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At the Vampire Sect.

The sect master of the Crimson Blood Sect and two other Elders left the Vampire Sect and flew towards the mountain where the Crimsom Blood Sect was situated.

The leading man was a handsome middle-aged man who looked a lot like Cold Blood. His eyes were bright with a hint of evil.

His name was Wudao Xue and he is the sect master of the Crimson Blood Sect as well as Cold Blood's father.

This time he took the first and second elder to the Vampire Sect to talk about various cooperations they were undertaking.

"Sect master, we can definitely get the treasure when the forbidden district of the Kunlun Mountain opens up now that we have formed an alliance with the Vampire Sect." One of the crimson blood sect elders said.

He was in his sixties, even older than Wudao Xue and emitted great power from all over his body.

His name was Ming Xue and he is the first elder of Crimson Blood Sect, a supreme master.

There was another elder beside Ming Xue who was in his fifties, Tao Xue. He was the second elder of the Crimson Blood Sect, and was also a supreme master.

If Wudao Xue didn't take both masters to the Vampire Sect, it wouldn't have been so easy for Qingfeng Li to kill the disciples of the Crimson Blood Sect.

As a top-ranking unorthodox power, the Crimson Blood Sect would never been that weak.

This was all thanks to Cold Blood's overconfidence. He thought that the Blood Demon Pool was enough to kill Qingfeng Li but didn't know that the blood snakes would suddenly refuse to attack him. Instead of attacking Qingfeng Li, they ended his own life.

Wudao Xue, as he had already reached the top of the grandmaster realm, and the two elders, as late-stage grandmasters, arrived at the Crimson Blood Sect really fast.

"There is a strong smell of blood?" They smelled it as soon as they got close.

They were all masters so it was easy for them to tell that the smell did not belong to ordinary beings, but to crimson disciples since they carried a demonic tint.

Noticing something was wrong, Wudao Xue took both elders and ran quickly towards Crimson Blood Sect.

They went through the fog shield and saw many corpses right in front of them. The smell of blood was coming from there.

"Third elder Zhen Xue." the Second elder shouted and ran to one of the dead people.

This was the person who was slapped dead by Qingfeng Li with one hit---the third elder Zhen Xue. The Second elder was very sad to see him dead since they were the closest.

"Who was it? Who killed so many disciples of our Crimson Blood Sect. I will cut you into a million pieces." Wudao Xue shouted into the sky, his eyes filled with anger.

The Crimson Blood Sect ran freely in the ancient martial art world for hundreds of years as a top unorthodox power. No one dared to attack them, not to mention to kill a Crimson Blood Sect elder and its disciples. Wudao Xue was furious about this unprecedented incident.

"Oh no, was Cold Blood hurt? He was practicing in the Blood Demon Cave." Wudao Xue ran into the temple as fast as a tornado.

He got even more furious when he saw over ten more disciples dead in front of the Blood Demon Cave.

Wudao Xue didn't want to waste a singel minute so he ran rapidly inside. He saw nothing but a set of bones when he got to the side of the Blood Demon Pool. There was no sign of Cold Blood.

"Ah, there is a disciple?" Wudao Xue was stupefied and noticed a fainted crimson blood sect disciple on the side of the pool. His face was pale but still breathing with his eyes closed.

The disciple woke up from a slap by Wudao Xue, with his hand covering his swelling face. He was going to curse at whoever slapped him, only to find it was Wudao Xue. This made him more pale with fear.

"Sect master, you are back!" The crimson blood sect disciple kneeled politely and said.

"Let me ask you, where is my son Cold Blood." Wudao Xue stared at the disciple.

The crimson blood sect disciple shivered while he pointed at the skeleton in the Blood Demon Pool, "That is our young sect master."

Hearing this, Wudao Xue yelled into the sky with a hideous face, "My son Cold Blood! How horrible was your death?!"

As a matter of fact, Wudao Xue sensed the relationship between the skeleton and himself through the connection of their blood, but he still held onto a slight hope that it was not his son. The crimson blood sect disciple's remark killed his only hope.

Wudao Xue knew that his son was dead and had turned into a skeleton.


Wudao Xue reached out his right hand and grabble the disciple's nack, "Tell me who killed my son and our crimson blood sect disciples."

"Sect master, it was Qingfeng Li. Please let me go. I cannot breath."The crimson coat disciple said in terror with his neck held by Wudao Xue.

Wudao Xue sneered, "Now that my son is dead, you can go keep him company."


Wudao Xue threw the crimson coat disciple into the Blood Demon Pool and countless of blood snakes rushed at him to suck out his blood and rip apart his flesh.

The shrill cries made by the disciple was immediately covered by the blood snakes. He turned into a set of bones within one moment.

"What do we do now, sect master?" The first elder walked to Wudao Xue, lowered his head and asked.

He was talking in a low voice in order not to trigger the sect master, since he could see that the sect master was in a very bad mood.

"Humph, I will go kill Qingfeng Li, now that he has killed my son." Wudao Xue laughed with a murderous look in his eyes.

Cold Blood was his only son, and was also the most talented amongst all his disciples. But now, he was killed by Qingfeng Li. It was natural that Wudao Xue would go get revenge for his son.

Wudao Xue sure knew that Qingfeng Li was a rising star in the ancient martial art world. He was known as the youngest orthodox master in the grandmaster realm.

The first and second elder looked and each other before they followed Wudao Xue outside. They knew that the person named Qingfeng Li would definitely die since no one Wudao Xue wanted to kill has survived.


Qingfeng Li suddenly shivered when he was on the airplane, as if he was targeted by a fierce beast.

He looked around the passengers on the flight and frowned. There is no danger so why did I feel a shiver in my heart.

He was very sensitive to danger as his body always reacted whenever there was a crisis. This sense had saved his life numerous times in the past.

Could it be someone outside? Qingfeng Li was confused as he had too many enemies to figure out where this crisis was coming from.

"What's wrong, dear?"Xue Lin opened her beautiful eyes and asked.

She was sleeping when she was woken up by a shiver and saw Qingfeng Li's serious face.

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