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"Qingfeng, I'm going to kill you," Xiao Gu's face gloomed and he threatened aggressively.

He took a step forward and smashed a nearby boulder immediately, using only his fierce gaze.

"Stop yelling, come and fight with me," Qingfeng sneered arrogantly.

Qingfeng certainly wasn't scared of Xiao Gu since he had reached the final stage of the grandmaster realm.

Xiao Gu could no longer hold his anger induced by Qingfeng's provocation. He had his dignity as a senior of the Sword Pavilion.


Xiao Gu took out his sword. It was a long red sword that had the same color as Qingfeng's Inferno Sword, which resulted from the fire refinement.

This was a well-known sword named the Fire-Fish Sword in the martial arts world. It was named like that since a glowing red carp was marked on the sword.

A fierce aura shot out from the sword that pierced more than ten meters through the air.

Spiritual Device? This Fire-Fish Sword was actually a spiritual device?! Regular sword wouldn't be able to carry any sword intent, only a spiritual sword can.

Qingfeng's calm expression finally changed as he didn't expect Xiao Gu would actually bring a spiritual device that wasn't lame at all.

Qingfeng could tell the Fire-Fish Sword was a upper-class spiritual device which shared the same level as his own Inferno Sword.

Certainly, the level of Xiao Gu's spiritual device just remained at the level equivalent to the Inferno Sword after breaking its first seal. The Inferno Sword could definitely slay Xiao Gu once it unlocks the second or the third seal.

Yet, the Dark Night Emperor told Qingfeng two things. First of all, Qingfeng wasn't strong enough to provide enough vital essence for that. Secondly, other people would snatch his infernal Sword once it reaches a high level. Therefore, Qingfeng didn't unlock the seal yet.

The Sword Pavilion was indeed worthy of being classified as a super-class force, they even had upper-grade spiritual devices. It blew everybody's mind.

"Who do you think would win in this battle, Xiao Gu or Qingfeng?

"Are you dumb? Xiao Gu, of course. He is going to kick Qingfeng's ass."

"I think so, too. Xiao Gu is the third elder in the Sword Pavilion. Let say Qingfeng is a badass mercenary, but how could he even reach the level of the Sword Pavilion?"

The crowd burst into discussions and most of them were confident that Xiao Gu would win. Although Qingfeng had gotten more popular recently and was well-known in the Martial Arts World, nobody thought that he was going to win since the Sword Pavilion was way too powerful.

Qingfeng, how dare you mess around with Xiao Gu. You'll definitely die this time. Ao Hei looked at Qingfeng with a gloomy face filled with intense grudges.

"Miss, do you think Xiao Gu will kill Qingfeng?" A teenage novice from the Fiery Emperor Palace asked Xianzhi Qin.

He asked since he knew she had a slightly special relationship with Qingfeng.

Xianzhi didn't respond, yet the elder beside her answered at him, "What a stupid question, you really think Qingfeng could beat Xiao Gu?"

 "Senior elder, you might be wrong. Qingfeng might really win," Xianzhi said with a slightly discontent look while glancing at the senior elder.

This senior elder had been attempting to cooperate with other forces in the Fiery Emperor Palace to steal the authority from Xianzhi's father ever since he got injured.

Xianzhi certainly knew why he didn't like Qingfeng since Qingfeng had refined the life prolonging elixir and extended an extra month of life for the Fiery Emperor Palace Master.

If the Fiery Emperor Palace Master passes away, there would be two people that had the highest likelihood to become the Palace Master. They would be either the Palace's Vice Master or the Senior Elder.

Senior Elder blinked his eyes and didn't reply back as he still didn't think Qingfeng could win.

"Saintess, Qingfeng will definitely die this time for getting in trouble with Xiao Gu," the Green-dress fairy whispered while staring in the distance.

Flower Fairy smiled, "Greenie, I've told you so many times not to jump to a conclusion easily like this. Qingfeng isn't an ordinary guy, Xiao Gu might even not be able to kill him."

The crew from the Vampire Sect was also anticipating for this battle. They had been holding grudges against Qingfeng since he slayed everyone from the Crimson Blood Sect.

They had been covering their attempt to kill Qingfeng since they planned to give him an unexpected attack at the end. Yet, seeing that Xiao Gu actually vow to slay him right now, they couldn't get any more excited.

Xiao Gu walked up to Qingfeng aggressively with his Fire-Fish Sword.

"Fire-Fish Sword Technique," Xiao Gu rumbled as he waved out his sword. The sword transformed into a essence fire fish that rushed towards Qingfeng.

Not all masters could allow their vital essence to take form as it was extremely difficult. However, it carried tremendous attack power in itself.

Qingfeng, though, didn't even move nor take the attack from Xiao Gu seriously.

Not until the flaming fire fish arrived near him, Qingfeng immediately waved out his sword with a sky splitting momentum. The sword carried an robust power that split the fire fish into halves and made it vanish in the air.

Xiao Gu freaked out when he saw his fire fish was sliced apart.

"Qingfeng Li, I didn't expect you also had an upper-class spiritual device," Xiao Gu said viciously while twitching his lips.

As a senior elder in the Sword Pavilion, Xiao Gu certainly had an idea about how powerful an upper-class spiritual device was. One of the swords would get smashed if it collided against the one that has been transformed. 

Qingfeng smiled as he didn't try to deny nor explain anything. He wouldn't tell Xiao Gu that his Infernal Sword was actually a heavenly spiritual Device instead of a mere upper-class spiritual device.

As Xiao Gu knew that the attack from the sword transformation wasn't strong enough, he decided to release his own territory to trap Qingfeng's attack first.

All masters from the Grandmaster Realm had comprehended the power of territories, yet, the power does vary. The more formidable the master was, the more powerful their comprehensive power was.

A territory realm's power from one that reached the peak of the Grandmaster Realm would definitely exceed the ones from the earlier stages of the Grandmaster Realm, unless one's nature countered the other. 

Territories' level could advance. Xiao Gu knew that he belonged to the Fire Realm like Qingfeng since both of them practiced Fire Vital essence. Yet, he believed he must beat Qingfeng since his strength exceeded that of Qingfeng over one realm.

"Inferno Realm," Xiao Gu sneered while releasing his Inferno Realm immediately.

Infernal flames covered everything within a few thousands of miles. 150 flame essence orbs were burning hot, as if they could devour everything.

Qingfeng narrowed his eyes. Undoubtedly, Xiao Gu had released a more powerful Inferno Realm since he lived for a lot longer, so he also accumulated more vital essence inside his body.

Qingfeng knew that he wouldn't be able to beat Xiao Gu if he also released his Inferno Realm since he only had a 100 flame essence orbs. Considering they shared the same realm power, Qingfeng had to fight with his morale and vital essence.

Qingfeng definitely had less vital essence at his disposal than Xiao Gu.

However, besides the Inferno Realm, Qingfeng also controlled the Gravity Realm and the Storm Realm.

The Storm Realm benefits the Inferno Realm the most since wind can intensify fire.

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