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Chapter 872: You Are Too Weak

Weren't you proud? Weren't you arrogant? Didn't you look down upon me? Qingfeng was even more arrogant than him – he said that the other can have a three-move advantage .

Qingfeng rarely lost his temper . However, the words of the thin man angered him . Qingfeng' motive was to teach him a lesson and destroy his arrogance .

Qingfeng's arrogant manner put off all the people within the room . They all looked at Qingfeng unhappily .

"This fellow is too arrogant . He said that Yang Liu can have three-moves first . What a boaster . "

"Yeah, Yang Liu is a late-stage grandmaster level fighter . He also has his Sky Essence Stick . Even I can't say such boastful words!"

"I think that Qingfeng just wants to attract everyone attraction . He is not Yang Liu's match . "

The people inside the hall discussed animatedly as they criticized Qingfeng .

They all had good relationships with Yang Liu and they were all part of the same team . Naturally, they would all favor Yang Liu when they saw Qingfeng's disdainful manner towards him .

Even Elder Yihe Wang was displeased; he felt that Qingfeng was too arrogant .

What? Let me have a three-move advantage?

The thin middle-aged man, Yang Liu, was super pissed off when he heard Qingfeng's words . He has lived for dozens of years . No one in the Ancient Martial World has ever dared to look down upon him .


Liu was a strong fighter within the Ancient Martial World . He was one of the 81 grandmasters of the orthodox . He was respected by everyone in the Ancient Martial world . If anyone knew that he was looked down by Qingfeng, he would become a joke within the Ancient Martial World .

Yang Liu was furious . He decided that he will defeat Qingfeng and teach him a heavy lesson as revenge for his arrogant words .

"Qingfeng, are you sure that you will let Yang Liu have three-moves? If you lose, you won't be able to represent the Dragon Continent Ancient Martial Team in the Asia Ancient Competition," Yuanlei Zhang reminded on the side as he furrowed his brows .

Yuanlei Zhagn was confident in Qingfeng's ability . He was confident that Qingfeng would definitely be able to defeat Yang Liu . But he thought that Qingfeng was too arrogant and confident in himself .

A man can be arrogant but they need to have the skills to back their words . If the Sect Leader of the Fiery Emperor Palace was here, he could let Yang Liu have a three-move advantage but Qingfeng was not the Sect Leader of the Fiery Emperor Palace . Qingfeng's power was only at the late-stage grandmaster level, how can he be so arrogant?

"Team Leader Zhang, if he can knock me out of this circle with three-moves, I will admit defeat," Qingfeng said with a light smile as he drew a one meter diameter circle around himself .

The circle was not big . It would be difficult for Qingfeng to even block the attacks .

Yuanlei Zhang was speechless to see Qingfeng standing in the circle . He thought, "I was just reminding you to be humbler . Why have you become more arrogant? You said that you will give Yang Liu a three-move advantage just now, now, you made things even harder for yourself . "

Not only Yuanlei Zhang thought that Qingfeng was arrogant, everyone else also thought that he was arrogant .

Yang Liu was so angry that he smiled . He said, "Qingfeng, good . Let me show you my strength . "

"Sky Essence Stick attack," Yang Liu yelled as he used his strongest attack . The long black stick in his hands directly pierced a giant hole in the air and hurled towards Qingfeng .

Qingfeng only moved his head slightly to block the stick attack .

"Your speed is too slow," Qingfeng said lightly after he dodged the attack .

In his eyes, Yang Liu's stick attack was too slow . If he were to attack Yang Liu instead, his speed would be at least twice his speed .

Yang Liu's expression changed and a flash of frustration appeared in his eyes . Qingfeng's words had rubbed his self-esteem .

"Qingfeng, I was not going to use all the cards in my hand . I was going to reveal my strongest attack during the Dragon Continent Ancient Martial Competition . But since you think

you think my speed is too slow, I will show you my strongest attack," Yang Liu said coldly as he broke his stick into two .

Sky Essence Nunchuck?

A flash of astonishment appeared in Qingfeng's eyes . He thought that Yang Liu's strongest attack would be stronger . But it was just turning one stick into two .

Truthfully, it did not matter for Qingfeng if Yang Liu turned the stick into two . Even if the stick strength increased or attacked Qingfeng from two directions, it would still be nothing for Qingfeng .

"Sky Essence Nunchuck," Yang Liu said as he rushed to Qingfeng's side with the sticks in hand .

Yang Liu knew that Qingfeng's speed was very fast . If he couldn't attack Qingfeng from one direction, he would attack him from both the front and back . Then, it would be impossible for Qingfeng to dodge the attack .

Yang Liu's idea was good but what happened was beyond his expectations . Qingfeng did not even dodge . He just stayed in his original position .

"Is Qingfeng scared out of his mind? Why isn't he dodging the attack?"

"Yeah, it is an attack from a late-stage grandmaster, the power is enough to destroy the human body . "

"Who knows? If he doesn't dodge the attack, he will suffer a heavy injury or even die>"

The surrounding people all looked at Qingfeng like he was a fool . This fellow was so arrogant that he did not even dodge a grandmaster level attack grandmaster level attack .

Yuanlei Zhang also furrowed his brows . He did not know what was on Qingfeng's mind . Why wasn't he dodging the attack? It was a late-stage grandmaster level attack that could kill an ordinary person!

Boom boom!

yang Liu's two sticks landed on Qingfeng's body from the front and back with a loud boom .

Qingfeng stood unmovingly . He did not suffer a single injury . The attacks of a late-stage grandmaster level attack were like feathers that stroked his body . It did not cause any injuries .

"You, you, how can you be okay?" Yang Liu stuttered .

A late-stage grandmaster level fighter was so astonished that he was stuttering . One could only imagine the shock in his heart .

Even Yihe Wang, the leader of the Crane-Shape Sect, would not dare to block Yang Liu's attack with his body . But Qingfeng blocked the attack with his body and did not suffer any injuries . How strong must his body be?

Not only Yang Liu, the surrounding people were also stunned . They have never seen such a strong person . Qingfeng was so strong that they were slightly fearful .

"You are too weak," Qingfeng said with disdain .

Qingfeng and Yagn Liu were both late-stage grandmaster level fighters but Qingfeng's body was invincible towards fighters who were at the same level as him . There was no way the Yang Liu could break his body's defenses so how could he harm Qingfeng?

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