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Chapter 851: The Power of the Saintess

The man-faced spider was extremely rampant, as all the people around posed it no threat. It ate the heart of the ancient martialist in front of everyone.

"This is an evolved spider, the king of spiders." said Flower Fairy, her red lips curling slightly.

"Fairy, what's an evolved spider?" said a short-haired ancient martialist in a questioning tone.

Flower Fairy smiled tenderly and explained: everyone should be familiar with . People evolve, and animals evolves as well. This spider evolved into a monster by consuming too many humans. It is extremely powerful, comparable to a human in the Grandmasters realm.

What? This man-faced spider is as powerful as a Grandmaster?

Everyone was shocked by Flower Fairy's words, with fear written on their faces. No wonder the man-faced spider had the nerve to attack the ancient martialist, turns out it was a spider from the Grandmasters realm.

Qingfeng Li stilled his gaze. Clearly, this was his first time hearing about animal evolutions. The Flower Fairy sure knew a lot.

"Little guy, the Flower Fairy isn't as simple as she appears." Qingfeng Li suddenly remembered the words from the Dark Night Emperor.

The Dark Night Emperor had previously gone to the mysterious little world, where beasts evolved to monsters and spoke human languages. However, the ancient martialists didn't know about it, but this Flower Fairy knew so much, could she have knowledge of the Self-cultivator as well?

Not only this, the Dark Night Emperor sensed the same

amount of powerful energy from the Flower Fairy that Qingfeng Li felt. It was an energy different than that of a Grandmasters realm.

Qingfeng Li nodded his head. He understood what the Dark Night Emperor was warning him of, which was not to make the Flower Fairy his enemy. This was a mysterious woman.

" Th-th, such delicious womanly blood, you know of my evolving abilities?" The man-faced spider gazed at the Flower Fairy in amazement.

The man-faced spider was previously incapable of intelligence, but it has since then evolved after ingesting a 'fruit' on Dark Island. It now has a human face, is capable of human speech, and possess an increased intelligence.

"Man-faced spider, although you've evolved, your intelligence is still limited, you really shouldn't have attacked that ancient martialist." Flower Fairy smiled lightly with an inexplicable intent.

"Nasty woman, you dare insult my intelligence? I'm going to eat your heart." The man-faced spider was enraged.

Ever since its evolvement, it became the king amongst all spiders, with many of them under its command. The spider considers itself very clever. Now that the Flower Fairy insulted its intelligence, the man-faced spider naturally became enraged.


The spider roared, bouncing into the air with its hind-legs, rushing directly towards the Flower Fairy, wanting the nasty woman dead.

Its legs were more than two-meters long and covered with sharp thorns. The thorns pierced through the air and created infinite number of holes in the atmosphere, a

a frightening sight to see. If it had came in contact with humans, it would have pierced through one's entire body.

This sight left the people around stunned, all holding their breaths for the Flower Fairy.

However, the frightening man-faced spider didn't phase the Flower Fairy at all. Just as it reached her, she lightly waved her right hand in the air, quickly creating an immensely powerful wind blade.


The wind blade had incredible speed, it instantly reached the spider's body, cutting it into halves, killing it.

One strike. The man-faced spider of the Grandmasters realm died.

"The Flower Fairy is incredible! She killed the man-faced spider in one strike."

"Yeah, she's not even on the Grandmasters List, apparently she was not interested in it."

"I think if she did enter the Grandmasters List, she would definitely be in the top ten."

The ancient martialists around all began discussing, their eyes full of shock.

The Grandmasters List only allowed for the entrance of ancient martial masters of the Grandmasters realm. Certain few people, however, didn't place on the list for very special reasons. They wanted to hide their true abilities.

As the Saintess of the first-class power Hundred Flower Palace, everyone knew of Flower Fairy's immense powers. However, they were not aware that she was this powerful, almost to a point of ridiculousness.

At this moment, everyone was in complete shock. Xiao Gu from the Sword Pavillion, Xianzhi Qin from the Fiery Emperor Palace, the Elder from the

from the Vampire Sect, and all of the other masters looked towards the Flower Fairy with heaviness in their eyes.

Qingfeng Li was scared as well, because he didn't even sense Flower Fairy's previous attack. She was indeed powerful.

No wonder the Dark Night Emperor had praised her to be unordinary. Sure enough, someone who had the ability to impress even the Dark Night Emperor was surely unordinary.

Qingfeng Li felt a sense of relief. Although he wasn't a friend of the Flower Fairy, he wasn't a foe either.

After the Flower Fairy killed the man-faced spider, she said, "As one of the ten most dangerous islands within the Pacific Ocean, the Dark Island is incredibly deadly. It is incredibly terrifying. Everyone, please, be careful."

Everyone nodded. At this moment no one was about to oppose the Flower Fairy. She was too powerful.

"Boss, isn't this woman a little bit too powerful? I'm scared out of my wits." said Daoist, patting his chest to calm himself down.

During the moment of the man-faced spider's death, Daoist's face turned completely pale. After all, the spider was of the Grandmasters realm, even more powerful than Daoist. To his surprise, the bizarrely powerful Flower Fairy had killed it with one strike.

"Daoist, Bald Man, Death God, and Yoshiko Sato, remember, do not cross this woman." Qingfeng Li warned his men.

Daoist and the others all nodded. Even if Qingfeng Li hadn't asked, they wouldn't dare cross the Flower Fairy. The Flower Fairy. The woman was too scary.

After that previous episode, everyone had become very heavy-hearted. The man-faced spider showed up just as they entered the Dark Island. They were afraid of what was coming next.

The group of people kept walking, but Qingfeng Li noticed that one of Flower Fairy's followers, a woman in a green dress, who was previously walking at the back of the group, had disappeared.

The woman in the green dress was ordered by the Flower Fairy to walk behind the pack of people. After everyone left, she came towards the corpse of the man-faced spider.

"The Saintess wanted me to find the man-faced spider's demon nucleus without anyone knowing. They should be far enough." The woman in a green dress took out a dagger and disemboweled the spider, enduring the disgusting sight. She found something that looked like a black crystal.

The black crystal was about the size of an egg and it was emitting a purely black light. It was definitely the demon nucleus.

The demon nucleus was the essence of the man-faced spider's powers. It was extremely useful. Not only was it capable of increasing the abilities of an ancient martialist, it could also be used in the practice of alchemy, and be used to design battle arrays.

The woman in a green dress took the demon nucleus into her hands. After she looked around and found no one in sight, she quickly left.

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