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 The hand appeared directly from underground. With no time to react, the first ancient martialist was scratched to pieces, suffering a miserable death.

 Bang bang bang bang…...

The black hand was a total embodiment of vital essence, forming an incredible power. As soon as it caught a martialist, it crushed them to pieces. All of the surrounding martialists were helpless.

In the blink of an eye, more than ten ancient martialists had died by the large black hand

"Ah, it's the devil, hurry up and run!" All of the martialists screamed in terror.

They've never seen such a large and frightening hand. It was indeed too powerful, horrifying everyone, shaking them to their cores.


A loud roar travelled down from the mountaintop accompanied by huge energy waves. Suddenly, a black devilish energy surged into the air, like mushroom clouds, shrouding the entire sky.

The devilish energy formed a gigantic black cover, trapping all of the people at the mountaintop, stopping them from escaping. Some ancient martialists ran towards the cover but bounced back inwards. It was impossible to escape.

The large black hand reached out from the ground once more, killing the martialists relentlessly.

Some ancient martialists tried to resist, unwilling to surrender. But their attacks had no effect on the large hand. They didn't even make a scratch. It was clear to them that they were too weak, and that the large hand was too strong.

"Boss, you really are psychic, fortunately we didn't go up. If we were trapped inside that energy cover, we would definitely die." Daoist said, his face horrified by the afterthought.

Qingfeng Li smiled lightly and said, "The Heavenly spiritual device is incredibly powerful. Legends say that only self-cultivators have the ability to use it. Think about it, this Dark Island is named one of the ten most deadly islands of the Pacific. If it only contained regular spiritual devices, how could it have gotten its name?

In fact, Qingfeng Li had conducted rigorous research about the Dark Island before his journey. In his findings, not only did ordinary people disappear on the island, but powerful ancient martialists disappeared as well. Some very powerful ancient martialists never made it back alive.

It was then, that Qingfeng Li learned about the horrors of the Dark Island.

Sure enough, he was right to worry. He had only just arrived at the island and already he had encountered many evolved beasts. Beasts like the man-faced spider of the Grandmasters realm, the black tiger of the Grandmasters realm, the black eagle of the Grandmasters realm and many more.

It was clear to Qingfeng Li, however, that this was only the surface of the Dark Island. Normal peak-staged masters of the Grandmasters realm were powerful enough to kill these evolved monsters. How did the previous Grandmasters all disappear if there wasn't something even more powerful hidden on the island?

Qingfeng Li had guessed correctly. Indeed, the more powerful being was hidden within the land underneath the mountaintop.

"Saintess, thank god I listened to you and didn't go up. I would have been in grave danger otherwise." Little Greenie patted her chest for comfort.

The large black hand frightened Little Greenie to her core. Luckily the members of the Hundred Flower Palace didn't go up.

The Flower Fairy smiled lightly, not saying a word, looking over to Qingfeng Li. She didn't head up the mountain because she was aware of the dangers. They didn't call the Dark Island one of the ten most deadly islands in the Pacific for nothing. But how did Qingfeng Li know?

As if sensing her gaze, Qingfeng Li glanced over to her as well. Their eyes met in a fleeting moment, both looking away in the next second.

"Daoist, you guys stay here and wait for me. I'm going to the mountaintop. Qingfeng Li looked up towards the mountaintop with a meaningful gaze.

"Boss, you can't go up. It's too terrifying up there. The black hand is too powerful." Daoist immediately shouted.

Qingfeng Li waved his hand to indicate for Daoist to stop talking. He then turned his body and headed towards the mountaintop.

The Flower Fairy looked surprised at his words, she said, "Qingfeng Li, the black hand is extremely powerful. It has the energy of a self-cultivator. If you go up you will die."

"How do you know that the black hand belongs to a self-cultivator?" Qingfeng Li asked.

No one knew of the black hand's identity, including Qingfeng Li himself. How did the Flower Fairy know?

 The Flower Fairy gave him a beautiful smile. She said, "How I know isn't important. I'm telling you, a person of the Grandmasters realm will surely die. I'm telling you this for your own sake. Don't go up."

"Thank you for your good intentions, but I must head up there."

"Why are you so stubborn? Why do you have to go up?"

"Because I need to save someone." Qingfeng Li left this explanation and rushed towards the mountaintop without looking back.

Obviously Qingfeng Li knew of the black hand's incredible powers, but Xianzhi Qin was at the mountaintop and he had to save her.

Previously on the boat, it was Xianzhi Qin who told Qingfeng Li about the Dark Island. She even gave him a map. He wasn't about to forget her kindness towards him.

Moreover, Xiaozhi Qin was also a good friend of Qingfeng Li. He definitely needed to save his friend.

Qingfeng Li arrived at the mountaintop in lightning speed.

"Such powerful devilish energy." Qingfeng Li felt the devilish energy more potently at the mountaintop. The energy embodied great powers. Similar to a forcefield, but more advanced.

"Qingfeng Li, don't come in, once you are in you can't get out." Xianzhi Qin screamed out when she saw Qingfeng Li at the mountaintop.

"It's alright, I'm coming up to save you." Qingfeng Li said, smiled lightly.

Save me?

Xianzhi Qin was stunned, her face in disbelief. She never once thought Qingfeng Li would come up to the mountaintop to save her. She was very moved.


Qingfeng Li pulled out his long sword, slashing towards the black devilish energy. It, however, bounced backwards from the powerful force of energy released by the black devilish hand.

At the sight of this, Qingfeng Li stared blankly at his sword. The devilish energy is indeed powerful. How do I save Xianzhi Qin if I can't even get in?

"Kid, this devilish energy is incredibly strong. If I am not mistaken, there is a self-cultivator Devil underneath this mountain. You better leave immediately." Feeling the immensely powerful devilish energy, the Dark Night Emperor voiced out his warnings through the Red Fiery Sword.

Oh? How did I forget about the Dark Night Emperor? He's been to the Little World and they have self-cultivators there. He definitely knows the solution.

"Senior, my friend is in there, I have to get out."

"Kid, the self-cultivator Devil was restrained underneath the mountaintop. Once he gets out, everyone's going to die. I am currently in just a spiritual body, my powers are limited. You need to quickly get out of here."

"Senior, please I beg of you to help me. I have to save Xianzhi Qin." Qingfeng Li pleaded towards the Dark Night Emperor.

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