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Qingfeng left Sky Mountain mansion and drove towards Eastern Sea city.

The alchemy furnace however, was far too tall for Qingfeng's car. He had asked Xianzhi to help him transport it to Eastern Sea city, and he would go back first himself.

Qingfeng missed Xue Lin dearly all this while he has been away.

At the same time, the news that Qingfeng had killed Zhongtian and threatened Qiandao at Sky Mountain mansion had spread out, it shocked the Huaxia martial world, everyone were in utter disbelief.

"Who is this Qingfeng Li, how can he possibly be powerful enough to kill Zhongtian."

"I heard Qingfeng is the son of third master Li, the very same conqueror who swept across the eighteen northern provinces."

"F*ck, no wonder he's so powerful. The conqueror's power destroyed the pride of the martial world, now his son is starting again."

Those in the martial world was immersed in gossip, everyone was discussing who Qingfeng is and how powerful he is. After all, Zhongtian Tie was no average person, he was the fourth most powerful man on the grandmaster list, and was killed.

In the martial world, some has even compared the sword grandmaster Geyi Zhao with Qingfeng, and who truly is the number one genius.

Both Qingfeng and Geyi used swords, and are sword grandmasters, this intrigued numerous individuals, and some even stirred the public to get these two sword grandmasters to battle.

Geyi Zhao is amongst the top ten most powerful people on the grandmaster list, extremely skilled, those who have secretly told others of the possible battle only had the worst intentions.

Qingfeng wasn't aware of these turbulences in the martial world, even if he did, he wouldn't have mind it.

 Nowadays in the martial world, Qingfeng is undeniably the most recognizable character, far suppressing numerous other powerful characters.

Qingfeng drove very fast, in just two hours he had returned to Eastern Sea city from Tianjing city. He didn't return to the mansion, or the company, but rather straight to ES city hospital.

Inside the hospital, Xue has greatly recovered, after all these treatments, she was able to walk around, eat and sleep with ease.

Xue thought it was time for her to leave, she didn't want to stay in the hospital, instead she wanted to return to work.

Xue sighed at the thought of Ice Snow Corporation, because she has been away for quite a while, with no clue how the company is managing.

Although Xue could easily reach the company secretary, director Wanqiu Xia and the others easily, but not going to the company stressed her out. She was too mentally invested in the company.

"Mother, I want to visit the company." Xue lifted her red lips gently and said to Xiaoyun Mu beside her.

Xiaoyun Mu appeared displeased and said, "Little Xue, Qingfeng had been away, we should wait until he gets back."

"No, I can't put my mind off of the company."

"Xue, how can you be so stubborn, you have to stay in the hospital for a few more days."

"Don't stop me mother, I've to go back to the company today no matter what." Xue was persistent, once she has decided there was no way of changing, if she has decided to check on the company, then she must go.

Xiaoyun Mu had no other option, so she had to help Xue Lin organize discharge procedures. Just as they walked out the door, Wolf Fang clan tried to stop them, but Xue was still persistent on going back to the company, and left the clan with no choice.

As soon as Xue had left, two people immediately followed them. One was Ziyi Qu, whom she naturally knew, who was her bodyguard, another was a pretty girl she didn't know.

This girl was very coquettish, that's right, coquettish. Her alluring face had hints of sexiness, her porcelain skin as if clear pond, and a pair of the most tempting eyes.

Body wise, she had large breasts, snow-white cleavage, attracting all attention, and tempting one with the desire to hold.

"Who are you, and what are you following me for?" Xue scrunched her brows and complained.

This woman may be stunning, but she had followed behind her, which made Xue uncomfortable, plus she wore a Japanese kimono that had upset her more.

"Hi, I'm Yoshiko Sato, I've been ordered by master Qingfeng to protect you." Yoshiko Sato explained with a sensual smile.

Yoshiko has been conquered by Qingfeng after her defeat, she had become Qingfeng's servant, and her mission was to protect Xue, although Xue had never met her.

"I've got Ziyi Qu protecting me, and that's all I'll need." Xue scrunched her eyebrows and complained.

Xue wasn't upset at Yoshiko; she was upset at Qingfeng, because Qingfeng employed her, and this naturally made her upset.

Although Ziyi was employed by Qingfeng as well, but Xue is now quite close with her, and instinctively ignored that fact.

Yoshiko attempted to explain, but Xue immediately waved her hands and got into a car with Ziyi. They had left Yoshiko at the hospital.

As Qingfeng drove into the hospital, he just happened to see Yoshiko walking around the hospital entrance.

"Yoshiko, didn't I tell you to protect my wife Xue, what are you doing out here?" Qingfeng asked suspiciously after he stopped the car.

At the sight of Qingfeng, Yoshiko's alluring face lit up in joy.

"Master, I wanted to protect Xue, but she won't allow it"

"Where did Xue go?"

"Master, she said she's going to the company to work."

"That's crazy, her body is still recovering, how can she return to work." Qingfeng said with clear disappointment.

How can Xue do this? She should be resting in the hospital, not hopping off to the company, making all this trouble.

Qingfeng had Yoshiko sit beside him in the car, and they drove off to Ice Snow Corporation, he had to find Xue.

Ten minutes later, Qingfeng arrived at Ice Snow Corporation, and faced this massive towering building that made him uncomfortable.

This whole time, Qingfeng have been dealing with the martial world, he entered the Elixir King's Tomb, and went to the ancient martial arts fair, the common life grew to be unfamiliar.

Now that he suddenly saw Ice Snow Corporation before him, it triggered countless memories, he remembered the first time he went for an interview here, and the interviewer then was Wanqiu Xia. The first time he saw Xiaoyue Zhang, and the first time he met Hao Luo.

Qingfeng parked his car in the garage, and then went straight for the company only to be blocked by Hao Luo at the door.

"Big brother Li, where have you been? I've missed you so much." Hao Luo attacked Qingfeng with a big hug, and cried in his arms.

Hao Luo missed his big brother Li dearly, but couldn't see him every time at work, which tormented him.

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