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Chapter 865: Saving Xianzhi Qin

Qingfeng Li's pleas towards the Dark Night Emperor sent the latter into silence .

"Kid, the self-cultivated Devil is seriously powerful . If I had my previous powers maybe I could fight it . Now that my physical body is destroyed, my powers have decreased by a lot . I am no longer its match . " The Dark Night Emperor said .

He was moved by Qingfeng Li's sincere request . But the Dark Night Emperor wasn't strong enough to fulfill the young man's wish .

"Senior, I'm not asking for you to fight the Devil, I am only asking you to save Xianzhi Qin, which should be much easier . " Qingfeng Li thought out loud .

Qingfeng Li wasn't stupid . Clearly the Devil was incredibly powerful . The Emperor was just a spiritual body currently and was no match for it .

"If it's only getting Xianzhi Qin out, it might be possible, but it is also risky . "

"It's alright, I will handle all the consequences . "

"In that case, I will open the devilish energy veil for you . My spiritual powers are limited, you may only save one . " The Dark Night Emperor nodded in agreement to Qingfeng Li's suggestion .

The Dark Night Emperor recited a chant . He released a green light upon the devilish energy veil, piercing a large hole through the dome-like structure . Qingfeng Li walked straight through the hole and entered into the shroud of devilish energy .

The hole wasn't very big, only two people could get through it, not a single more .

Qingfeng Li entered inside .

He rushed towards Xianzhi Qin, arriving beside her instantly .

"Qingfeng Li, how did you make it in?" Xianzhi Qin asked, looking at Qingfeng Li dumbfoundedly .

"Miss Qin, I have my ways . Let's get out of here . " Qingfeng Li said, smiling lightly .

Xianzhi Qin was delighted, her eyes were filled with gratitude . This mountaintop was too incredibly frightening . So many of the ancient martialists had already been killed by the big black hand . They were all caught by the hand and ripped into pieces .

"Miss, please take us out too . " The Senior Elder suddenly yelled out .

Upon hearing this, Xianzhi Qin looked towards Qingfeng Li with a hint of hope in her eyes . Although she didn't really like the Senior Elder, him and the other members of the Fiery Emperor Palace were all elite masters, they were the pillar of the Fiery Emperor Palace . If they died there, the Fiery Emperor Palace would suffer a tremendous loss .

"Miss Qin, I am very sorry, but I can only save one person at most . " Qingfeng Li said . He wasn't lying to Xianzhi Qin, because the Dark Night Emperor was only a spiritual body and was only able to create two holes in the devilish energy dome .

Hearing Qingfeng Li's words, the Senior Elder and the other disciples of the Fiery Emperor Palace all looked terrified . If this was the case, they were truly done .

Seeing that Qingfeng Li had come into the forcefield, the other ancient martialists were all attentive to Qingfeng Li's movements .

They were actually hoping for him break the devilish energy veil to release them .

It appears Qingfeng Li could only save Xianzhi Qin . He couldn't save any of the other people .

"Hahaha, Qingfeng Li, since you're in here, don't expect to get out alive . " Xiao Gu laughed loudly, his expression twisted .

It was clear to Xiao Gu, Qingfeng Li was only in there to save Xianzhi Qin . He wasn't planning to save the rest . So, might as well kill Qingfeng Li at the mountaintop while he had the chance .

"Right, since we cannot live, let's all attack and kill Qingfeng Li . " Black Bride also shouted . He also hated Qingfeng Li, wanting to kill the latter every chance he got .

Back when they were at the bottom of the mountain, Ao Hei had instigated Xiao Gu to kill Qingfeng Li . He didn't realize just how powerful Qingfeng Li was until the latter broke Xiao Gu's arm .

Now that they were at the mountaintop, where everyone was facing death, Ao Hei wanted a scapegoat, and Qingfeng Li was his target .

"Ao Hei is right . Since we cannot leave this forcefield, why not kill Qingfeng Li together? Why should he be allowed to leave unscathed?" The head of the Vampire Sect also shouted, his voice deadly .

Youngzi Blood was a genius of the Vampire Sect, highly valued by the Mastery . They had spent a lot of energy and a lot of resources in his training . He was killed, however, by Qingfeng Li at the Elixir King's Tomb and the

and the people of the Vampire Sect have hated Qingfeng Li ever since .

Suddenly, all of the people from the Sword Pavilion, the Black Blade Sect, the Vampire Sect, and the others had surrounded him, all wanting him dead .

Since they were all going to die anyway, killing their enemy before their deaths seemed like a good idea .

Looking at the dense population of enemies in front of him, Qingfeng Li frowned . .

These people were all masters on the Grandmasters list, and they were in large numbers . They were all from different powerful forces and they all wanted him dead .

Qingfeng Li's face grimaced to the max . He just wanted to save Xianzhi Qin, he didn't expect to fight so many enemies who wanted him dead .

Qingfeng Li still had his last resort, his bloodline power . Maybe he could defeat these people if he used it, but the subsequent sequelae from using his bloodline powers would leave him vulnerable to the deadly attacks of the Devil, he would ultimately die anyways .

Xianzhi Qin stood by Qingfeng Li's side, also looking distressed . Obviously she didn't expect for this to happen either .

A knife could have cut the tight tension between Qingfeng Li and the rest . A bloodbath of a battle was going to begin at any moment .

"Mmm, so much delicious blood . " Suddenly a bizarre voice came from under the mountaintop .

 The sound was incredibly eerie and the words were even more bone-chilling, leaving everyone ice-cold . In its eyes, all of these ancient martialists were merely delicious blood . delicious blood .


The mountaintop shook violently, with rocks rolling down to the ground, the earth's crust cracked like a turtle's shell . The infinite amount of cracks and crevices spreaded in all directions, making the ground look like a spider web .

A majestic, middle-aged man with disheveled hair crawled out from the bottom ruins of the mountaintop . His legs were bounded by a thick black iron chain that was connect to the bottom of the mountaintop, limiting his movements .

Although his legs were bound, the middle-aged man was still incredibly powerful . A light pat of his hand resulted in the death of an ancient martialist . The body was mushed into a flesh puddle, deader than dead . The body turned into a drop of essence blood, directly absorbed by the middle-aged man .

Qingfeng Li's body contained dragon's blood . The middle-aged man was especially sensitive to blood from incredible powers . He noticed Qingfeng Li right away .

"I like your blood . Go die . " The middle-aged man struck out his palm, turning it into a large black hand and ruthlessly pounded onto Qingfeng Li's body .


Qingfeng Li didn't have the energy to counter . The black hand had struck him, sending his body flying . His body hit the devilish energy veil hard and Qingfeng Li spewed out a huge gush of blood .

The Conqueror's Badge fell down his body, hitting the ground in front of him .

"How . . . the Conqueror's Badge?" Looking at the Conqueror's Badge on the ground, the Self-cultivated Devil was in shock .

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