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"Storm Realm, Hundred Wind-Edge." Qingfeng groaned as he released the Storm Realm.

A hundred wind-edges were formed by Storm Realm as a severe tornado appeared and started blowing the blaze of the infernal realm.


The blaze was blown further away and actually headed towards Xiao Gu.

Everyone was shook when they saw this scene. They immediately thought that Qingfeng was clever to return the attack of Xiao Gu's blaze by using the force of wind generated by the Storm Realm.

Xiao Gu freaked out and withdrew his Inferno Realm. Otherwise, he would have burned himself.

"You…You actually comprehended the Storm Realm?" Xiao Gu started to stutter with surprise.

As the senior in the Sword Pavilion and even the 15th ranked master of the Grandmaster list, Xiao Gu had only learned one realm. He was indeed surprised that Qingfeng actually could comprehend more than one.

Out of the other realms, the one Qingfeng comprehended coincidentally was a counter to the Inferno realm, which was something Xiao Gu didn't expect at all.

It was extremely challenging to comprehend a territory power since it requires a great amount of potential, comprehension ability as well as spirits and will power etc. It isn't something you can get as long as you wanted it.

"Saintess, Qingfeng hadn't comprehended the Storm Realm before he went on board the ship. How come he is using it now?" The green-dressed girl couldn't believe her eyes.

Flower Fairy replied with shock on her face, "He comprehended it by himself by just observing the Storm on the deck. What a peerless genius."

Peerless genius?

The Green-dress girl shocked once she heard it. She knew Flower Fairy barely complimented anyone, possibly never calling anyone else a "genius".

"Show me all that you got," Qingfeng smiled.

Xiao Gu was hesitating since Qingfeng also had a spiritual device and the Inferno Realm he released was countered by Qingfeng's Storm Realm. Now, his only advantage was his martial art techniques.

"Fire-Fish Sword, Hundred Illusionary Swords," Xiao Gu roared while releasing the Hundred Illusionary Swords, the most powerful technique of the Fire-Fish Sword.

Conforming to what it sounded like, the Hundred Illusionary Swords technique would create a hundred swords, preventing you from being able to tell which one was the real one.

Qingfeng frowned while looking at a hundred red swords floating in front of him. He could have told which sword would be the real one if his opponent wasn't strong enough, However, Xiao Gu was a master that had reached the peak of the Grandmaster Realm. Qingfeng did have a hard time to distinguish among the swords.

"Buddy, the 49th one is the real one, the others are fake," Dark Night Emperor whispered in Qingfeng's mind.

A great spiritual power was required to distinguish among the swords. Dark Night Emperor could tell them apart right away since he was a spiritual spirit himself and could detect Xiao Gu's flaws.

Qingfeng was feeling pleased as he flipped out his Red Fiery Sword. A glow of red light transformed from the sword headed towards Xiao Gu's 49th sword shadow.


The collisions of the Red-Fiery Sword and the Fire-Fish Sword made huge noises that dispersed the sword force around and finally revealed the real sword's appearance.

Xiao Gu was shook. He was intrinsically shocked by the fact that Qingfeng actually distinguished the real Sword in such a short amount of time.

 The powerful spiritual energy technique that Xiao Gu had practiced for decades was so easily foiled by Qingfeng.

 While Xiao Gu was still in shock, Qingfeng dashed forward and swung his sword towards Xiao Gu's body like a flash of lightning.

Xiao Gu suddenly freaked out when he felt the force of his sword. He didn't have time to resist as he continued stepping backwards.

Puchi~ *

Qingfeng's sword was extremely fast, and it left a deep cut on Xiao Gu's shoulder. Blood was gushing out.

"Asshole, how dare you cut me?" Xiao Gu yelled with anger in his eyes.

It had been a long time since Xiao Gu was injured. It was, in fact, his first time being injured by someone who had less power than him. He felt so humiliated.

"What? Xiao Gu was injured?"

"How is that possible? Xiao Gu is the 15th master on the Grandmaster Realm List who also owns a heavenly spiritual device though. How could he get injured?"

"Am I seeing it right? How did it happen?"

"You saw clearly, Xiao Gu was indeed injured. We all underestimated Qingfeng Li. That guy is terrifying."

The crowd burst into discussion. Everyone was staring at Qingfeng with a complicated gaze.

They felt embarrassed since Qingfeng, whom they assured would be slayed by Xiao Gu, actually injured Xiao Gu.

Besides them, the Elder Senior from the Fiery Emperor Palace, the folks from the Vampire Sect, and Ao Hei from the Black Blade Sect were all feeling frustrated at the moment since their hope of Xiao Gu killing Qingfeng was gone now.

"Is this all that the 15th ranked master on the Grandmaster Realm List can offer? How weak." Qingfeng waved his hand with disdain.

Did I, a senior from the Sword Pavilion, just get looked down upon? Xiao Gu was completely pissed off.

"Hundred Illusionary Swords, slay," Xiao Gu aggressively transformed his vital essence into another hundred swords and attacked towards Qingfeng.

Each of them carried powerful sword energy and looked identical and real.

Other people would definitely fail to tell them apart tet, Qingfeng, as someone who had the Dark Night Emperor to provide help, was scared of nothing and could distinguish the real sword immediately.

"The 38th is the real one, the others are fake," Dark Night Emperor whispered again.

While listening to the voice from the Dark Night Emperor in his mind, Qingfeng chopped down on the 38th sword directly and despelled that attack instantly.

Instead of shock, Xiao Gu was completely astonished this time. If Qingfeng identified the sword the first time by luck, he wouldn't be able to use that luck for the second time. Was this the power of his Spiritual Device?

This young dude was at at most in his early 20s, how could he have such a powerful spiritual strength? Xiao Gu couldn't find the answer.

No matter how many times Xiao Gu attacked with his Hundred Illusionary Swords, they were always distinguished by Qingfeng effortlessly.

Although the Hundred Illusionary Swords was powerful, it did cost a great amount of spiritual power and vital essence. Xiao Gu was now feeling slightly light-headed since he had consumed too much energy.

When Qingfeng broke Xiao Gu's attack the second time, he rushed right by his side like an aggressive tiger and cut towards his body with the Red Fiery Sword.

The vigorous energy from the Red Fiery Sword moved as rapidly as flash. Xiao Gu freaked out and tried to hide away, yet he only his head and neck managed to completely avoid the sword while his shoulders were not as fast. He had been slowed due to the lack of vital essence in his body.


Xiao Gu's left arm was chopped off Qingfeng and blood sprayed out.

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