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Qingfeng Li took out his phone and wanted to call Lion Demon King, but he didn't have reception.

"Let us go. Our main goal is to find Lion Demon King and Green Dragon Demon King. It would be best if we could get any treasures, but it doesn't matter if we don't." Qingfeng Li said.

The team nodded and followed Qingfeng Li's steps. They were looking at the environment around them and were looking for any movements.

"That place was stepped over before." Yoshiko Sato's gaze focused and said suddenly.

As the mistress of Island Nation's ninja family, her investigation skills were extremely high. She could see immediately that the area was stepped over by someone before.

Qingfeng Li followed her direction and saw the field was extremely messy. Someone must had run over and left the mess in a hurry.


Qingfeng Li took in two breath and felt a presence that was left by Green Dragon Demon King.

"Quick, follow me." Qingfeng Li waved his hand and lead the team towards the road.

At the end of the road, Green Dragon Demon King was fighting against an extremely powerful corpse; he had to back off.

Not far away from the corpse, a man wearing a black cape was staring at Green Dragon Demon Kings.

The man was extremely pale, old, and skinny, but his eyes were lit.

The man wasn't any other, it was a powerful shaman that was hiding on the island. The corpse was controlled by him with bugs.

"Your blood is so tasty and had bloodline of the Green Dragon. Unfortunately, it wasn't awakened yet. Come and become my slave." The shaman said to Green Dragon Demon King.

The shaman was excited ever since he found Lion Demon King and Green Dragon Demon King. As a shaman, he was extremely sensitive to blood and felt the presence of their bloodline right away. Unfortunately, their bloodline wasn't awakened yet.

Compared to those corpses, the shaman would prefer lives with powerful bloodline; it would make the shaman even more powerful.

"In your dream. I already have a master." Green Dragon Demon King smirked and said.

In his heart, Qingfeng Li was his master and the shaman was too weak.

"Seems like I need to punish you to let you know how powerful I am." The shaman smirked.

"Attack, my corpses." The shaman hounded and three more corpses climbed out of the bodies. With the corpse that Green Dragon Demon King was already fighting, there were four corpses.

F*ck, there were too many corpses. Green Dragon Demon King's expression changed because he couldn't face all of the four corpses at once.

It didn't take long for the corpses to defeat Green Dragon Demon King.

"Green Dragon Demon King, become my slave or I will kill you and control you with my bugs." The shaman threatened him.

Green Dragon Demon King didn't care what he said. Even though he was spitting blood from the fight, he didn't give in. To him, he would rather die than to become the shaman's slave.

"How faceless are you. He doesn't want to become your slave, but you are still forcing him." A voice filled with ridicule sounded from behind.

The shaman's expression changed and he turned his head. He saw a young man was walking towards him calmly with a bunch of others.

"Bastard. Do you know who I am? How dare you scold at me." The shaman's expression was gloomy.

"Why the fuck would I care. Seeing how your face is so pale, are you impotent?" Qingfeng Li was extremely harsh with his words.


Everyone laughed after hearing what Qingfeng Li said. Their boss was too funny; claiming that the shaman's impotent.

"Bastard, I am a shaman from Philippine. I am going to kill you and make you one of my corpse." The shaman was in rage and was emitting murderous intents.

Qingfeng Li didn't care at all and kept on walking towards him.

"Young master run, the shaman is extremely powerful." Green Dragon Demon King said anxiously.

Not only was the shaman powerful, he could control corpses to attack as well. The shaman was mysterious.

"Green Dragon don't worry. I am not scared of someone who is weak in bed. I will kill him in a bit." Qingfeng Li said confidently; the shaman was too weak in his eyes.

The shaman had the intention to kill Qingfeng Li "Corpses, kill this man."

Pew pew pew pew~

The four corpses suddenly turned around and charged towards Qingfeng Li.

The corpses were controlled and were an extremely evil invention. Their bodies mutated and were similar to zombies, but different.

The four corpses' claws were extremely sharp and long and had a bloody smell to it.

The corpses were so gross, Qingfeng Li thought.


Because he wanted to eliminate these gross beings immediately, Qingfeng Li instantly took out his Red Fiery Sword and held it in front him.

Qingfeng Li didn't take out his sword when he faced the tiger, but facing these corpses he took it out.

"Red Fiery Arrow." Qingfeng Li poured his vital essence into the sword and it created vital essence arrows that flew towards the four corpses.

Puchi puchi~

The corpses screamed in pain and started burning up after getting hit by the arrows.

The corpses were scared of fire the most.

Qingfeng Li's sword had flame elements and started burning the corpses. The air was filled with burned smell from the corpses.

The corpses were screaming as their legs were burned from the fire elemental essence energy. The fire didn't stop and was spreading towards the upper body.

The four bugs wanted to fly away because they sensed the danger, but they were sliced to half by Qingfeng Li's Red Fiery Sword. They fell to the ground and were burned to death.

"How dare you burned my corpses and bugs. I am going to kill you and make you my corpse." The man looked at Qingfeng Li with hate because Qingfeng Li destroyed all his treasures.

The bugs and corpses were all treasures to the shaman. His heart was bleeding from their deaths.

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