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Chapter 871: I will Let You Take Three Moves First

Ruyan Liu finally hanged up the phone after Qingfeng Li promised to return within three days to see the baby .

"Boss, now that you're a father, what is Xue Lin sister-in-law going to do? Daoist asked playfully, coming towards Qingfeng Li annoyingly .

"Why are you so annoying, do you want to get hit?" Qingfeng Li said, giving Daoist a light glare .

Daoist laughed awkwardly, touching his nose . He said, "Of course not, I'm just looking out for you .

Qingfeng Li turned away from Daoist, ignoring him . Instead, he turned towards Yoshiko Sato and said, "Yoshiko, you are the first daughter of the Ninja Clan on the Pacific Island . What can you tell me about the island?

Yoshiko Sato smiled lightly and said, "Master, the most highly regarded person on the Pacific Island is the Emperor . The person holding most powers is the Prime Minister . These powers belong to the entire nation . Other than them, there are also five major Clans . They are the Kendo Clan, the Bushido Clan, the Karate Clan, the Demonic Blade Clan, and the Ninja Clan .

"Master, my clan the Ninja Clan is the weakest of the five clans . The other clans are all very powerful . They have many masters of the Grandmasters realm and some even possess Heavenly spiritual devices . "

"Oh yeah, one of the previous Emperors was from the Kendo Clan, so they have a very close relationship with the royal family . "

Yoshiko Sato was now Qingfeng Li's servant, very obedient to him . She told him everything she knew .

Qingfeng Li hesitated at her

words . If even Yoshiko Sato, the first daughter of the Ninja Clan was in late-stage of the Grandmasters realm, then the others must be even more powerful .

However, it wasn't their abilities that worried Qingfeng Li . Rather, it was their possession of Heavenly spiritual devices . Usually, only self-cultivators had the ability to use a Heavenly spiritual device . This meant that those people Yoshiko Sato spoke of must be somewhat related to self-cultivators .

Qingfeng Li was able to peel off the first layer of the seal on the Red Fiery Sword only with the help of the Dark Night Emperor . If it wasn't for the help from the Dark Night Emperor, he wouldn't have activated the Heavenly spiritual device within the Red Fiery Sword . He would only use it as a advanced level weapons of the Grandmasters realm .

Through Yoshiko Sato, Qingfeng Li gained knowledge about the Pacific Island and its distribution of power .

The war ship sailed smoothly on the sea, much smoother than the passenger ship . The ride wasn't bumpy even in the face of huge waves .

Half an hour later, Yuanlei Zhang returned from the outside . He said, "Qingfeng Li, we have ten representatives from Huaxia participating in the Ancient Martial Arts Competition . Go and meet them .

Qingfeng Li nodded . He walked out with Yuanlei Zhang .

--Inside another room--

This was a huge room, extremely luxurious . There were ten people sitting down, all were masters of the Grandmasters realm, all extremely powerful .

Indeed, Huaxia had sent out many of its masters to this Dragon Continent Ancient Martial Arts

Arts Competition . Every one of them possessed incredible prestige . A single step from these masters could shake up the entire ancient martial world .

Sitting at first place was an elderly man, at least seventy years old . However, he was still incredibly powerful and was still very bright-eyed . He was at the peak of the Grandmasters realm .

"Elder Wang, you are the leader of our Huaxia ancient martial team . What do you know of Qingfeng Li's background? Why was he personally welcomed by Captain Yuanlei Zhang?" A dark-skinned middle-aged man asked .

This dark-skinned middle-aged man was tall and strong with bulging muscles, his entire body exuding an explosive energy . Although he looked very aggressive, he was still respectful towards Elder Wang .

Elder Wang was none other than Yihe Wang, the Lord of the Crane Shape Sect . He was also Huaxia's special guest of honor in the participation of the Martial Arts Competition .

The Huaxia team had a total of ten people . Yihe Wang was strongest amongst the ten, he was also the leader of the team . Everyone respected him greatly .

"Qingfeng Li's very powerful . Recently he killed many people from the ancient martial world . The Patriarch of the Gu Clan in Tianjing City, the sect master of the Iron Fist Sect, the First Elder of the Luo Clan and many more were all killed by him . " Yihe said softly, his tone heavy .

"Elder Wang, I think he's just a hack . Think about it, how can a twenty-something year old kill the Patriarch of the Gu Clan?" A lean middle-aged

lean middle-aged man sitting at the bottom suddenly said .

Although the lean middle-aged man wasn't good-looking, dark and thin, he was actually incredibly powerful . He was a late-stage master of the Grandmasters realm, and his weapon was the Sky Essence Stick, a high-level weapon of the Grandmasters level .

The lean middle-aged man was irritated by Qingfeng Li because Yuanlei Zhang had previously told them that Qingfeng Li was going to join their team of ten people in the participation of the big contest .

If Qingfeng Li was simply added to their team, the lean middle-aged man wouldn't be so angry . However, Yuanlei Zhang was adament about the team being ten members, not a single more . If Qingfeng Li joined, then one of the original ten people had to withdraw . Yuanlei Zhang had suggested for the lean middle-aged man to withdraw, but the latter was obviously unwilling .  

Elder Wang was aware of what the lean middle-aged man was thinking . He said, "You don't think it's fair to replace you with Qingfeng Li?

"Yes, Elder Wang, the reward for this competition is dragon grass, a legendary spirit herb . It is too precious for me to give up . " The lean middle-aged man said with hunger in his eyes .

 Not only was the lean middle-aged man unwilling to give up, others were unwilling to give up as well . Whether it was Huaxia's ancient martial team or the teams of the other nations, everyone wanted the dragon grass .


Just as everyone was talking, Yuanlei Zhang pushed through the door and entered with Qingfeng Li .

Qingfeng Li heard their conversation through the door, irritated by door, irritated by the people's words . His intention in going to the Pacific Island was to save the Purple Bat Demon King . As for his participation in the Martial Arts Competition, that was only because Yuanlei Zhang had invited him . He wouldn't even enter the competition if Yuanlei Zhang didn't invite him .

"Captain Zhang, I think it's unfair of you to ask me to withdraw from the Huaxia team . I don't think Qingfeng Li is good enough to replace me . " A lean middle-aged man stood up and said loudly .

As he spoke, the lean middle-aged man watched Qingfeng Li with eyes of ridicule . His gaze was incredibly arrogant .

Qingfeng Li took one look at his gaze and knew that the man had disliked him . I didn't do anything to you, why do you hate me?

 "If you don't think it's fair why don't you battle it out with Qingfeng Li? Whoever wins will be a part of the Huaxia team . The loser automatically withdraws . " Yuanlei Zhang quickly suggested, as if he'd already predicted something like this would happen .

The lean middle-aged man stood up suddenly, holding up his Sky Essence Stick . He pointed to Qingfeng Li and said, "Kid, come battle me, I'll finish you in one strike .

Qingfeng Li didn't want to fight this guy, but since the man was aggressive and was hostile towards him, Qingfeng Li had no other choice . Even Daoists have tempers, let alone Qingfeng Li .

If you insist, we'll battle .

"Alright, I'll go easy on you . " Qingfeng Li smiled lightly, his face full of arrogance .

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