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Qingfeng Li flew up into the air while holding Xue Lin, before landing onto the stone platform.

"How come you didn't die, Qingfeng Li?" Cold Blood's facial expression changed dramatically, and he couldn't believe what he saw.

There were thousands of blood snakes in the Blood Demon pool, and Cold Blood was fully aware of how merciless they were. If a person fell into the pool, he would undoubtedly die instantly. How was it possible that nothing happened to Qingfeng Li?

"Cold Blood, the Blood Demon pool has nearly no effect on me."Qingfeng Li smiled and said with a disdainful look.

The Blood Demon pool was the restricted area of the Crimson Blood Sect, and it was also the training area for practicing the Demonic Blood Techniques. How could it have nearly no effect on Qingfeng Li?! Cold Blood was livid after hearing what Qingfeng Li said.

This was clearly a provocation to the Crimson Blood Sect. Cold Blood was furious and couldn't wait to kill Qingfeng Li to prove how much stronger he was.

"Qingfeng Li, since the blood snakes inside the Blood Demon pool didn't kill you, then I will take the lead to kill you instead." Cold Blood smiled coldly and mercilessly.

Cold Blood and Qingfeng Li were enemies who wanted to kill each other. Cold Blood originally planned to trick Xue Lin and bring her here so he could pressure Qingfeng Li into the Blood Demon pool. However, something went wrong and nothing happened to Qingfeng, so Cold Blood decided to kill him himself.

"The young sect master is about to fight Qingfeng Li, and the young sect master is definitely going to kill him." The crimson blood sect disciple coldly smiled while watching from not far away.

This Crimson coat disciple was the one who led Qingfeng Li in. He was at the bank of the Blood Demon pool watching the battle of the two men who were on the marble platform.

In the Crimson coat disciples' minds, the young sect master was undefeatable and would win with no doubts.

"Demonic Blood Realm!" Cold Blood yelled while releasing his Grandmaster Territory directly. Moreover, the Demonic Blood Realm was the Grandmaster Territory that he mastered.

Within a radius of ten feet, Cold Blood formed a huge spherical cover formed from blood that was full of blood-red Demonic Blood spirits which could make people lose their minds and drive them crazy.

Cold Blood had been practicing the Demonic Blood Techniques by sucking up a lot of people's blood, which formed the Demonic Blood Spirits from those who unwillingly died. The blood Demonic Blood Spirits gathered together in Cold Blood's body and helped him to form the Demonic Blood Realm.

Qingfeng Li's face suddenly changed when Cold Blood released the Demonic Blood Realm. The blood Demonic Blood Spirits from the Demonic Blood Realm were very strong due to the innumerable merciless killings Cold Blood had performed.

In order to cultivate to the Grandmaster Territory intermediate level, Cold Blood had killed a countless number of people and he deserved to die. Qingfeng Li became furious and decided to kill this guy to get revenge for the innocent people who were killed by Cold Blood. 

"Inferno Realm." Qingfeng Li smiled mercilessly, and then released his Grandmaster Territory to form a giant flame sphere with a radius of ten meters.

The flame sphere was filled with energized blaze, crackling with waves of heat that caused people to feel like they were burning.


The Demonic Blood Realm and the Inferno Realm collided and created a loud and earth-shattering noise.


Surprisingly, the flames of the Inferno Realm was burning the Demonic Blood Spirits.

Fire was the enemy of water, and Demonic Blood Spirits as well as Demonic Death Spirits. Thus, it could easily incinerate Cold Blood's territory.


The Demonic Blood Realm was burnt away and Cold Blood suddenly paled and vomited some blood.

What, the Young Lord got injured?

The crimson blood sect disciple was shocked when he saw Cold Blood start vomiting blood. He was confused about why the undefeated Young Lord was injured.

"F*ck! Qingfeng Li, you actually mastered the Inferno Realm?!" Cold Blood furiously cursed.

Cold Blood has been practicing the Demonic Blood Realm for a while, and he knew that this technique had a natural enemy -- fire. Therefore, whoever comprehended the Inferno Realm would be able to defeat him.

If the enemies had practiced any other realm technique, then Cold Blood could easily defeat them. However, Cold Blood had never thought that Qingfeng Li would comprehend the Inferno Realm technique over all the others.

"Cold Blood, you sucked up so many people's blood but your power has only grown to the Grandmaster Realm intermediate level. It was worthless for those people who died because of you." Qingfeng Li smiled with a disdain on his face.

"Qingfeng Li, no need to show off. My realm can't defeat you but my martial arts will." Cold Blood felt humilated and angry. He decided to use the martial arts that he recently learned to beat Qingfeng into the ground.


Cold Blood recently sucked a lot of blood, and he not only had a breakthrough of his cultivation level but also learned the "Crimson Blood Sword Technique". Cold Blood pulled out a blood-red sword, the Crimson Blood Sword, and placed it in front of his chest.

The Crimson Blood Sword was three feet long, and two inches wide. The surface of the body emitted a red light and looked particularly strange.

This sword sucked a countless number of people's blood and became an evil sword.

Qingfeng Li laughed when he saw that Cold Blood was using a sword. Qingfeng Li had learned all four moves of the Red Fiery Sword Technique, and his techniques were very strong.

Qingfeng Li felt that Cold Blood was asking for death by competing with him in sword techniques.


Qingfeng Li drew his long sword, and the sword emitted a red light. He poured vital essence into the sword and the surface seemed to have started circulating a mass of flames.

Qingfeng Li noticed that Cold Blood's power had recently grown significantly, and Cold Blood had definitely been practicing the Demonic Blood Technique. Cold Blood had now grown to the Grandmaster realm intermediate level, which was the same as Qingfeng Li.

The reasons why Qingfeng Li could achieve the breakthrough were that his bloodline had advanced to level two, coupled with a few other special conditions. Cold Blood was solely relying on sucking people's blood to rob other people's blood essence to break through. His method was incredibly evil.

"Crimson Blood Cyclone Sword." Cold Blood furiously yelled, pulled the blood sword out and cut through the air.

A whirlwind was formed as the Crimson Blood Sword passed through the air, full of evil spirits that could make people lose their minds if they inhaled it.

Qingfeng Li walked forward and formed a defensive shield to protect Xue Lin who was behind him.

Qingfeng Li suddenly moved forward and cut with the Red Fiery sword in his hand forcefully. The flame vital essence transformed into a huge red waterfall.

This technique was called "Red Fiery Wave", which could form a huge red waterfall that was composed of high power flame vital essence.

The fire waterfall burned and split the air, before colliding with the blood cyclone. A huge bloody flower splashed in the air like red fireworks with a loud noise.

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