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"Don't worry, honey." Qingfeng Li saw through Xue Lin's anxiousness, and comforted her with a smile.

He didn't want Xue Lin to be worried even though his instincts were telling him of danger. The danger was meant for him so he definitely needed to protect Xue Lin from it.

Xue Lin's beautiful face was covered with affection as she laid in Qingfeng Li's arms, which was very rare for her. She used to always wear a cold face, to the point where the word affectionate had nothing to do with her.

"You are so beautiful, honey."

"Do not wander around with your hand."

"It's alright, wandering around is healthier for one's body." Qingfeng Li smirked and landed his hand directly onto Xue Lin's chest. He even squeezed it a few times, remarking to himself how wonderful it was.

 Qingfeng Li couldn't hold back seeing Xue Lin's red charming lips so he kissed her.

"Wuuu, we are on an airplane." Xue Lin protested.

Qingfeng Li gave her a French kiss, disregarding her protest.

Her lips were soft and sweet like honey and it felt really good kissing her. Qingfeng Li transferred all his longing for her onto her mouth to "punish" Xue Lin with an intense kiss.

Poor Xue Lin was kissed as well as touched all over by Qingfeng Li. Her body started to heat up while her eyes blurred.

A stewardess looked a little upset seeing Qingfeng Li kissing on the plane. The airplane is a public place, and not for people to do lewd things like this.

"Mister, we don't allow intimate behavior on the airplane." The pretty stewardess walked in front of Qingfeng Li.

Hearing this, Xue Lin immediately escaped Qingfeng Li's body. She felt embarrassed kissing with Qingfeng Li in public and being seen by others. At the same time, the excitement was making her heart beat faster.

Qingfeng Li felt that it was a pity to let Xue Lin escape from his arms so he looked at the stewardess unhappily. Its all thanks to you, big light bulb, or I would have been able to kiss her for a little longer.

"You are suffering from insomnia lately as well as an endocrine disorder. You always dream of men and are pretty horny." Qingfeng Li looked at her and said.

He wouldn't have let her go easy since she messed up his moment, so Qingfeng Li spelled out the condition that the stewardess had.

She was surprised, as if Qingfeng Li was a ghost. How could he know exactly what she had?

Yes, she did suffer from an endocrine disorder lately and was constantly was dreaming of men at night. But being told out loud on a plane by Qingfeng Li was making her very embarrassing.

She rolled her eyes hard at him and walked away. Who knows what this man would disclose if she kept standing in front of him.

"Dear, it wasn't very nice to call her horny in public." Xue Lin creased her delicate nose.

Qingfeng Li curled his lips, "It was punishment for interrupting our kiss."

Hearing this, Xue Lin got shy again thinking about what happened just now.

The passengers on the flight looked at Qingfeng Li speechlessly. What a bold guy to kiss a woman on the airplane and speak of a stewardess's private matters when he was told not to kiss.

Xue Lin got shy after the stewardess's interruption and wouldn't let Qingfeng Li kiss her again, which make him upset.

Four hours later.

Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin got off the plane as it landed in the airport of Eastern Sea City. They hailed a cab and went towards Noble Palace.

Qingeng Li ran into his in-laws in front of the gate as they were over to have lunch.

They had no idea that Xue Lin had gone to Jiangnan Province and Qingfeng Li did not tell them about it. It was not necessary since it would only make them worry.

Qingfeng Li definitely had to cook since his in-laws were here. He went to get some chicken, duck, fish, pork and vegetables from a nearby supermarket and started to cook.

"Little Xue, did you forgive Qingfeng? I noticed you were talking with him."Xiaoyun Mu asked Xue Lin with confusion.

Xiaoyun Mu knows Xue Lin very well as her mother. She was very mad about Ruyan Liu's situation and decided not to talk with Qingfeng Li again. How come they were talking again?

Xue Lin's lips pouted and smiled, "Mom, I know Qingfeng loves me and that is enough. I will defeat Ruyan Liu that vixen for sure."

She had forgiven him since the moment Qingfeng Li jumped into the Blood Demon Pool. Xue Lin already knew, there was nothing not to forgive if the man could throw away his own life for her.

As for Qingfeng Li and Ruyan Liu's affair and pregnancy, Xue Lin believed it was all Ruyan Liu's fault since she must have seduced her husband. All her anger was on Ruyan Liu.

Had Ruyan Liu known about Xue Lin's thought, she must be crying out for the unjust treatment. Why are you blaming me when Qingfeng Li was the one who took advantage of me?

Xiaoyun Mu and Shi Lin were very happy to see Xue Lin and Qingfeng Li had made peace.

"Little Xue, you need to hurry up with the wedding and then have a baby. Qingfeng would not go after any other women in that case."

"Little Xue, you know how popular Qingfeng is and those women would definitely admire him and seduce him. You have to be careful."

"I have to criticize you even though you are my daughter. How come you did not give Qingfeng Li your body after you have gotten married for so long? This was partly your responsibility too because he wouldn't have been fooling around with other women if you had taken care of it yourself."

Xiaoyun Mu kept scolding Xue Lin in the living room. She started with appraising but then went on with criticizing.

Of course, it was for her daughter's own good for Xiaoyun Mu to criticize Xue Lin.

She knew that her daughter was still a virgin even after having been married with Qingfeng Li for such a long time. In another word, they have not had sex yet and that was not right.

Think about it, no one would be happy if they get married but could not have sex or have a baby with their partner.

Putting herself in Qingfeng's shoes, Xiaoyun Mu understood some of Qingfeng Li's behavior. Her criticism against her daughter was to make her understand the responsibilities and obligations of a woman.

Xue Lin looked a little uncomfortable. She knew that her mom's words were for her own good and she was very reasonable.

She had decided to hold the wedding ceremony as soon as she recovered and then she would have sleep with him and have his baby. Only by doing this can she keep her "first wife" position.

Qingfeng Li heard everything even though he was cooking in the kitchen. He was glad to find out that his mother in law was helping him convince Xue Lin.

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