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Watching the Shark Demon King in pain, Qingfeng Li became worried. He felt a change from the Shark Demon King's face, as if the latter had turned into another person.

"Shark Demon King, what's wrong?" Qingfeng Li used his spiritual voice to communicate, worried.

"Young Master, run. The self-cultivator devil within my body is about to control me soon."

"Shark Demon King, tell me exactly what's happening."

"Young Master, fifteen years ago I arrived at the Dark Island inadvertently. As a result, an evil cultivator entered my body. The evil cultivator was only a spirit and it wanted to take over my physical body. It was too weak, however, from suffering many injuries, it hid in my brain instead. Sometimes it takes over my body, making me kill everyone in sight." The Shark Demon King explained, his face distressed.

At the thought of what happened fifteen years ago, the Shark Demon King felt a moment of great fear. He had landed on the Dark Island inadvertently and all of the people he was with were all killed. He was chosen by the evil cultivator due to his powerful strength and incredible talent. The evil cultivator had taken over his brain ever since.

The evil cultivator controlled the Shark Demon King's body, killing countless people on the Dark Island, making it one of the ten most deadly islands in the Pacific.

Later, a self-cultivator passed by and witnessed the Shark Demon King killing people. The self-cultivator locked him up using iron chains and trapped him underneath a mountain. In order to prevent him from escaping, the self-cultivator also placed a Heavenly spiritual device on top of the mountain.

The self-cultivator trapped the Shark Demon King, only to find him alive. He realized that the Demon King had been controlled by an evil cultivator, leading the self-cultivator to regret his actions.

Although he regretted his actions, he didn't correct his mistake. Instead, he gave the Shark Demon King a self-cultivation practice book, telling him to fight back against the evil cultivator inside his brain. He then turned and walked away.

 The Shark Demon King was suppressed under the mountain. He used the self-cultivator's advice and tried to fend off the evil cultivator in his brain, but since he wasn't taught the proper way to practice, he could only practice through trial and error.

Fortunately, the Shark Demon King was extremely gifted in practicing and actually managed to master self-cultivation by himself. However, the island contained little vital essence. And with the evil cultivator in his brain trying to take over, he was constantly battling for the control of his body. This is why he was trapped under there for so long.

 Although the Shark Demon King had successfully mastered the techniques of self-cultivation, his body was invaded by the evil cultivator, turning him into a violent killer. Most of the people who arrived at the Dark Island were killed by the evil cultivator in his mind.

 Qingfeng Li was shocked, he knew of evil cultivators, they were the Devil of the self-cultivation world. Similar to the unorthodox forces from the ancient martial artist world, but higher ranked, more powerful, and more malicious.

"Kid, the Shark Demon King's right. Once the evil cultivator controls his body, everyone's going to die. Run." The voice of the Dark Night Emperor suddenly sounded in Qingfeng Li's mind, his voice worrisome.

As an ex-self-cultivator, the Dark Night Emperor was fully aware of the incredible powers possessed by the evil cultivator. Unless another self-cultivator appeared, no ordinary man was going to stop him.

Qingfeng Li didn't dare to hesitate, ignoring his plans of killing the people of the Vampire Sect. He took Xianzhi Qin by the hand and ran.

Xianzhi Qin's face reddened. It was the first time she ever escaped with anyone. She felt slightly shy.

"Qingfeng Li, why are you looking at me like that?" Xianzhi Qin asked shyly. She thought that Qingfeng Li liked her, or else why would he look at her like that?

Qingfeng Li knew exactly what she was thinking. Woman, you make me speechless, we're running for our lives right now! What the hell is in your brain?

"Miss Qin, hurry up and follow me, the Devil's about to go berserk." Qingfeng Li snapped, bolting away with Xianzhi Qin.

"Ah, didn't the Devil just bow down to you? Isn't he your servant? Why are you running?"

"I don't have time to explain. The bottom line is that he's not within my control. We need to get out of here."

"Alright, let's go." Xianzhi Qin detected the seriousness in Qingfeng Li's tone, joining him in his mad dash.

At the sight of them running, the First Elder of the Fiery Emperor Palace sensed danger. Under normal circumstances, it was impossible for Qingfeng Li to run. Unless something bad was going to happen, something incredibly deadly.

"Run quickly, there's going to be danger!" The First Elder of the Fiery Emperor Palace screamed, running madly towards the bottom of the mountain with the other disciples.

 The people of the Vampire Sect watched the movements of Qingfeng Li and the people of the Fiery Emperor Palace. Seeing them dash towards the bottom, they also followed,

Although the Vampire Sect was unorthodox, they were very clever. At the slightest sight of danger, they made the decision to follow Qingfeng Li in his escape.

The Shark Demon King had lifted the forcefield at the last moment for Qingfeng Li to escape.

After the forcefield was lifted, Qingfeng Li took Xianzhi Qin and ran for their lives. Following close behind, was the First Elder of the Fiery Emperor Palace and the people from the Vampire Sect.

Other ancient martial artists were slower to react, only now realizing the situation they were in.

"Everyone run! There's going to be great danger." One ancient martial artist suddenly realized the situation, quickly running away towards the bottom of the mountain.

At the sound of his voice, other martial artists all began to run, screaming in terror.

Too late, they were too late.

The Shark Demon King was now under the control of the evil self-cultivator. His eyes turned blood red, his entire body emitting a devilish energy.

"Mmm, so much delicious blood. You are all going to die." The Shark Demon King, no, he was now the self-cultivator Devil, released a chilling and bloodthirsty voice.

He reached out his right hand, turning it into a ten-meter long gigantic palm, as monstrous as can be, smashing it down towards the ground.


The first ancient martial artist who tried to escape was instantly smashed to pieces, his body turning into a puddle of flesh and blood. He didn't even get to scream as he disappeared into nothingness.

At the sight of this horror, the other ancient martial artists all began screaming in terror, escaping in all directions. They thought that by spreading out, they could avoid the large hand, but they had thought wrong.

 Bang bang bang bang bang.....

The self-cultivator Devil covered the sky and the sun with his hand. With a monstrous devilish energy, he smashed down a dozen times towards all directions on the ground, instantly killing every ancient martial artist. The air was filled with blood and flesh, not a trace of life left.

Qingfeng Li looked back and witnessed this scene, he was completely stunned.

It wasn't just one ancient martial artist, it was hundreds. Every person there were the best of the best, geniuses from the most powerful forces in the world. They were all dead now, without corpses. It was impossible to even bury them.


After the Self-Cultivator Devil finished killing the hundreds of ancient martial artists, he waved his large hand in the air. With a monstrous devilish energy, his hand appeared on top of Qingfeng Li and the rest. He was going to smash them dead.

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