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"Anything new, Lion Demon King?" Qingfeng Li pressed the answer key and asked outloud.

"Young master, we had been looking for information about the other demon kings and found out that the Tiger Shark Demon King is on the pacific island. We then headed over and now we are trapped on the Dark Island of the Pacific Ocean." The Lion Demon King said in horror.

The ship that Lion Demon King and Green Dragon Demon King took was attacked near the Dark Island and they encountered sea monsters. Then they entered the horrifying Dark Island that was filled with many beasts.

Dark Island?

Qingfeng Li was terrified by the sound of this name because it was one of the ten most dangerous islands in the Pacific Ocean. There are great horrors on this island.

The Pacific Ocean was enormous as it was one of the four oceans on earth. Many ships and airplanes would pass by the Pacific Ocean but they always disappeared once they got near the Dark Island.

Frankly, the Dark Island had come to become an inauspicious island and had made many people terrified.

Qingfeng Li had no idea that the Lion Demon King and the Green Dragon Demon King had gotten themselves stuck on that island.

"Hide yourselves on the island, Lion Demon King, and don't not wander around. I will come rescue you." Qingfeng Li hung up the phone after these words.

These two demon kings had helped Qingfeng Li a lot and were both working under him now. He would definitely go rescue them now that they were in danger.

"The Dark Island is too dangerous, dear. Do you have to go?" Xue Lin over heard the cellphone conversation.

Xue Lin knew about the horror of the Dark Island even though she was only an ordinary person. She learnt about all the missing people who went to the Dark Island on the news.

Xue wanted to stop him from going there because she didn't want him to go missing as well.

"Wife, I have to go rescue two of my men who are stuck there." Qingfeng Li felt sorry as he gently touched Xue Lin's cheek.

Qingfeng Li understood Xue Lin's worries. He had made her worry about him a lot ever since they got married because he had done many dangerous things.

Xue Lin wanted to continue on stopping him but, she knew that Qingfeng Li valued his friendships. He would even dive into the blood pool for her, not to mention for his men.

"You are allowed to go as long as you take Yoshiko Sato with you. She is an elite and can be of use at critical moments."

"She is the bodyguard I left for you, honey."

"No, she is from the pacific island and would definitely know the Pacific Ocean very well. I won't let you go unless you take her with you." Xue Lin pouted her lips and said stubbornly.

Qingfeng Li had to agree to take Yoshiko Sato along under Xue Lin's insistence. Beside her, he also took Daoist, Bald Man and Death God.

Qingfeng Li sensed the danger of this trip to Dark Island. It was safer to bring the Wolf Fang team since they may encounter many enemies.

He ordered Alice to protect Ruyan Liu as she was only a week from her due date and needed protection. Ziyi Miao was ordered to protect Xue Lin.

He felt insecure even though both his women were going to be protected by Alice and Ziyi Miao. Qingfeng Li then called up Tianjing City's Chief Yishan Luo and Chief Jianghe Tang, asking them to send people for Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu. 

After everything was arranged well, Qingfeng Li took Yoshiko Sato along with the three Wolf Fang team members onto a bus, heading to the airport.

At the airport.

The four people attracted people's eyes on the way because Yoshiko Sato was very beautiful. Her rose-like face, lotus flower-like skin and cherry-like lips were making everyone stare.

The large chest, soft body, long straight legs and sexy figure made her out as a rare beauty. Many people at the airport were staring her with excitement all over their faces, wishing that they could be all over her.

Yoshiko Sato's beauty was famous as one of the four beauties from the pacific island. No one could resist her attraction, other than Qingfeng Li.

Even the Wolf Fang team members were staring at her in their excitements.

"Boss, is this beautiful woman your new girlfriend?" Daoist knocked Qingfeng Li's arm and whispered.

"No, she is Yoshiko Sato, a servant of mine." Qingfeng Li said.

Too good, Boss is so indeed too good that even his servant is beautiful like this. Daoist was too scared to talk to her since she was a strong master of the grandmaster realm. Her cold glimpse at Daoist already scared him from wanting to talk with her.

They got on the airplane and took off to Deep Sea City from Eastern Sea City.

Deep Sea City was the best place to head to Dark Island from because it was a port city by the ocean.

Six hours later.

The airplane landed in Deep Sea City, where a giant luxurious ship was parked at the harbor.

Passengers on the ship were all tourists going to the pacific island. Since the Dark Island was right between Huaxia and the pacific island, Qingfeng Li and his people planned to get off mid-way.

This luxurious passenger ship was so large that it could carry several large buses. It was divided into five cabins with many luxurious suites aside from the captain and sailor's controlling room.

There are also entertainment facilities such as restaurants and bars.

Qingfeng Li took Yoshiko Sato and the Wolf Fang team people to have dinner in a luxurious restaurant made of crystal glass--- where most people were having dinner at.

Qingfeng Li was stunned as he felt a few strong auras amongst the crowd. These were the auras of ancient martial artistss and they were sensed by Qingfeng Li even though they were hidden well.

There are ancient martial artists on the passenger ship?

Qingfeng Li frowned as he looked ahead at the five people at first table. They were carrying swords while dressed like ancient swordsmen with sharp sword intents emitting out.

The second table was surrounded by a group of crimson people in crimson colored coats. Their faces were flushing and a strong killer's scent emitted from them.

Five pretty young girls sat at the third table in white dresses. The power they were emitting was extremely strong as well.

The forth table was taken by a group of people in yellow, lead by a beautiful snow white woman with a face shaped like a goose egg.

Qingfeng Li did not know the people at the first three tables. The woman at the forth table, however, was Xianzhi Qin, the eldest daughter of the Fiery Emperor Palace.

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