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Jump into the Blood Demon Pool?

Qingfeng Li's facial expression changed. This Cold Blood was indeed insidious. The Blood Demon Pool was filled with fresh blood and thousands of blood snakes.

Anyone who jumped in would definitely have their blood sucked and turn into a skeleton.

"Qingfeng Li, I will count to three and if you still haven't jumped, I will throw Xue Lin into the Blood Demon Pool." Cold Blood sneered, looking ferocious.

One, Two…

Cold Blood loosened the rope in his hand little by little as he counted and Xue Lin's body lowered and got closer and closer to the Blood Demon Pool. The tongues of the blood snakes almost reached her head.

"I'll jump, I'll jump! Stop lowering the rope." Qingfeng Li shouted as he saw Xue Lin's pale face.

Qingfeng Li was very terrified of Cold Blood accidently letting Xue Lin into the Blood Demon Pool, because then there would be no chance for her to live.

Let alone a Blood Demon Pool, Qingfeng Li would even step into a sea of fire and over a mountain of swords for Xue Lin.

"Qingfeng Li, you really do love your wife. Go ahead, jump into the Blood Demon Pool then I will let your wife go."Cold Blood said hideously.

Xue Lin was too weak to talk but she heard everything they said.

She lifted up her head in difficulty and shook her head at Qingfeng Li, trying to stop him.

Xue Lin was not dumb enough to not see how horrifying the Blood Demon Pool is. There were thousands of blood snakes hissing and shining with blood sucking light. One mostly certainly would die miserably if bitten by them.

"Honey, I would jump into this Blood Demon Pool for you. Will you forgive me before I die?" Qingfeng Li asked loudly.

Xue Lin's eyes were swelling and tears ran down from them. She used all her strength left to nod, signifying that she had forgiven Qingfeng Li.

Yes, she was very mad about Ruyan Liu and Qingfeng Li's affair and pregnancy, but she never thought of letting Qingfeng Li die because she still loved this man in her heart.

Xue Lin was very touched by the fact that this man was willing to jump into the Blood Demon Pool in order to save her.

She knew that Qingfeng Li loved her too, or otherwise, he wouldn't be willing trade for her life with his own by jumping into the Blood Demon Pool.

Seeing that Xue Lin nodded, Qingfeng Li looked glad since he knew that Xue Lin forgave him.

"Thank god, you finally forgave me." Qingfeng Li was happy. Who cares if he had to jump into the Blood Demon Pool now that Xue Lin forgave him.

Xue Lin was Qingfeng Li's high priority. The first woman he truly liked and the first woman he married. They had been through a lot and many of those memories, he would never forget.


Qingfeng Li stepped forward and jumped into the Blood Demon Pool, leaving behind a splash of blood.

The Blood Demon Pool was enormous and deep filled with blood. After Qingfeng Li jumped in, countless of blood snakes started to swim towards him with their mouths open to rip his skin apart.

Qingfeng Li's clothes were ripped apart in a second and his skin started to bleed.

The Blood Demon Pool was about 4 to 5 meter's high, with a gluttonous power trying to drag Qingfeng Li underneath. Millions of blood snakes covered him up and ceaselessly sucked blood out of him.

"Umm…umm.. dear! Don't die!" Xue Lin started to cry as she saw Qingfeng Li's body sinking into the blood.

She blamed herself with regret. If she hadn't come to Jiangnan Province willfully, her husband wouldn't need to come save her by jumping into the Blood Demon Pool.

Meanwhile, she felt very upset because she was so dumb that she needed her husband to rescue her every single time.

Seeing Qingfeng Li being eaten by thousands of blood snakes, her heart was hurting, as if knives were stabbing into it and ripping it apart.

Xue Lin would rather be let under the Blood Demon Pool herself than for Qingfeng Li to jump in and suffer for her.

"Beauty, your husband has sunken deep under the Blood Demon Pool. He will soon be sucked empty by the blood snakes and become a skeleton." Cold Blood looked at Xue Lin viciously.

Xue Lin looked at Cold Blood in hatred. She was willing to trade her life to kill this vicious man who forced her husband into the Blood Demon Pool.

"Beauty, you look at me as if you wish to kill me but you are not strong enough. Don't worry, after your husband is dead I will treat you nicely. I will suck up your blood so you and become a skeleton to be together with your husband," said Cold Blood.

Cold Blood was indeed a shameless man. He went back on his word of letting Xue Lin go as he promised. Instead, he wanted to suck up Xue Lin's blood as well.


Underneath the Blood Demon Pool.

Qingfeng Li sank to the bottom of the pool, surrounded by millions of blood snakes. Each one of them had their mouth open in order to bite into him and suck his blood.

They became even more excited when Qingfeng Li's skin was ripped and blood started bleeding through it. They ceaselessly bit and ripped through Qingfeng's body under the Blood Demon Pool.

Qingfeng Li had nowhere to hide and could only let them rip him apart because there were blood snakes all around him.

He felt blood leaving his body and entering the snakes' mouths.

"Am I going to die here today?" He looked at the snakes around him desperately.

If this was a normal pool, Qingfeng Li would've jumped out of it a long time ago. But it was an unusual Blood Demon Pool with a strong suction power, which kept his body underneath and made it impossible for him to move.


The dragon blood inside of Qingfeng Li started to react as if it felt the danger he was in. It was making a loud noise like a small dragon's roar.

Qingfeng Li's body sent out a ray of bright red light as the roar of dragon exploded out and the power of a dragon was emitted.

The blood snakes were frightened by the dragon roar and dragon power. They looked at Qingfeng Li in fear, trembling.

 The scene underneath the Blood Demon Pool was phenomenon. Thousands of snakes bowed around Qingfeng Li in fear, worship and awe, in reverence of a mythical creature.

Snakes can become boas by cultivation and boas can become water dragons. Eventually, water dragons can become real dragons.

The dragon blood in Qingfeng Li was the most evolved blood of all reptiles and their ancestors, so the blood suppressed the blood snakes.

Thousands of blood snakes bowed to Qingfeng Li in awe.

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