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The ancient martial arts fair was an important occasion in Tianjing City. Only ancient martial artists had access to it and ordinary people were not allowed in the fair.

Most of the participants of the fair came from the big families. Among them were some absolutely strong fighters who would trade their treasures at the fair.

This was a gala for high-end martial artists and those with less strength and low rank were not qualified to attend the fair.

It had only been a short while since Qingfeng Li entered the ancient martial arts world. Since he was quite ignorant of the ancient martial arts fair, he had to come with Niching Luo.

The venue of the ancient martial arts fair was in the Sky Mountain Mansion in Tianjing City. It was a luxurious house built on the hillside of the Sky Mountain.

The dozens of chairs in the hall of the mansion were all occupied.

The people who were now sitting in the mansion all came from powerful backgrounds and each of them had the power to shake the ancient martial arts world whenever they wanted.

When Yishan Luo, Niching Luo and Qingfeng Li arrived at the Sky Mountain Mansion, all the participants looked at them, questions and suspicions in their eyes.

"Chief of the Luo Clan, outsiders are not allowed in the fair. It is ok that you brought Niching Luo but why did you bring an outsider?" A white-haired elderly man stood up and asked.

The old man was in his eighties and though white-haired, he looked very fit with a healthy complexion, a straight back and a pair of glinting eyes. A powerful presence pulsated from his body.

The old man was Yuanqing Qin, the organizer of the fair, and he acted as the host at the ancient martial arts fair each year.

"Elder Qin, his name is Qingfeng Li and he is an ancient martial artist like us." Gesturing at Qingfeng Li, Yishan Luo explained with a smile.

Qingfeng Li?

Hearing this name, a strange look flashed in Elder Qin's eyes. Glancing at Qingfeng Li, he said, "Since he is an ancient martial artist, he can come in."

Qingfeng Li followed Yishan Luo into the hall and took a seat. No sooner did he seat himself, di many people cast glances at him due to the recent upheavals he caused in the ancient martial arts world.

Behind these glances, there were curiosity, suspicion and killing intent, too.

And the killing intent came from Zhentian Gu, the chief of the Gu Clan. Since his son Jianlong Gu was killed by Qingfeng Li, there existed a deep feud between them.

Of course, besides Zhentian Gu, there was another person who wanted to kill Qingfeng Li and that was Zhongtian Tie, the Chief of the Iron Fist sect, whose son and daughter were both killed by Qingfeng Li.

Sensing the killing intent from these two men, Qingfeng Li frowned slightly, but he didn't pay much attention to them because he didn't fear them.

Zhentian Gu stood up suddenly, emitting a strong killing intent. He took one step forward and prepared to launch an attack at Qingfeng Li to avenge his son.

"Chief Gu, fights are prohibited at the ancient martial arts fair." With a wave of his hand, Elder Qin released a flash of mysterious light and blocked Zhentian Gu's presence.

Yishan Luo stood up too and said coldly, "Zhentian Gu, Qingfeng Li came with me and fights are banned here."

"Well, Qingfeng Li, you can live a while longer. As soon as you leave the fair, I will kill you with my own hands." With a sneer, Zhentian Gu said in a cold voice.

He was burning with rage with Qingfeng Li and wanted desperately to kill him right now, but he was afraid to do it at the ancient martial arts fair, otherwise he would be expelled by all the people present as a punishment.

Sitting on his chair, Qingfeng Li didn't even spare a glance at Zhentian Gu during the whole episode. He didn't care a bit for Zhentian Gu's killing intent and would not mind fighting him if his opponent dared to start it.

As an unrivaled first stage grandmaster who could challenge higher-level strong fighters, Qingfeng Li regarded these fellows as not worthy of his attention.

At the fair, Qingfeng Li had seen several familiar faces, namely Baidao Jiang and Yun Tang.

As the core members of the four ancient martial arts families, they had naturally come for the gala.

There were altogether 36 participants in the fair, each of them a representative of a major ancient martial arts forces, including clan chiefs, sect masters, young masters and young mistresses.

Different from an auction, the ancient martial arts fair was open only to major forces while everyone could attend an auction. Besides this basic difference, the objects traded on the fair were more precious.

As the first trader, Zhentian Gu, the chief of Gu Clan, took out a golden suit of soft armor and said, "This suit of soft armor can protect its wearer from the attacks by an advanced stage grandmaster. I want to trade it for a high-end grandmaster-grade weapon. Who would trade with me?"

"Gold-threaded soft armor, that treasure is like having one more life with you."

"Chief Gu is really wealthy, the first item up for trade is already a grandmaster-grade protection soft armor."

"Tell me something new. Chief Guo is after all the chief of one of the four ancient martial arts families of Tianjing City and it's natural he should have many treasures."

While talking among themselves, people around all looked at Zhentian Gu, envious of the solid fortune of the big families.

"Chief Gu, I acquired a grandmaster-grade long saber from a tomb. I can trade it with you." A middle-aged fat man said.

The fat man was not an ordinary guy. Named Jianghe Tang, he was the chief of Tang Clan, one of the four ancient martial arts families of Tianjing City and also Yun Tang's father.

Jianghe Tang took out a black long saber of one meter long. Totally black, the saber had a pattern of black wolf engraved on the surface, full of mysteries and power.

Staring at the black wolf on the long saber, Qingfeng Li had a sudden desire from the depth of his bloodline to swallow the black wolf.

Clenching his teeth, he suppressed the urge deep from his bloodline and kept staring at the long saber, sensing the black wolf's blood in the weapon.

Zhentian Gu was very satisfied with the black long saber and traded it with the gold-threaded soft armor.

"I have a set of advanced stage grandmaster saber techniques and I want to trade it for an advanced stage grandmaster elixir. Who would trade with me?" Qiandao Jiang, the chief of Jiang Clan, said.

One has to give them credit that the Jiang Clan was very good at names. While the father's name was Qiandao (one thousand knives) Jiang, the son was called Baidao( one hundred knives) Jiang.

Of course, none of the participants had the advanced stage grandmaster elixir that Qiandao Jiang wanted because this elixir could only be in the possession of an alchemist and an alchemist who could make this level of elixir would be none other but the Elixir King.

Only the Elixir King was able to make advanced stage grandmaster elixir and no one else could.

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