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"Little brat, go take a look outside. This is not a usual windstorm." The voice of the Dark Night Emperor echoed in Qingfeng Li's head.

"Senior, how can a windstorm be unusual when it is just caused by a hurricane?"

"I sensed a strange power from the center of the ocean. Be careful when you go outside."

"I see." Qingfeng Li nodded and headed outside.

Daoist stupefied and asked, "Boss, why are you going outside into the fierce storm? That must be at least a level ten storm."

Qingfeng Li waved, "You guys go back to the bedroom first ... do not come out, Daoist. I'll go take a look."

He left the restaurant and got onto the deck outside after saying that.

This was a giant passenger ship with a huge deck as big as a basketball court.

Qingfeng Li looked into the endless ocean ahead. Fierce wind rolled up waves ten meters' high that were coming at the ship.

The powerful storm was generated from waves by the fierce wind. It blotted out the sky and smashed hard onto the passenger ship, shaking it back and forth as if it was going to flip it over.

Large raindrops landed on the deck along with the storm, making loud noises.

Flower Fairy's curvy body stood on the deck as she looked into the ocean under her white veil, deep in her thoughts.

The raindrops automatically evaporated as soon as it got near to the white shield around her: it was a special shield that only masters of the grandmaster realm owned.

Qingfeng Li revolved his vital essence and generated a white shield as well. The raindrops parted ways for him as he was walking forward.

Flower Fairy turned around when she heard the footsteps and she was surprised to see Qingfeng Li.

"What are you doing outside?" Flower Fairy smiled and asked in a delightful charming voice.

Qingfeng Li smiled, "I'm here to check out a beautiful girl."

Flower Fairy was surprised to find Qingfeng Li flirting with her as she was a noble and powerful fairy from the Hundred Flower Palace.

Flower Fairy felt first embarassment with anger and then a unique feeling as Qingfeng Li was the first person ever to flirt upfront with her.

Qingfeng Li laughed when he saw Flower Fairy appear to be angry, "Don't mind my joke."

"That was not a funny joke, Qingfeng Li." Flower Fairy said angrily. She already learnt about Qingfeng Li's name at the restaurant.


A loud noise came through as another wave splashed onto the ship when they were talking.

The wave was very high this time and as it came towards the two of them, Flower Fairy slightly lifted her slim hand and waved randomly. The enormous waved turned into countless water drops and fell into the ocean immediately at the wave.

Peak stage of the grandmaster realm?

Qingfeng Li was astonished by the strong power this wave contained. He knew that the Flower Fairy must be at the peak of the grandmaster realm.

Not only this, Qingfeng Li also felt the strong energy from her body and realized what was hidden under this woman's body was horrifying.

Qingfeng Li had a grim look on his face for the first time after realizing how strong Flower Fairy was. He did not have this look even when he was fighting against Xiao Gu from the Sword Pavilion.

The fierce storm was making waves over ten meters splashing the passenger ship but Flower Fairy was just quietly staring into the ocean.

Qingfeng Li adverted his attention from Flower Fairy to the wild wind and he felt a flicker of interest, taking out the manual and started to observe and comprehend.

The most important thing about the storm realm is the power of the wind and the wild wind of the hurricane was an example of it. Qingfeng Li withdrew the shield of vital essence as he was standing on the deck, letting the wind and storm smash onto his body.

Wind can be so gentle that it strokes your face but it can also be so fierce that it rips apart your body.

As the introduced, in order to comprehend this power, one must feel the power of the wind first and that was exactly what Qingfeng Li was doing.

Frankly, wind was the fluctuation of air and it can be caused by either human or nature. For example, wind forms when there is convection between cold and hot air.

Wind comes from nowhere and goes nowhere and cannot be fathomed or outguessed.

The wind was ripping past his body as it went by Qingfeng Li, making it a little painful for the skin.

Qingfeng Li gave up his defense and let the fierce wind blow into his body, feeling the power of the wind with his body and mind.

He was already a master of the grandmaster realm and had comprehended the Inferno Realm and the Gravity Realm. So he had had sufficient experience when he was comprehending the Storm Realm.

He grasped the basic method of the wind in no time and constructed a tornado in the air with his mind power. It was a small tornado but still, it was wind.

Qingfeng Li appeared to be happy after the first success and continued to construct tornados with his mind power.

One, Two, Three…

More and more was generated and hundreds of them formed a giant storm in the end.

Qingfeng Li's intelligence and the power of the fierce wind on the ocean helped him leaned the storm realm.

We have to say, it was help from God because it wouldn't have been so easy for Qingfeng Li to comprehend the storm realm if it weren't for the fierce wind.

"Haha, another realm power." Qingfeng Li laughed cheerfully.

Now that he had inferno realm, gravity realm and storm realm, he believed that he can kill any enemy in a second with the three realms.

Flower Fairy took a glimpse at Qingfeng Li, "Don't laugh. Something is coming this way."

What, something is coming this way?

Qingfeng Li was surprised and he looked far into the ocean as the cheeriness on his face disappeared.

It was a giant ship coming this way from afar. It was as large as their passenger ship and was completely black with a flag of a skull on it.

A pirate ship? It's a pirate ship . Qingfeng Li got a shock when he saw the skill flag.

He had been all over the Wolf Continent as well as the ocean as the previous Wolf King. The Wolf Fang team almost got completely annihilated when they encountered a pirate ship once.

They were not usual pirates, but strong pirates who knew martial arts and had cannon and gunpowder on board.

Some of the powerful pirates can even summon the sea monsters in the ocean to attack passenger ships with their special methods.

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