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Thousands of snakes bowing was a bizarre scene that anyone would have been surprised to see.

Qingfeng Li sank to the bottom of the pool, with every single one of the blood snakes around him bowing towards him, as if he was the king of them all.

The dragon blood roared inside of Qingfeng Li. Ten percent of it was activated before but now it had reached approximately 20-30%.

The energy hidden inside of the dragon blood started to flow through Qingfeng Li's veins, muscles and bones. His body kept changing and the density of the blood started to increase. His muscles also became tougher and stronger while his bones became harder and more powerful.

A ray of green light shot out of Qingfeng Li. It was a ray of second grade blood and his wounds started to heal as his body recovered.

He opened his eyes underneath the Blood Demon Pool and was even able to begin walking.

This Blood Demon Pool was extremely strange because it had a bizarre suction power that prevented people from moving due to the gravity-like force pulling them inwards, but now Qingfeng was walking in it.

The countless of snakes spread out to make way for Qingfeng Li when he passed by.

Since the Blood Demon Pool was 4 to 5 meters deep and Qingfeng Li was under 2 meters tall. Cold Blood had no way to see him walking at the bottom.

"Cold Blood, I have a surprise for you." Qingfeng Li smiled coldly and kept walking towards the stone platform under the water.

He held off from jumping out of the bottom of the Blood Demon Pool because he knew that Cold Blood would definitely kill Xue Lin if he saw Qingfeng come out.

The blood and snakes in the Blood Demon Pool were meant for killing him, but they became Qingfeng Li's natural cover so that he could approach without being detected.

He continued walking towards the center stone platform in the bottom and reached it shorty after.

On the stone platform.

Cold Blood had already dragged Xue Lin onto the stone. He smiled with an evil plan forming in his mind.

"Beauty, your husband is already dead. Let me take care of you and suck up your blood." Cold Blood looked vicious and his words were even more sharp.

"No way, my husband can't die." Xue Lin shook her head, desperately waiting for a miracle.

Cold Blood sneered, "Beauty, you are so naïve. This is a Blood Demon Pool filled with fresh blood and thousands of blood snakes. Anyone who falls in would sink into the bottom and get sucked dry by the snakes. Your husband is already a set of bones now."

"See that?" Cold Blood pointed at a floating skeleton far away, "that is your husband's skeleton."

In fact, that was not Qingfeng Li at all. Cold Blood only said that on purpose because he thought that Qingfeng Li was already dead under the pool.

"Wuuuu...dear." Xue Lin's face was covered with tears as she looked towards the floating bones.

She didn't believe her husband was dead, but Cold Blood's words and the skeleton made her believe that was actually Qingfeng Li.

"Hubby, rest assured. I will be with you. I won't live without you."

"Darling, I love you. Why were you so silly that you jumped into the Blood Demon Pool?"

"Darling, you must give me a wedding in heaven." Xue Lin mumbled in desperation.

She had made up her mind to jump into the Blood Demon Pool and die with her husband.

Qingfeng Li was very touched underneath the Blood Demon Pool when he heard everything Xue Lin said.

My wife loves me so much. Qingfeng Li was as happy as a little kid with a new toy.

"Stop the crying, beauty. Your husband is dead so now it's my turn to love you." Cold Blood sneered in excitement because he wanted to take advantage of Xue Lin.

This woman was very charming and was also Qingfeng Li's wife. Cold Blood decided to take advantage of her before sucking up her blood.

One had to admit that the Cold Blood was very vicious, with a dirty mind.

"What are you doing? Don't come near me."Xue Lin was scared seeing Cold Blood coming her way.

"What do you think my beauty? Of course, I'm going to take you."

"You wish! My body belongs to my husband."

"Your husband is dead already. Come into my arms." Cold Blood sneered viciously.

In Cold Blood's view, Xue Lin was like a little bunny. She was pretty but powerless so he thought that she couldn't do anything but to let him have his way.

Xue Lin looked at the evil Cold Blood and looked at the Blood Demon Pool behind her. Her beautiful eyes shined with determination.

"I lived as my husband's woman and will die to be with his ghost." She gritted her teeth and jumped into the Blood Demon Pool.

The bloody waves rolled while the snakes swarmed around with their mouths open, exposing their dark red tongues.

Dear, I'm coming for you. We will soon meet again in heaven. Xue Lin closed her eyes and mumbled to herself. She knew that she would be sucked dry nd turn into a skeleton once she falls into the Blood Demon Pool.

"Damn woman! What's so good about Qingfeng Li that makes you rather jump into the Blood Demon Pool than letting me have you." Cold Blood said coldly in anger.

He was so angry about Xue Lin jumping into the pool that he became careless.

Xue Lin's blood was definitely very delicious and Cold Blood thought that he would increase his power would for sure, getting into a higher level if he sucked her blood. But this woman would rather die for love.

Cold Blood's heart was filled with regret and jealousy at this moment. He was jealous of Qingfeng Li, who could make such a beauty jump into the Blood Demon Pool and die for him.

Love was something Cold Blood would never understand because no woman would like such a cold-blooded person, let alone love a cold-blooded animal like him.


Qingfeng Li flew out of the bottom of the pool and caught Xue Lin in his arms when he saw that she had almost fallen into the Blood Demon Pool.

Xue Lin had her eyes closed when she felt her body get caught by someone. She opened her eyes slowly and saw a familiar person---the man she loves.

"Darling, are we in heaven? Did I die already?" Xue Lin blinked her pretty eyes, confused.

"Silly, how would I let you die? I'm right here." Qingfeng Li patted Xue Lin's pale face and said gently.

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