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"Saburo Izu, please call me Yoshiko Sato, not Yoshiko," Yoshiko Sato said coldly.

 She did not like this man at all, even when she was in Pacific Island. Now that he wanted to kill Qingfeng, her dislike has only intensified.

If Saburo Izu knew that a woman he pursued was now a follower of his enemy, he would probably be furious.

But the next moment, Saburo Izu was thrown into despair. Qingfeng asked, "Yoshiko, do you know this guy?"

"Master, I don't know him well," Yoshiko Sato said respectfully with a charming smile.

What? Master?

Saburo Izu's expression changed. His eyes were filled with disbelief. Yoshiko Sato was the young mistress of the Ninja Family. Even though the Ninja Family was not as powerful as the Kendo Sect, it was still one of the big five families of Pacific Island. How could she refer to Qingfeng as her master?

Qingfeng seemed to be trying to infuriate Saburo Izu. He hugged onto Yoshiko Sato's waist and said with a smile, "Yoshiko, you seem to be even more beautiful today."

As one of the four beauties of Pacific Island, Yoshiko Sato was extremely pretty. Her seductive face was like a rose and her skin was like high quality jade. Her charming eyes gleamed like stars and her breasts caused one to be mesmerized.

Not only was her face beautiful, her body was also extremely seductive. Her collarbones were like jade and her wasit was silky smooth. Her body did not have single flaw. Qingfeng rubbed against her waist, it was very comfortable.

Yoshiko Sato's face turned red like wine. Qingfeng's actions in front of everyone caused her to beat rapidly, she was extremely shy.

Qingfeng said lightly, "Saburo Izu, the woman you love is in my arms. How does it feel?"


Saburo Izu suddenly wielded his sword and pointed it towards Qingfeng. He said angrily, "Bastard, how dare you tarnish my goddess. I will kill you today."

"Oh, today is the day of the Dragon Continent Ancient Martial Competition. As the organizer, are you going to hit me?" Qingfeng said mockingly.

Qingfeng has already heard from Fengwu Cao that fighting was prohibited at the harbor. Anyone who disregarded the rules would be eliminated from the competition.

Qingfeng's idea was very simple. He wanted to infuriate Saburo Izu. The Kendo Sect would be disqualified from the competition if Saburo Izu attacked him.

Saburo Izu was already so angered by Qingfeng that he had forgotten the rules. He was about to attack Qingfeng at the harbor.

"Stop, Saburo Izu, do you want us to be disqualified from the competition?" Suddenly, an elder in a kimono said loudly as he walked towards them.

The elder had a small beard under his nose. His eyes were small and he wore a loose-fitting kimono. He emitted a strong presence.

"Third Elder, why are you here?" Saburo Izu asked.

The elder was none other than the Third Elder of the Kendo Sect, an extremely high-ranking individual.

As for Saburo Izu, he was one of the seven most promising disciplines of the Kendo Sect.

"Saburo Izu, you disappoint me greatly."

"Third Elder, I don't understand what you are saying?"

"You fool! Qingfeng is trying to anger you so that you will be disqualified from the competition. If you attack him, the Kendo Sect will be disqualified," Third Elder said as he looked at Saburo Izu coldly.

Saburo Izu's expression changed and a drop of cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

"Qingfeng, you are so wicked. I almost fell into your trap," Saburo Izu said angrily.

Qingfeng smiled lightly and said, "You are retarded, why blame me."

"Qingfeng, don't be so happy. I can't kill you at the harbor. But I will definitely kill you during the competition," Saburo Izu said coldly.

Saburo Izu detested Qingfeng. He had almost fallen into Qingfeng's trap after being humiliated by Qingfeng in front of everyone.

"Oh yeah, Yoshiko Sato. That horrible woman had become Qingfeng's follower. She even allowed him to hug her waist. Damn it! When I kill Qingfeng, I will definitely play with you," thought Saburo Izu.

Qingfeng let go of Yoshiko Sato's waist as he sighed in his heart. Saburo Izu was about to fall into his trap but the third Elder had stopped him just in time.

The Elder looked at Qingfeng coldly with killer intent and warning in his eyes. Then, he turned and walked away.

Qingfeng disregarded the Elder's warning. He did not kill about the killer intent in his eyes either.

The competitors of the competition gathered at the Harbour. Then, they walked down the ship and headed towards the location of the competition.

Qingfeng did not go anywhere for now. Instead, he went back to his room to talk to Wolf Fang Sect and the two Demon Kings.

"Lion Demon King, lead the Wolf Fang team to find Purple Bat Demon King. Call me when you find him. Do you understand?" Qingfeng said to the people in the room.

"Yes, Young Master. I heard that Purple Bat Demon King is being chased by others so he went undercover as a professor in a university of Pacific Island," Lion Demon King said.

Qingfeng nodded and told Lion Demon Kings to be patient and make sure Purple Bat Demon King is safe.

After talking to them, Qingfeng left the ship and headed towards the location of the competition with the others.

There were three rounds in the Dragon Continent Ancient Martial Competition. The first round was the elimination round. Since there were 500 competitions, and only three winners, the competition was intense.

The first round was being held at Inferno-Thunder Mountain area.

The Inferno-Thunder Mountain was the biggest mountain in Pacific Island. Since Cherry City was located close to the sea, there were frequent tsunamis and earthquakes which formed the Inferno-Thunder Mountain.

Inferno-Thunder Mountain area extends thousands of meters long. It was made up of dozens of mountains, and it's very common to see thunders clashing down onto the mountains.

All the Ancient Martialist held onto an Ancient Martialist token. The rules of the competition were simple. Whoever could obtain the largest number of tokens would win the competition. However, only 200 competitors would qualify for the next round.

Each of the participating teams had a team leader. The team leader of the Huaxia Team was Flower Fairy; this was determined by Fengwu Cao.

As for Fengwu Cao and Yuanlei Zhang, they were the higher-ups of the Special Security Bureau. They did not participate in the competition, they just watched the competition from afar.

Fengwu Cao appointed Flower Fairy as the team leader knowing that Flower Fairy was the strongest member on the team. Thus, it would be safer for the team if she were to become the leader

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