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"Qingfeng Li, you are so dead!" Wudao Xue's face was dark and he was ready to kill.

Seeing the First and Second Elder were both killed by Qingfeng Li, Wudao Xue's heart was filled with fury. These two people had absolute influence in the Crimson Blood Sect. If they were still here, Crimson Blood Sect could still rebuild. Without them, he would be the only one in the Crimson Blood Sect.

It would be very different for Wudao Xue alone to rebuild the Crimson Blood Sect. It was a big blow to him now that he was all by himself.

"Wudao Xue, you will accompany them soon." Qingfeng Li laughed and said coldly.

Qingfeng Li would not only kill two elders today, but also kill Wudao Xue to avenge the death of the Qingfeng League pupils.

"Qingfeng Li, don't be too presumptuous. Do you think you can kill me just because you killed First Elder? "

"Your Bloody Corpse Realm was already broken by me. Show me what else you got."

"Qingfeng Li, this world is very mysterious. What you see right in front of you is not everything there is." Wudao Xue made a weird face as he said mysteriously.


An ancient growl came from Wudao Xue's mouth. His chest started to shimmer and a huge bloody python's projection appeared on his body.

"The ancient bloody python's bloodline. Wudao Xue even has a bloodline!"

"That's right. No wonder he could become the sect master of the Crimson Blood Sect. It was because he had the power of a bloodline."

"Yeah, bloodlines are very rare. One out of millions of people are capable of awakening a bloodline power. However, all the bloodlines have side effects."

"Side effect? So what? If Wudao Xue could kill Qingfeng Li, he will win the fight."

All the people were more shocked than when they saw the spiritual device.

Totem bloodlines were sparse, and the awakened bloodlines were even more sparse. The ancient bloodlines were even rarer than the two.

Bloodlines were classified as nine tiers. The ancient bloody python was in the first-grade of the advanced level bloodlines, close to reaching the second-grade bloodlines.

"I thought you had a better secret weapon. After all that, it's just the power of a bloodline. So trashy!" Qingfeng Li smiled with disdain on his face.

If Wudao Xue had a spiritual device or broke through the peak of the grandmaster realm, Qingfeng Li might be caught in surprise. Yet, he scorned his opponent because he only had a bloodline.

Qingfeng Li's bloodline had already evolved into the second grade and the density increased ten percent to reach twenty percent as well. Qingfeng Li was not afraid of Wudao Xue's bloodline. Even though Wudao Xue's bloodline was powerful, it was merely a first-grade advanced level bloodline.

Hearing Qingfeng Li trash-talk his own bloodline, Wudao Xue's face was gloomy and he said viciously, "Garbage, do you know what a totem bloodline is? One of a million people could awaken and I am even in the first-grade advanced level. You are dead!"

Wudao Xue snarled and bloody python bloodline became a huge genuine energized python. It rushed towards Qingfeng Li, intending to eat him.

The Bloody python was a strong evil beast. Within all the evil beast records, it belonged to the first grade's advanced level evil beast. It was a terrifying beast that not only feasted on human beings' fresh blood but also ate human beings alive.


Qingfeng Li opened his mouth and made a cry of dragon. He didn't use the wolf king bloodline, but used the dragon blood this time. Twenty percent of the Dragon bloodline was awakened, which was enough to form a dragon's phantom.

The dragon was a godly beast and subdued all reptile type demonic beasts, especially snake-type evil beasts. This bloody python was evolved from bloody snakes and was innately afraid of dragons. It was the awe it felt, deep down in its bloodline.


Unexpectedly, the ancient bloody python fell straight to the ground and kneeled down in front of Qingfeng Li's azure dragon bloodline under everybody's gaze. The giant snake body kept on shaking due to fear.

Couldn't emphasize enough that Wudao Xue was in such a tragic situation. If it was another bloodline that had awakened, even a rooster bloodline, it wouldn't have kneeled down in front of the azure dragon bloodline. It was because the rooster bloodline would only kneel down to the phoenix bloodline, not to the azure dragon's prestige.

It was a pity that Wudao Xue had the awakened ancient bloody python bloodline. No matter how remarkable it was, the azure dragon was the ancestor of all snakes. They had to kneel down when they saw their ancestor.

"Fuck, is there something wrong? How is it that the ancient bloody python bloodline is kneeling down?"

"Bro, you are first-grade advanced level bloodline. Your kind was considered an incredible evil beast in the ancient times. How can you kneel down?"

"Sign, it is such a tragedy for Wudao Xue. This amazing bloodline kneeled down to another one. This must irritate him more than killing him."

Everyone around looked at Wudao Xue with compassion. However, no matter how you look at the compassion, it was full of mock and sarcasm.

Most of the people around were orthodox martial warriors. They were all extremely mad at the unorthodox devils because their senior and junior brothers or friends had killed by unorthodox martial artists. They were angry but couldn't do anything because Wudao Xue was too strong.

Now was different, the powerful ancient bloody python bloodline kneeled down. It was apparent that it was suppressed by Qingfeng Li's bloodline. Everybody started mocking him.


Wudao Xue spat out a huge gulp of blood as a reaction to the people's taunts. He was extremely angry, to the extent of spitting out blood.

Wudao Xue felt like today wasn't his day at all. Qingfeng Li was his unbeatable rival. His bloody corpse realm was destroyed by Qingfeng Li's realm. Just when he thought the ancient bloody python bloodline could kill Qingfeng Li, his strongest card kneeled down to the enemy.

Wudao Xue wanted to chop the ancient bloody python up with his sword. This creature made him a joke in front of everybody.

"I've already stated that you were a piece of trash. You didn't believe me back then, but you gotta believe me now." Qingfeng Li laughed with arrogance.

At the Blood Demon pool, Qingfeng Li came to an understanding that the dragon blood in his body had a suppressive power towards animals such as bloody snakes and reptiles. Therefore, when Wudao Xue released his ancient bloody python bloodline, Qingfeng Li was not afraid, but rather happy about it.

Well, this Wudao Xue was at the peak of grandmaster realm. If he didn't use his realm and bloodline power but used martial arts technique to attack Qingfeng Li, it would be difficult for Qingfeng Li to win.

However, this Wudao Xue was simply an idiot. He used both the bloody corpse realm and his bloodline power. These two powers that were normally invincible had nothing to fight back against Qingfeng Li.

Wudao Xue wanted to refute when he heard Qingfeng Li condemn his bloodline again, but he was caught speechless. This was because Wudao Xue's ancient bloody python bloodline was kneeling down right in front of Qingfeng Li.


Qingfeng Li's azure dragon bloodline roared again. It opened his mouth to form a huge black vortex and devoured the ancient bloody python bloodline into its stomach.

After the azure dragon projection ate the ancient bloody python, it emitted a dazzling blue radiance. The projection became even more solid. Its eyeballs moved and returned back to Qingfeng Li's body.


Wudao Xue spat out another bloody glob. This time wasn't due to anger, but due to his bloodline being engulfed, which severely damaged his internal organs.

Today was the most blood Wudao Xue had ever lost. His internal organs had fractured and started to bleed.

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