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"Master, congratulations to you for reaching the grandmaster realm." Sensing the strong power emitting from Qingfeng's body, Yoshiko Sato said deferentially.

Her master was a demon and an absolute genius. He mastered a territory skill after spending only a short time on meditation and gaining insight.

Qingfeng felt his body was full of strength, which he estimated had reached at least 10,000 kilograms. He was overjoyed at his powerful strength.


He drew his sword and cut into the air, creating a red full moon.

"I have mastered the Red Fiery Silver Moon, the fourth Red Fiery Sword Technique." Qingfeng Li laughed with happiness.

By gaining insight of the power of the Red Fiery Sword, he had just reached the grandmaster realm and, in turn, understood the essence of the fourth technique.

Qingfeng Li had by now entered the grandmaster realm, possessing control over a territory and learning a strong sword technique. He had thus grown extremely powerful.

If Qingfeng encountered a strong fighter at the same level of Yoshiko Sato, he could definitely kill the fighter with one sword strike.

"Yoshiko, let's go." Qingfeng Li recovered his strength and walked out of the hotel with Yoshiko Sato.

They hadn't gone far when a black-clothed man blocked their way.

"Wolf King, you killed Duluth. Today is your death date." The black-clothed man said coldly, killing intent in his voice.

Qingfeng Li smiled lightly, "Duluth was too stupid. He couldn't defeat me, and you have even less of a chance of doing so. Go away if you value your life or I will kill you with one sword strike."

"Hahaha, Wolf King, you are too arrogant. We, of the Killing God League, are the number one allegiance of assassins in the ancient martial arts world and Duluth was not the strongest one among us. I am an assassin in the first stage of the grandmaster realm and killing you won't even cause me to break a sweat." The black-clothed man laughed, his face full of arrogance.

Killing God League?

Hearing this name, Yoshiko Sato changed expression and a trace of astonishment appeared in her eyes. As the young mistress of the Ninja Clan of the Pacific Island, she naturally knew about the assassin organizations of the ancient martial arts world.

The Killing God League was an organization of people who claimed that they could even assassinate celestial gods. It originated in Russia and had now spread to the Tiger, Dragon, and Panther Continents. In the ancient martial arts world, it had become a super force no less than the Ninja Clan on the Pacific Island.

"Master, the Killing God League is very powerful. You must be careful." Yoshiko Sato cautioned him in a small voice, worry on her face.

Qingfeng Li waved his hand, his face full of arrogance. "I don't care. He will die if he wants to fight me."

"Wolf King, since you asked for death, I will grant your wish." The black-clothed man emitted a powerful presence. He took out a black dagger coated with deadly poison and stabbed viciously at Qingfeng Li.

The stab created wind currents, cracked the ground and blew the debris into the air, demonstrating the destruction power of a grandmaster.


The power of a realm was released from the black-clothed man who wanted to engulf Qingfeng Li with it and then kill him.

But he didn't know that Qingfeng Li was now also a grandmaster with his own territory.


Qingfeng Li unleashed his mental power and launched his fire-natured territory, which collided with his opponent's. The collision shook the air and a black vortex appeared in the air.

Territory versus territory, and two powerful strengths neutralized each other.

"Red Fiery Silver Moon." Qingfeng Li yelled in a low voice, unleashing his newly learnt sword technique. He wanted to test the power of the fourth Red Fiery Sword technique and his current strength.

A flaming red silver moon shot out from his sword, unleashing powerful fire-natured energy and unimaginable destruction force.


The black-clothed man's dagger was broken by Qingfeng Li's sword or more specifically, by the burning red moon. The dagger even began to melt.

"You, you are a grandmaster?" The black-clothed screamed in shock, his voice full of fear.

Before coming to Huaxia with the purpose of killing Qingfeng Li, the black-clothed man from the Killing God League had researched him. He had the report that Qingfeng Li was only an unrivalled half-grandmaster before he set off on the mission.

If he had known Qingfeng Li was a grandmaster, the black-clothed man would never have dared to come and kill him.

 "You are right. Now I will send you to hell." Qingfeng Li's sword slashed out like a red lightning and cut off the black-clothed man's head.


The head flew out with a spurt of blood. The eyes on the head were still wide open, full of fear and astonishment. How could an unrivalled half-grandmaster be so powerful? It was the last question in the black-clothed man' mind before he died.

"Master, you are so powerful. You just killed a first stage grandmaster with one sword strike." Yoshiko Sato was full of admiration.

The Pacific Islander had a bone-deep admiration for strong people. As long as you were strong enough, she would admire you and submit to you.

 After killing the black-clothed man, Qingfeng Li searched the body and found nothing on it.

"The assassin from the Killing God League is really poor. He didn't even have a book of martial techniques." Qingfeng Li looked at the body disdainfully.

 If the black-clothed man could hear his words, he would probably jump up with indignation.

In fact, Qingfeng Li was wrong about that. The black-clothed man had already learned all the killing techniques from the Killing God League, which was why he didn't carry any books on martial techniques.

As to his treasures, he had many but they were all hidden in Russia. He had only brought the dagger with the purpose to kill Qingfeng Li and get Qingfeng Li's weapon. Unfortunately, he not only didn't get Qingfeng Li's weapon, but also got himself killed.

"Let's go to the hospital." Without a glance at the body, Qingfeng Li took Yoshiko Sato to the Central Hospital.

When he came into the hospital, Xiaoyun Mu stood at the entrance of the room and blocked his way.

 Looking at Qingfeng Li, Xiaoyun Mu was quite angry. She had regained a slightly favorable impression of him, but since he had left with Ruyan Liu after the medical skill competition, the good impression vanished.

 "Mother-in-law, why are you blocking my way?" Not aware of the live TV broadcast incident, Qingfeng Li asked with a frown.

 Xiaoyun Mu snorted, "Little Xue saw on the TV that you left the competition with Ruyan Liu. What if she gets hurt again when you go in?"

What?! The medical skill competition was on live TV broadcast?

Qingfeng Li's expression changed. He was very irritated with himself since he had focused all his attentions on the contest with Jun Ye and had not noticed it was a live TV broadcast.

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