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The Self-Cultivator Devil took a look at the Conqueror's Badge on the ground. It brought back a lot of memories in his head.

His mind wandered to a time more than ten years ago, to the Great Conqueror Third Master Li. It was the Great Conqueror who saved his life when he was being hunted down by others. He also thought about the days where he followed the Great Conqueror in his quest to rule over Huaxia's northern eighteen provinces.

He also remembered that, under the Great Conqueror, there were ten great Demon Kings. He was one of them, and he was also the most talented, receiving the respect of everyone.

The devilish energy dissipated from the Devil's body. His eyes were no longer crimson, they've turned black, like a normal person.

Cough Cough!!

Qingfeng Li coughed up two mouthfuls of blood, he then walked towards the Conqueror's Badge and picked it up.

"You....why do you have the Conqueror's Badge? What's your relationship with the Great Conqueror Third Master Li?" The Self-Cultivator Devil asked once more. The dealiness of his voice had disappeared, rather, it was filled with uncertainty.

"The Great Conqueror Third Master Li is my father." Qingfeng Li said, nodding.


Hearing Qingfeng Li's words, the Devil dropped down to one of his knees and said respectfully, "Young Master, Shark Demon King is at your service."

Shark Demon King?

Qingfeng Li looked very surprised, a trace of shock flashing in his eyes. He didn't expect the man in front to be the Shark Demon King.

Qingfeng Li's Master, the Wind-Edge Demon King, had previously told Qingfeng Li that amongst the ten great Demon Kings, the Shark Demon King was the most talented and that he had the most chance at becoming similar in strength to the Great Conqueror Third Master Li.

The Great Conqueror Third Master Li had also praised Shark Demon King's incredible talents. He said that the latter had infinite potential and he was very likely to have a breakthrough to the Grandmasters realm.

However, ever since the Great Conqueror Third Master Li entered the Forbidden district of Kun Lun Mountain, the Shark Demon King was the first to disappear. He was the first to disappear out of all the Demon Kings.

At the time, Qingfeng Li's Master, the Wind-Edge Demon King searched everywhere in Huaxia but was unable to find the Shark Demon King. Turns out he was trapped underneath a mountain on the Dark Island, no wonder he couldn't be found.

If Qingfeng Li wasn't there, the Shark Demon King would have killed all of these intruders. His identity would remain a secret.

"What! The self-cultivating Devil knelt down to Qingfeng Li?!"

"Holy f*ck, can someone tell me what's happening? That is an undefeatable self-cultivator devil that stomped all of us ancient martial artists, how is he kneeling to Qingfeng?

"I'm dreaming, I must be dreaming. How can a Self-Cultivator Devil kneel down to an ancient martialist?"

"Are you blind? The Devil really is kneeling, this is not a dream."

The people around all began to buzz, unable to comprehend the sight in front of them.

For these ancient martialists, self-cultivators are a legendary existence, ridiculously powerful. Sure enough, none of them was able to defend against the Devil's attack.

 Just a moment ago, they all wanted to kill Qingfeng Li. Now, with the all-mighty Self-Cultivator Devil kneeling in front of Qingfeng Li, they were all scared silly. Their faces were pale and their bodies were trembling.

"You people want to kill the Young Master?" The Shark Demon King turned his body and asked coldly.

The Shark Demon King had heard every word of the previous conversations. All the people surrounding the Young Master had wanted him dead. They're the ones that should die.

Ao Hei was standing at the forefront, his body shaking violently. Just a moment ago, he was the loudest advocate for killing Qingfeng Li, but now he was the most afraid.

"Die." The Shark Demon King suddenly stuck out his right palm. His palm turned into a ten-meter long black hand, covering the sky, embodying a massive energy.


Ao Hei's body exploded at the blow by the big black hand, turning into a million pieces of flesh and blood, disappearing into thin air, not even leaving a corpse behind.

Seeing Ao Hei's instant death, the members of Black Blade Sect lost all hope. They all turned to run away, but the Shark Demon King swatted all of them to death with a single smack of his ten-meter long palm.

Qingfeng Li didn't even move a muscle and all of them were dead.


At this moment, there was nothing but silence onthe mountaintop.

Everyone watched the Devil in complete shock as if he had just murdered their parents. They were incredibly regretful. If they had known of its powers, and its relationship to Qingfeng Li, they definitely wouldn't have attacked Qingfeng Li.

"Qingfeng Li, tell him to stop! Do you want him to kill everyone?" Xiao Gu screamed in panic.

 Xiao Gu was truly horrified at the sight of Ao Hei's miserable death. Clearly, he was no match for the Self-Cultivator Devil. He would face the same death as Ao Hei if he tried anything.

Xiao Gu's intentions were clear. Only Qingfeng Li could stop the Devil, so he threatened Qingfeng Li with the consequences that came along with killing all of the ancient martial artists. Once the news got out, all of the powerful ancient martial forces would go after Qingfeng Li.

"Xiao Gu, it was you who wanted me dead, and I don't like that. So it's probably better if you died. Shark Demon King, kill them." Qingfeng Li smiled lightly, his voice deadly.

"Yes, Young Master." The Shark Demon King sneered, releasing his palm once more. Instantly, a ten-meter long black hand was above Xiao Gu's head.

Xiao Gu gathered up all the strength in his body to defend against the black hand's attack, but his efforts were futile. If the big black hand was a large rock, then he was an egg. A large rock hitting an egg, naturally, the egg was smashed into pieces.


The big black hand smashed onto Xiao Gu's body. Without fail, his body burst into pieces, into a pool of flesh and blood, leaving no corpse.

Not only was Xiao Gu's body in pieces, even his Fire-Fish Sword was smashed into a million pieces, revealing the incredible powers of the palm.

Bang bang bang bang!!!!

Along with another four bursts, the rest of the swordsmen from the Sword Pavilion were smashed into pieces. Their bodies, flesh and blood, clothes, weapons all shattered in nothingness.

"Xiao Gu's dead. He was ranked number fifteen on the Grandmasters list!"

"All of the people from the Sword Pavilion had died, if the super-class force, Sword Pavilion knew about this, there will probably be chaos within the ancient martial world."

"The Devil is too horrifying, we're no match for him."

The surrounding ancient martialists all looked horrified, their bodies shaking violently.

The Black Blade Sect, all dead. The Sword Pavilion, all dead. All members from both forces had been wiped out by a single slap. This sight sent everyone into shock.

Putong! Putong! Putong!

A large number of ancient martialists kneeled to the ground, kowtowing relentlessly, begging for the Devil to spare their lives. Unfortunately for them, the Self-Cultivator Devil wasn't going to listen.

His eyes became deadly, but just as he prepared to kill these people, a sudden sharp pain entered his mind. A black shadow was clashing his soul, wanting to take over his mind.

Feeling the shadow in his mind, the Self-Cultivator Devil's face was changing dramatically and endlessly, violently struggling.

"Young Master, run, I'm about to lose control." The Devil, who was also the Shark Demon King, suddenly said to Qingfeng Li.

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