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Xiao Gu let out a painful cry as he held his broken arm in pain. The piercing sound of his cry travelled far and people all around heard it.

"Qingfeng Li's really strong! He even broke Xiao Gu's arm."

"Yeah, Xiao Gu is ranked number fifteen on the Grandmasters list. He's also the third Elder of the Sword Pavilion. I can't believe he was defeated by Qingfeng Li."

"I think Qingfeng Li's really powerful. He'd probably make it into top ten of the Grandmasters list."

Everyone began talking, their faces stunned.

They were already surprised when Qingfeng Li injured Xiao Gu. Now that Qingfeng Li severed Xiao Gu's arm, they were beyond surprised, they were shocked.

With Qingfeng Li's every attack, they were more and more stunned.

At the sight of Xiao Gu's severed arm, Ao Hei's face turned pale and his eyes were full of fright. It was him who instigated Xiao Gu to kill Qingfeng Li just a moment ago. Now that he saw Qingfeng Li's powers, he regretted his actions.

Just then, Qingfeng Li turned his head to look at Ao Hei, sending the latter into shivers, almost collapsing to the ground.

Ao Hei was truly horrified. If Qingfeng Li had the ability to break the arm of such a powerful man like Xiao Gu, what was he going to do to a snitch?

Shoo shoo shoo shoo!!!!

At the sight of Xiao Gu's injuries, the other four members from the Sword Pavilion instantly rushed over and surrounded Qingfeng Li.

These four people from the Sword Pavilion were no ordinary people. They were all extremely powerful, all belonging to the late-stage of the Grandmasters realm and were similar in abilities to Qingfeng Li.

Seeing the four people surround Qingfeng Li, Yoshiko Sato, the members of the Wolf Fang team, and the two Demon Kings prepared to help.

"No need, they're just four weaklings." Qingfeng Li waved his hand to signal for Yoshiko Sato and the others not to interfere.

Yoshiko Sato and the others halted at Qingfeng Li's request. They were confident in Qingfeng Li's abilities.

These four men may have been frighteningly powerful to others, but they posed no threat to Qingfeng Li.

"Kid, you dare to injure our Sword Pavilion Elder, we're definitely killing you today." The four men raged at Qingfeng Li. They whipped out their swords and pointed them towards Qingfeng Li.

"Stop talking and fight me if you have the guts." Qingfeng Li laughed coldly, without a trace of care in his voice.

If the four men had been at the peak stage of the Grandmasters Realm, Qingfeng Li might have weighed his chances but they were only in the late-stage of the Grandmasters Realm, the same realm as him. Naturally he didn't worry because he was invincible in the same realm.

"Attack." The four men from the Sword Pavilion all raised their swords and charged at Qingfeng Li. Their swords exuded a fierce sword light, tearing through the air.

The four men were not Elders of the Sword Pavilion so they didn't possess spiritual devices. Instead, they were all using high-level weapons of the Grandmasters level. These swords weren't capable of emitting sword intent, just sword light.

Although the two words appear to be similar, they are very different in terms of strength. The power of a sword light was much smaller than that of sword intent.

"Red Fiery Silver Moon." Qingfeng Li roared in a deep voice, directly using the fourth attack of his Red Fiery Sword techniques. The sword became a circular flaming moon and ruthlessly slashed towards the four men.

The silver moon flame embodied a huge gush of energy, more powerful than ever. Its powers grew after Qingfeng Li reached the late-stage of the Grandmasters realm.

 Bang bang bang bang!!!!

 The opposing four swords were all struck by the silver moon flame, exploding at the sound of a bang.

The four men felt an incredible energy pushing them backwards, forcing them to continuously retreat.

One move by Qingfeng was able to repel the four masters of the Sword Pavilion.


At this moment, everyone around had stopped talking, all entering into a state of complete silence.

These men were no ordinary ancient martial artists, they were in the late-stage of the Grandmasters realm but they were still defeated by one strike of Qingfeng Li's sword. Everyone was stunned. They all watched Qingfeng Li with shock in their eyes.

"Saintess, Qingfeng Li's too powerful. He's definitely going to be your opponent during the fight for the Heavenly spiritual device," said the girl in the green dress.

At first, the girl in the green dress had looked down on Qingfeng Li. She didn't expect him to be this powerful, to the point where even first-class powers like the Sword Pavilion posed him no threat.

Her warning for the Flower Fairy was also in consideration for the Hundred Flower Palace.

This time, the Flower Fairy fell into a long period of silence. She then said lightly, "Little Greenie, I'm afraid that we have yet to see his true powers."

"Saintess, you mean that Qingfeng Li can be even more powerful than this?" the girl in the green dress was truly shocked this time.

If the Saintess was right, just how powerful was Qingfeng Li? Little Green couldn't help but shiver at the thought.

Xiao Gu and the four members from the Sword Pavilion all grimaced at the other's voices. This time they were completely humiliated. None of them even came close to Qingfeng Li.


 Just as Xiao Gu and the rest prepared to continue their attack, the green sword at the top of the mountain suddenly released a deafening sound. The body of the sword began trembling, its sword energy rushing towards the sky, piercing through the atmosphere.

A thousand-meter-long ray of sword energy crossed the sky, as if the Milky Way had fallen from the sky.

"The Heavenly spiritual device is about to appear, everyone hurry." Ao Hei shouted, rushing towards the mountaintop.

Not wanting to be left behind, the members of the Vampire Sect also followed, in large strides towards the mountaintop.

"Qingfeng Li, once I retrieve the Heavenly Device, I'm going to kill you in one strike." Xiao Gu said pale-faced, holding his severed arm. He then headed for the mountaintop along with the other four Sword Pavilion members.

It was clear to Xiao Gu that, with his current powers, he wasn't a match for Qingfeng Li. His only chance to kill Qingfeng Li was to grab the Heavenly spiritual device.

All at once, everyone headed up towards the mountaintop, howling, competing for the Heavenly spiritual device.

Only two forces were left behind. One was Qingfeng Li and the Wolf Fang team, the other was the Flower Fairy and the Hundred Flower Palace. Xianzhi Qin, who had previously wanted to stay behind, was also forced up to the mountaintop by her Elder.

"Boss, it's the Heavenly spiritual device! Why are we not going up there?" Daoist asked with furrowed brows.

"I have a feeling there's going to be great danger, we should wait a bit." Qingfeng Li said lightly.

He wasn't sure why, but Qingfeng Li felt a great sense of danger coming from the mountain, despite its harmless appearance.

Somewhere, Qingfeng Li felt a certain something hidden within the mountain, giving him great fear.

Yes, fear. At Qingfeng Li's level, what can scare him was very few in number.

Qingfeng Li glanced towards the Flower Fairy and saw that she had also stayed behind, remaining in her place, as if in hesitation and worry. This gave Qingfeng Li even more confidence in his decision to stay behind.

Sure enough, just as Qingfeng Li had guessed, as soon as the people arrived at the mountaintop, trying to grab the Heavenly spiritual device, a large black hand came for them from below.

The black palm was enormous. It was materialized from vital essence and was a full three meters in size. It grabbed an ancient martial artist and tore his body apart, as the martial artist screamed in agony.

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