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 Qingfeng Li's making Jianghe Tang his servant shocked everyone because the latter was after all the chief of Tang clan, one of the big ancient martial arts families.

 After killing Zhentian Gu and Tianzi Xuan, Qingfeng Li came over to their bodies and took their martial technique books which were Sword Techniques of Gu Clan and Strom Field.

It was a pity that Zhentian Gu's long sword had been broken into two pieces, otherwise it would be a good gift to a Wolf Fang Clan member.

 Putting away the two martial technique books, Qingfeng Li walked over to Yunshan Ye and said with a sneer, "If you value your life, go kneel before Professor Yunhe Zhang and apologize to him before quitting the National Medical Association and leaving your position of president to him."

 Sensing the powerful killing intent on Qingfeng Li and glancing at the bodies of Zhentian Gu and Tianzi Xuan, Yunshan Ye's face turned very pale, eyes full of fear.

 The young man was so terrifying. Yunshan Ye was sure that his head would be cut off if he dared to refuse.

 "I will kneel, I will kneel." Yunshan Ye said hurriedly.


 Yunshan Ye walked over to Yunhe Zhang and dropped to his knees, saying fearfully, "Master, I, the disciple, am wrong and beg for your forgiveness. Today I will quit from the National Medical Association and will resign from the position of president."

 Yunhe Zhang looked coldly at the kneeling disciple and kept silent, obviously not forgiving him.

 It must be noted that Yunshan Ye had been Yunhe Zhang's favorite disciple on whom he had poured his heart out. However, Yunshan Ye had later deeply hurt his master with his betrayal.

 It was most hurtful for Yunhe Zhang that his favorite disciple should have betrayed him and even poisoned him. If it had not been Qingfeng Li, he would have had to spend the rest of his life on a wheelchair.

 Seeing Yunhe Zhang's indifference, Yunshan Ye knew that his master would not forgive him.

Bang, bang, bang, bang…

 Yunshan Ye kept banging his head on the ground in front of Yunhe Zhang and didn't stop even when blood began to flow from the wounds on his head.

 The witnesses gasped. At one word from Qingfeng Li, Yunshan Ye, the powerful president of National Medical Association, should have been kneeling before Yunhe Zhang and banging his head to beg forgiveness.

 One had to admit that Qingfeng Li now had earned himself great power and people had to do whatever he said.

 Yunshan Ye had banged his head several thousand times until he dropped to the ground in unconsciousness, blood dripping from his forehead.

 Seeing Yunshan passed out, Yunhe Zhang looked away from him, without a trace of emotion on his face.

 "Qingfeng, thank you for everything you did for me, an old fellow." Walking to Qingfeng Li, Yunhe Zhang expressed his gratitude.

 Qingfeng Li waved his hand and said, "Professor Zhang, you helped me wake up Xue Lin and this is the least I can do for you."

They were talking when Xue Lin ran to them, concern on her charming face.

 "Dear, are you Ok?"

"I'm fine. Just a few grandmasters, and it was no big deal to me."

 "I knew you were the best." Xue Lin was full of pride for having such a powerful husband.

 On the side, Niching Luo rolled her eyes at the silliness of Xue Lin. Obviously Xue Lin did not know how powerful a grandmaster was. There were only 81 orthodox in the whole martial world and today Qingfeng Li killed two of them and made one his servant. To her, it was not only powerful, but horrible.

 Niching Luo felt fortunate that she made the right decision to make friends with him, otherwise Family Luo would be finished too.

 Like Niching Luo, Xianzhi Qing was also feeling lucky for herself for having a good relationship whith Qingfeng Li.

 As the young mistress of Fiery Emperor Palace, Xianzhi Qin was very good at reading people. It was very clear to her that with Qingfeng could very likely one day conquer the martial world and become the second Dark Night Emperor.

 "Young Mistress, trouble…" At this moment, a middle-aged man all covered in blood ran in toward Niching Luo, panic on his face.

 "Uncle Chuang Luo, what happened? Take it slow." Niching Luo's expression changed.

 The middle-aged man was Chuang Luo, a member of Family Luo, who had been with her father for many years.

 Seeing Chuang Luo covered in blood and obviously seriously injured, Niching Luo was naturally very worried.

 "Young mistress, the chief was defeated by the elder senior and was bound by iron metal chains. The elder senior is trying to force him to quit the position of family chief and threatened to kill the chief if he refused to do it.

At this news, Niching Luo was furious, "The damned elder senior is a traitor. In order to be the family chief, he should be so bold as to try to kill my father!"

 Niching Luo was anxious to leave and save her father.

 She had only walked two steps when she was stopped by Qingfeng Li.

 "Wolf King, what are you doing? I have to rush home and save my father." Niching Luo complained.

 She was not happy when Qingfeng Li stopped her. Her father was her closest person in the world and she had to rush to his rescue before the elder senior killed him.

 "Miss Luo, you will be killed if you go because you are no match for the elder senior." Holding her by the arm, Qingfeng Li said lightly.

 "I will go to my father's rescue, even at the price of my life." Niching Luo was determined, not a bit caring about her own safety.

 Seeing Niching Luo's deep love for her father, Qingfeng Li sighed silently. He thought of his own father who was still trapped in the forbidden zone of the Kunlun Mountain. One day, he would enter the forbidden zone and take his father out.

 "Wolf King, let me go." Niching Luo's displeasure deepened when Qingfeng Li still held her back. If it had been someone else, she would have been mad.

 "You can't beat the elder senior. I will go with you to Luo House." Qingfeng Li said.

 What? You will go with me?

 Surprise, pleasure, and a trace of disbelief appeared on Niching Luo's charming face.

 "Hurry up, or your father will be finished before we get there." With a faint smile, Qingfeng Li took her by the arm and walked out.

He also took Xue Lin and Jianghe Tang with him to the Luo House. Yunhe Jiang was too old for this and Qingfeng Li asked him to wait for them in the hotel.

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