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Seeing how no one could bring out a grandmaster level high tier elixir, Qiandao Jiang sighed.

The number of grandmaster level high-tier elixirs were extremely rare and he only came here to try his luck. Even though he was already expecting nothing, he was still disappointed.

The auction was continuing and everyone was taking out precious treasures to trade with others. Some succeeded and some didn't.

Qingfeng Li was sitting on a chair and waiting for the elixir-making furnace to appear.

In the last few minutes before the market close, Elder Qin stood up and said, "I have an ancient alchemy furnace and I want to trade it for a life-prolonging pill."

Life-prolonging pill?

The crowd members all rolled their eyes after hearing what Elder Qin said. A Life-Prolonging pill was able to extend its user's lifespan. Everyone wanted it, but the problem was that no one had it.

The ancient martial market became quiet and no one talked. Only the people who could produce elixirs had the Life-Prolonging pills, no one else did.

"Wolf King, I am sorry. I originally wanted to use my clan's treasure to acquire an ancient alchemy furnace for you, but I couldn't." Yishan Luo apologized to Qingfeng Li because he didn't have the Life-Prolonging pill either.

Qingfeng Li nodded. He understood elixirs like the Life-Prolonging pill were extremely precious and rare. Even the four ancient martial families of Tianjing didn't have it.

Qingfeng Li suddenly went blank and remembered his book on the

"Elder Qin, I don't have the Life-Prolonging pill right now, but if you give me your alchemy furnace, I can make one for you." Qingfeng Li stood up and said.

"Who do you think you are. Life-Prolonging pills can only be produced by Alchemists. You are only an ancient martial artist." Zhentian Gu didn't like Qingfeng Li and had to humiliate him with every chance he got.

Qingfeng Li smiled and ignored Zhentian Gu. He looked at Elder Qin because the alchemy furnace was in his hands, not Zhentian Gu's. Qingfeng Li didn't have the interest to talk to Zhentian Gu.

Zhentian Gu's face became gloomy. He was pissed that Qingfeng Li ignored him.

After all, he was the Tianjing city's Gu clan's leader. Not only was he powerful, his status was extremely high as well. Being ignored by Qingfeng Li naturally made him angry.

Still, all the people that came to the ancient martial market were not simple. A couple of the people were even in grandmaster-tier fighters.

"Qingfeng Li, I need the Life-Prolonging pill now. You said that you will produce it after, who knows how long you are going to take." Elder Qin tensed his brows; he didn't think Qingfeng Li could produce it either.

Elder Qin wanted to use the Life-Prolonging pill to save someone, or else he wouldn't use his ancient elixir to trade it. Thus, he was extremely anxious.

This Ancient elixir had thousands of years of history and it was produced with legendary ancient plants; being extremely precious. If it wasn't for the Life-Prolonging pill, he wouldn't have taken it out.

Qingfeng Li saw Elder Qin didn't want to give him his alchemy furnace and was disappointed. Even though he had the

"Grandpa Qing, give Qingfeng Li your alchemy furnace. I believe he can produce the Life-Prolonging pill." Suddenly a soothing voice sounded.

It was a beauty in her 20s that talked and she was extremely pretty. She had a delicate face, sculpted brows, and her skin was snow white. Her lips were like the cherry; making people want to bite it.

Qingfeng Li was surprised. He obviously knew who she was. Her name was Xianzhi Qin and she was the young mistress of the Fiery Emperor Palace. The Fiery Emperor Palace was the most mysterious Sect of Huaxia, as well as the strongest.

"Young mistress, why are you here?" Elder Qin stood up and greeted her.

After hearing Elder Qin, Qingfeng Li finally realized that this ancient martial market was hosted by the Fiery Emperor Palace. The villa belonged to Fiery Emperor Palace too because Elder Qin was the host.

Xianzhi Qin said quietly, "Grandpa Qin, please lend Qingfeng Li your alchemy furnace. I believe he can produce the Life-Prolonging pill."

With Xianzhi Qin's guarantee, Elder Qin decided to give Qingfeng Li his alchemy furnace. But the alchemy furnace was in another room because the current room was too small to keep it.

As the last ancient elixir was sold, the market closed officially.

The Leader of the Gu clan and the leader of Iron Fist Clan both looked at Qingfeng Li with killing intent before they left. If it weren't for the rules of no fighting, they would have killed Qingfeng Li immediately.

"Chief Gu, are we going to just leave and let Qingfeng Li go?" Zhongtian Tie said coldly.

"Chief Tie, the market forbids any fights. The force behind this is Fiery Emperor Palace and we cannot break their rules. But we can set up a trap at the bottom of the mountain. As long as Qingfeng Li walks out of here, we will kill him." Zhentian Gu said with killing intent.

Zhongtian Tie nodded, his eyes filled with killing intent as well. He decided that he will kill Qingfeng Li with Zhentian Gu at the foot of the mountain. As long as Qingfeng Li left the mountain, they will kill him.

Regarding Zhentian Gu's thoughts, Qingfeng Li figured it out already, but he didn't care. Ever since he achieved the early grandmaster tier and learned the fourth attack of the red fiery sword, he wanted to find someone to test out his new-found power.

"Wolf King, let's go. I will show you the alchemy furnace in the other room." Xianzhi Qin was the owner here and was extremely familiar with the place. She left the living room with Qingfeng Li and walked towards another room.

The other room contained an elixir alchemy furnace in the middle. It was black and had a height of 180 cm. Inscibed onto the alchemy furnace were the Ying Yang symbols and other ancient images and text. Most people wouldn't understand what it said.

Qingfeng Li studied the

"Such an ancient alchemy furnace." Qingfeng Li was shocked after seeing the alchemy furnace for the first time.

The elixir alchemy furnace was extremely old and heavy and had an ancient presence to it. It was the alchemy furnace used by Shennong himself when producing elixirs. (TL: Shennong is a mythical sage ruler of prehistoric China)

The Fiery Emperor Palace was too powerful, they even obtained the elixir alchemy furnace used by Shennong. Not many could lay their eyes onto this alchemy furnace.

"Young Mistress Qin, I want to know why you need the Life-Prolonging pill." Qingfeng Li withdrew his gaze from the alchemy furnace and asked.

Xianzhi Qin was quiet for a few moments before saying, "My father lost his sanity from practicing ancient martial arts sometimes ago. He is dying and I need the Life-Prolonging pill to save him."

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