasted into the air. He landed with a thud on a large tree as blood poured out of his mouth.

In a single strike, Yihe Wang had lost.

"I lost," Yihe Wang said. He was devastated, he looked like he had lost his soul.

Yihe Wang never expected that he would lose to the young and beautiful Fairy Flower.

The surrounding people were stunned by Fairy Flower's power. They were all grandmaster level fighters from Huaxia. They knew how powerful Yihe Wang was so they did not expect him to lose to Fairy Flower.

One had to say that Fairy Flower was extremely powerful. Her powers were beyond everyone's expectations. Of course, no one knew as well as Qingfeng how strong Fairy Flower was.

Fairy Flower had defeated Yihe Wang with a single strike and successfully became the leader of the Huaxia Ancient Martial Team. Everyone was convinced of her strength. No matter if you were a man or woman, people would respect you if you were powerful.

"Let's go. Be careful, we are entering the Inferno-Thunder Mountains," Fairy Flower said with a light smile as she led the team into the Mountains.

There were 10 people in the team and everyone had an Ancient Martial Artist Token. Whoever could obtain the most number of tokens would be able to move on to the next round.

Other than the Huaxia Team, the Pacific Island Team, the Thailand team, and the Bear Nation team also entered the Inferno-Thunder Mountain.

The five hundred strong fighters all entered the Mountains. Some of these teams would be eliminated entirely within the Mountains.

"Qingfeng, the Tae Kwan Do Family will definitely kill you in the Mountains."

"The Shaman Sect will definitely kill Qingfeng."

"Don't fight! I, Duthbo, will definitely kill Qingfeng."

"Shut up! Qingfeng's life can only be taken by the Kendo Sect."

Just as they entered the Inferno-Thunder Mountain, these top tier fighters all swore to take Qingfeng's life. Their motive was simple. They wanted to tell everyone that Qingfeng was their enemy. No one should help him.

 "Qingfeng, you have too many enemies," Fairy Flower said lightly.

Qingfeng chuckled and said dismissively, "They are just a bunch of trash."

Everyone other than Xianzhi Qin and Fairy Flower thought Qingfeng was too arrogant. These people were Ancient Martial Artists. They were all at least at the late-stage of the grandmaster realm and some were even pinnacle-tier grandmaster level fighters. How could you call them losers?

"Fairy Flower, I wish to part ways with the group," Qingfeng suddenly said.

"Why, isn't it safer to walk with the group?"

"So many people want to kill me. If I walk with you, everyone will know where I am. I wish to walk alone to give them a surprise."

"You are going to hunt them down and kill them?"

"Yes, I am not one to suffer a loss. Since they want to kill me, they should be prepared to be killed by me," Qingfeng said with killing intent.

Qingfeng was furious that the other powers had announced their intents of assassinating him. These wicked people wanted to kill him. Did they think he could be bullied so easily?

Fairy Flower pondered for a moment. Qingfeng was right. They were a big target with ten people in their team. They were an easy target so it would be better for Qingfeng to act alone.

"Here, this is the signal communicator. If you encounter danger, pull on it and lotus fireworks will appear. We will go and save you," Fairy Flower smiled faintly as she handed a small communicator to Qingfeng.

The signal communicator was around 5cm long. There was a lotus pattern imprinted on the surface and it looked delicate and exquisite.

"Thank you," Qingfeng said sincerely before walking away.

Just after he left, someone afar signaled their team and said, "Team leader, Qingfeng has left the team. Should I continue to follow him or assassinate him?"

"Follow him, find where he is then signal me. I will kill him," An icily cold voice was heard from the device.

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